Can’t end marriage over sari ;)


This post was in the drafts  and was a result of this news,

‘Can’t end marriage over sari’

MUMBAI: Sari may be a bothersome garment, especially compared to ‘Punjabi dress’, but a marriage cannot be ended over it, Bombay HC has held.

In the petition, the wife cited several instances of cruelty to which she had been subjected, including husband’s illicit relationship with another woman. One of her grievances was that she was forced to wear sari by her in-laws.



He prefers Sari, you like Punjabi Dress?

Education has gone to your head I guess!

He wear trousers, you complain?!

From such comparisons please abstain!

He’s your husband!

Please apologise.

Girls should know their place

Guys will be guys.

Marriage is sacred in my view,

Can’t end over such a trivial issue.

Aim a little higher!  Understand this,

There’s a little point that you missed.

He too can’t end marriage over a sari 😉

So go ahead and wear jeans you Bhartiya nari.



Edited to add:

Other cases,

1.  “Lousy cook, mother? No reason for divorce.” (Thank You Suranga)

2. And here divorce was not granted, although  “His mother filed an affidavit that she works 8 am to 8 30 pm, but does ‘no additional work’ at home.





The Blogger’s Spouse

Shail calls him Lord and Master

Roop calls him Pati

Solilo’s is The Other half

Mad Mamma’s The Other Adult

IHM never settled for a name…

Unmana calls him The Guy,

Chandni’s spouse is called The Boy

Ritu calls him her Ex 🙂

Dipali’s is the Senior Resident… SRE

Aneela’s is G’man

Hitchwriter claims he’s made her a star!

What bigger honor for a blogger’s husband or wife,

Than to know that they are a part of our blogging life

Cricket was never a bore,

But IHM loves IPL much more

Ever since she’s created a blog…

The husband is never accused of being a remote hog!

Please rhyme your comments 😉 if possible!!

Not just a pair of jeans…

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A man in Haryana beat his wife in the market for wearing jeans while shopping with her parents.
Why was it such an issue?

He said she was wearing jeans.

Do you know what that means?

What was his fear?

Isn’t it clear?

Jeans symbolise more than just what she wore!

Tomorrow she could ask for more?

Ask to keep her girl-child?

Education and a right to work?

This didn’t please the jerk…
Did he see a pair of comfortable jeans become second skin?
Did he see how jeans would let her catch fast moving buses?
Or jump fences …
Or hop and skip with ease?
How jeans don’t slow you down…

How jeans don’t trip you,
No a pair of jeans doesn’t…
And he probably saw more.

He worried it made her see,
The double standards of his hypocrisy.

Do you think being able to wear what we like is really important?

If a man says you must give up wearing jeans,
I would say
Refuse to be his wife,
Run for your life …!

Watch out.

‘Cos I think.

Double standards stink.

What could I possibly mean!?
Isn’t it just a pair of blue jeans?
It isn’t.

Mangalore bans it.
Taliban cans it.
Grand parents berate it.

All hypocrites hate it.

Our conditioning is so good.

Men can wear jeans, if they would.

Fat men, thin men

Bachelors and married men
Men who are old

And not so old men.
But women?

We must look good in jeans.
And still be considered too bold. Men!
Sari and shalwar are permitted to most
but for jeans you must a perfect figure boast?

Think about it, there’s no doubt,
Jeans seem to have a lot of clout!

We have been reconciled,

Those jeans might make us wild.

Do jeans make a statement?

Do they symbolise our freedom?

More than just the convenience of wash and wear jeans?

Does a pair of denim jeans

And a disproving frown

Remind you that it is okay …

To be women ?

To look like women?

Thin women, fat women,

Don’t care if they are stared at women?

To walk tall,

And run,

To matak if we please women.

To care not two hoots…

To not live for approval?

Make eye contact and

Keep an eye woman!

And watch who supports!

Watch the language of the guy who courts!

Does he offer respect in exchange of freedom?


Lol anyway, it’s easier to run in jeans : )

EDITED TO ADD : On Jun10th 2009. Meeta Jamal, principal of the Dayanand girls’ college in Kanpur city told AFP. “This is the only way to stop crime against women.”