Adding the TRBA Badge or any image to your WordPress or Blogspot blog sidebar.

Some of the TRBA 2011 winners have requested for step by step instructions for adding the TRBA Badge to their sidebar. I hope these instructions help.

1. For WordPress blogs

Go to Dashboard

Click on Appearances

Click on Widgets

Go to a box called ‘Image’,

Drag it to the sidebar (Main Sidebar, Footer Area One, Footer Area Two whichever you choose).

This is how it looks,

Add this is how you fill it,

Widget Title – Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards 2011

Image url –

Alternate Text – TRBA 2011

Width – 375  Height – 381

Link URL (when the image is clicked): –

Find more information here –

Instructions for adding the TRBA Badge for Blogspot Blogs.

1. You can save and upload the image as shown below.

i. Save this Badge (click) on your Desktop as TRBA2011.jpg

ii. Go to Settings => Layout => Add Gadgets => Picture

This is what you see,

Fill in as shown above (or the way you prefer)

Click on ‘Browse’ to add a picture you have saved on your Desktop as TRBA 2011.jpg

Click ‘Save’!
You are done 🙂

2. Or if you would rather not save the image on the computer, here’s a short cut.
i. Go to the next box,

‘From the web. Paste an image URL below.’

ii. Copy and paste this Image URL,

An image should appear.

iii. Click on ‘Save’. 
I hope this helps 🙂

3. The same Image URL can be used to add the TRBA Badge to blog posts.

Feel free to ask if there are any other questions 🙂