Books & Movies against Gender Bias

Books, TV serials and Movies – lists, reviews, opinions are all  welcome in this category.

Please leave links to posts, that you think fit into this category – written anytime, by anyone. I hope this place to have a collection of relevant, related posts.

Not sure what kind of posts fit this category? Take a look at the posts below: –

Reading List for the Manly Feminists. (Books)

Apply this Test to Bollywood movies. (Movies)

Have you seen Khuda ke liye? (Movie)

So are the men offended? (TV Serial)


35 thoughts on “Books & Movies against Gender Bias

  1. Hayao Miyazaki of Ghibli studios has made beautiful animation movies where you find strong heroines at the helm. You can watch ‘spirited away’ , ‘princess mononoke’, ‘Laputa :castle in the sky’ or in fact any other major works of miyazaki. For me, these are the best ‘feminist’ movies


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  3. Bollywood doesn’t portray women favorably, but then there are films which glorify a docile, muted woman – like Vivah.I found it regressive in the way it portrayed women – here’s a link to my review :

    On the other hand, here are two films which had shades of feminism in them – a very rare thing for Hindi movies :

    Dor –
    Hari-bhari –


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