THE BLOGSCARS: Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards.

Nominations for: Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards.

Last date for submission of entries Sept 10th.

The winners in each category will be announced  around end-September.

Finally only two entries that the judges feel should be read by as many people as possible win cash prizes of Rs 10,000/-  each.

Thank You.

Please click on the category to add a post in that category.  Examples of the kind of posts in that list are given, if in doubt, do click on the name and take a look.

Do leave a comment if I have missed any categories that should be here.

Thank You.


1. Feminism is good for the society.

2. Female Feticide.

3. Girl Child/Daughters.

4. Child Abuse (and CSA)

5. Sex Education, Teenage Issues.

6. Street Sexual Harassment (Eve teasing)

7. ‘Aww’ -Inspiring parenting moments.

8. Sexual Violence.

9. How important is Getting Married and Staying Married for Indian women?

10. Joint Family and Indian Daughters in law

11. The Joru Ka Gulaam (The JKG)

12. Working Women

13. Homemakers/SAHM (Non-earning working women)

14. All women want to be mothers.

15. Parenting 

16. Honor Killings

17. Divorce

18. Dowry

19. Domestic Violence

20. Books, Ads, TV Serials and Movies against gender stereotypes and bias.

21. Relationships Gyaan

22. Gender Stereotypes and SAGS

23. Senior Citizens 

24. Animal Rights

25. Mythology, Traditions, Religion and how they interpret women’s place in society.

26. Social Crimes Against Women – Posts that cover social issues like widow burning, FGM, sex selection, Dowry, victim blaming, honor killing etc

27. Oppressive Customs

28. Inspiring Stories

29. Traditional Arranged Marriages.

30. Love Marriages (Choice Marriages)

31. Indian Family Values.

32. Sexist Language and Jokes, indicate a Sexist Mindset?

33. LGBT Issues. (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues)

34. The way a woman dresses…

35. A list of blogs that deal with Gender issues, women’s empowerment, girl child  etc.

36. Women and finances

37. What’s in a woman’s name?

38. Indian Culture and Moral Policing.

39. Contraception.

The first part of the results announced in eleven categories here.

21 categoriesAll winners announced here.

Final results announced here.

39 thoughts on “THE BLOGSCARS: Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards.

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  3. Hi IHM, I think there should be a category along the lines of “Popular media promotes regressive gender roles”.

    I am posting my blog about sexist ads into “feminism is good for society”, since I feel that might be the best fit for now.


  4. oops missed this and saw this today.
    Wonder when the next round is going to be 🙂

    IHM – You can still leave links to relevant posts – would love to see a list of relevant posts created over here 🙂


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