The Groom pleaded with the Bride, telling her that he would not be able to face friends and neighbours if he returned without her.

While we oppose anything that could make it possible for women and men to choose their own partners (since it is against Indian culture) we seem less intolerant to outright lies, withholding of information and demands for money, during matrimonial ‘negotiations’.

Some comments expressed suspicions that the bride in this case was looking for an opportunity to marry the other man, Rampal Singh. 

Groom unwell, bride weds guest in fit of rage

The young bride, angry that her family had been kept in the dark about Kishore’s medical condition, promptly changed her mind and announced that she would happily marry at the same ceremony a guest at the wedding, a man called Harpal Singh. The latter, incidentally, turned out to be her sister’s brother-in-law.

Kishore pleaded with Indira, telling her that he would not be able to face friends and neighbours if he returned without her. His relatives, too, tried to intervene on his behalf. Where persuasion failed, violence was used — spoons, plates and dishes became weapons as wedding guests tried to force the bride to change her mind. But all in vain. The young woman stood firm.

Most of the comments wanted to know what would have happened if it was the groom refusing to marry the bride.

What do you think would have happened? 

I think, it’s possible that the groom’s family would have demanded compensation (more cash or gifts), or they would have demanded that the bride’s younger sister/cousin/niece be married to the groom. (Desi Girl blogged about one such case). 

The girl’s family here probably would have found more support if they had requested for some relief in the cash/gifts to be given. 

It’s very telling that the groom’s biggest concern here was, ‘he would not be able to face friends and neighbours’.  

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Rapist groom should have waited a little to satiate his lusty desires without problems which he has got into.

Groom rapes guest on wedding day

“According to the complained filed by the victim, Janak took advantage of the crowd and commotion, slipped into her room and raped her. For next two days, the girl was too terrified and traumatized to share her ordeal with anyone. However, later she told her aunt, who accompanied her to Murar police station to lodge an FIR, sub-inspector Virendra Singh Kushwaha told TOI on Friday.

The victim, Kushwaha said, happens to be a close relative of the bride, who had come specially to attend the wedding from Narsinghpur.” [Link]

Assuming the allegation is correct, do you see something wrong with the rationale in these comments?

1. Rapist groom should have waited a little to satiate his lusty desires without problems which he has got into. …

2. What a maniac , he would have got a v*gina anyhow after marriage ! Now get the dandas of Pandus !!

3. This groom would have waited for couple of nights if he just wanted to enjoy sex which he could have had with his wife. It would have been better if the victim who was raped had gone to the police immediately of at least the following morning.

4. Fool did not wait for few hours to legality enjoy .His urge landed him in jail .Enjoy honeymoon in jail .Wish ten years in jail .

5. ek din wait kar leta dulha toh aaj ye na hota (Roughly translates to: why couldn’t he have waited for one more day)

6. practise ke liye kiya hoga useless fellow (Roughly translates to: He wanted to practice, useless fellow)

I disagree with these three very common, Indian social assumptions:

1. This (and every other) sexual assault is caused by ‘lust’, ‘urge’ or an uncontrolled desire for sex.

2. Marriage is about the groom ‘getting a v*gina’.

3. So it is okay for the groom to sexually assault the bride.

What are the chances that the bride would not stay married to this man and be expected to reform him?

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No women and troubles allowed in this wedding.

In Saudi Arabia,

TABUK: Wedding cards usually include a note asking invitees not to bring children. However, one Saudi groom decided to take things a step further by putting a note on his wedding card asking guests not to bring women.

The man’s decision has left many people surprised, but the youth is adamant saying women cause all sorts of trouble and problems, and that it costs a lot to cater for women. [Link]

Yes, he is marrying a woman (It’s mentioned).  I am not sure if same sex marriages are allowed in Saudi Arabia.

No there’s nothing about her backing out yet.

Yes, she probably won’t be attending many weddings in the coming years.