Tejaswee Rao

Tejaswee Rao,

Born 19 Jan 1991, 6 42 am, Bombay

Died 11 Aug 2010, Delhi

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49 thoughts on “Tejaswee Rao

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  4. Lyrics from “The Day you Went Away”
    by Wendy Matthews

    “Hey, there’s not a cloud in the sky
    It’s as blue as your goodbye
    and I thought it would rain
    on a day like today
    Hey, there’s not a cloud in sight
    it’s as blue as your blue goodbye
    and I thought it would rain
    the day you went away.”


  5. The first time mom heard this name ,she explained the beautiful meaning to me. Its the most incredible gift parents can give to their child. A word. A name.

    सर्वदेवात्मको ह्येष तेजस्वी रश्मिभावनः।
    एष देवासुरगणाँल्लोकान् पाति गभस्तिभिः॥ ७॥

    sarvadevātmako hyeṣa tejasvī raśmibhāvanaḥ
    eṣa devāsuragaṇām̐llokān pāti gabhastibhiḥ
    Tejaswee- Having the immense illumination before which the light of all others seems dim.

    He indeed represents the totality of all celestial beings. He is self-luminous and sustains all with his rays. He nourishes and energizes the inhabitants of all the worlds and the race of Devas and Asuras.

    Indeed he is the embodiment of all Gods. He is self luminous and is the sustainer of all the worlds as well as the host of gods and demons by his rays(which nourish and energize)

    – Sloka-7, Adityahridayam (Heart of the Sun) Hymn to the Sun god


    • i guess thats what it means when people say living upto one’s name… bon voyage Teju… am sure heaven was totally ‘j’ of earth for 19 years now tht it couldnt wait any longer… thanks indyeah… and thanks IHM for all the links…


  6. http://nitu1.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/tejaswee-rao/

    This was a post written by me. And I am very sorry for Tejaswee’s death(and I hate to take this word). Even though she is a pure stranger to me, I really loved the way she presented her blog. And through her friends posts, I came to know how good she was. With tear-eyes, these are my condolences for Tejaswee didi. May your soul rest in peace didi.


  7. Dear IHM,

    I am writing here for the first time in response to something on your blog that has changed the way I think…in a lot of ways. That is the passing away of your daughter Tejaswee Rao. I have read her blog and felt her vibrant energy. Her smile has touched my heart in a way that is difficult to express. I didn’t know her until the day I came to know she is no more. I didnt know you any better until I found the inexplicable strength you projected by continuing to do what you do so well….writing n sharing with the world the various ways you find/found that work/worked for you!!!…. in keeping you alive, keeping you sane amidst the chaos that must have followed.

    I have grieved for your daughter and made a difference in my own world in the only way I could… by making sure I give an extra hug, an extra smile to my kids, by ignoring the little things that annoy me, by actually feeling grateful for the mess they make everyday for cleaning up gives me an opportunity to do one extra thing for them, by forgiving them for a homework not done or a task left incomplete…by letting them skip one task that they hate to do most…and I have realised that at the end its these tiny moments of happiness stolen from beneath a chest filled with worries, stress and endless frustrations that make the most difference in my life and theirs.

    Your determination to remain strong, open and clear in your mind about a situation that was beyond your control has taught me to never underestimate my own strength and to not keep it hidden, to not try to control situations that are beyond my ability to even comprehend. I admire the fact that you have shown by ‘doing’ what others only talk about…displaying one’s strength and admitting/talking about one’s weakness/es, is a sure way to start the healing process….

    ‘The only way to walk out of a situation is to walk through…’ and I am proud to see you taking the walk through…reading, writing about your grief, your emotions, reaching out to others in a similar situation and learning from their experiences, and most of all sharing it with the world….is an endearing task. You have to have a lot of compassion in your heart to be able to do this…

    I hereby pay my humble tribute,
    to the shining star that she is now,
    a gift, a blessing that was Tejaswee Rao!!!



  8. Hiii IHM… dreamt of TJ last night… Wow! was nice seeing her in person… She was working with me in Fincl xpres. 🙂 😀 Finally she decided to meet me I guess – love her`

    P.S. Yes, I did get to see her brilliant smile – she smiled at me and bid bye just before swiping out ❤ ❤ Awwww – am loving the feel`


  9. your daughter was beautiful. i am so, so sorry for your loss. thank you for your kind comments on my blog today, and for sharing the beautiful story of your dream.


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  11. IHM, this is something I wrote last year, after reading Tejaswee’s blog. It’s woefully inadequate, but it’s my small tribute to her, and to you.

    She lived!
    No greater tribute
    Than that, I can give.

    How many of us
    Who are alive,
    Really truly live?

    How many make
    Our lives count-
    The way she did?

    Life cannot
    Be measured with
    A ruler, or a set of scales-

    It is not about
    How long I live,
    Or how much he makes-

    Rather, it’s about
    What you do with
    What have you-

    She lived!
    And how-
    She lives still!


  12. I dont know if i should be saying this.. But.. What the heck! I stumbled upon your daughters blog from my friends blog. Though i haven’t read fully, i can’t help but tell you that. your daughter changed lives for good just like steve jobs did, may be in a different way! Proud. and happy 🙂


  13. I guess I truly have been away from Blogosphere… I happily clicked on your blog looking to find another powerful article on women and equality, only to find what a tremendous personal grief you have gone through in the last one year.

    Even though I have not known your personally, I have always been an admirer of your thoughts and ideas and I have to say that you will be in my prayers tonight.

    More power to you and your family!


  14. I live in the US, thousands of miles from India, and just happened to stumble upon this blog, I was so moved by the writing and ideas… and then realized that Tejaswee Rao is no longer with us. I was very saddened and angry… to learn about such a gifted, compassionate, and intelligent young lady and then realize she’s passed away. It is evident by her blog that she is an angel in a much higher place now. Know that your daughter’s spirit continues to touch the lives of people around the world. How powerful. We leave it to God. May light, love, and peace be with you and your family.


  15. Quite frankly, I do not know what loss is. People like me crib over irrelevant things. To lose a child might be something severe, or so I am told.
    Allow me to dedicate a tweaked version of one of my favourite poems of all times, by Mary Frye:

    Do not stand at her grave and weep,
    She is not there; She did not sleep.
    She is a thousand winds that blow,
    She is the diamond glints on snow,
    She is the sun on ripened grain,
    She is the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    She is the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circling flight.
    She is the soft starlight at night.
    Do not stand at her grave and cry,
    She is not there; She did not die.

    Hope you are doing alright.


  16. Such events help us see the bigger picture of life and teaches us how stupid it is to crib about insignificant problems of life. I have lost a brother and I know what loss is. To mark the 10th year since that fateful day, I have started a blog http://lostadearone.wordpress.com/ where people could anonymously post about their emotions. First time in 10 years I wrote something about that day and though that changes nothing, I feel better to have finally shared my emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hi IHM,
    U do not know me as I am a first time blogger in ur site. But U have made many parents like me to learn from u what it is to give to a child and expect only the joy of upbringing…oh my God…we all know that life is short lived, but who has the wisdom to realise that we should take every day as it comes…..even the trivial aspects take a bigger turn for us in these mechanised life…ur blog and ur daughter’s spirit breathe so much energy into so many lives…o dear mother….u r so great to have been blessed with a wonderful kid…and u have brought her up so well that she truly is an inspiration for many…I somehow got a strong feeling when I read the blogs that she is out there guiding us and re-energising everyone….love u and ur family. May God bless u all….


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  19. I don’t have many words except that I feel inspired by you, your daughter and your blog. God bless you my love. I am amazed at your blogs about Indian culture as well, please keep writing. Sending you many hugs from Canada.


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