This is not the first, or the only time a rape victim in UP has been kept overnight in a Mahila Thana.

A ten year old girl is allegedly raped by a 24 year old man. Her mother takes her to an all woman Police Station. Medical examination confirms the rape. The police allegedly does not write the report. The mother is allegedly driven away away and the child is locked up and kept in the Police Station overnight.

What would have happened if a free lance journalist had not heard about this ten year old rape survivor’s ordeal?

The Police, it seems, is claiming ‘misunderstanding’.

What misunderstanding could there possibly be here? Did they ‘misunderstand’ that the child had committed some crime? Did they also ‘misunderstand’ the child’s age?

There seems to be lesser delay or misunderstanding in reacting to some other kinds of crimes. In Haryana, a rape victim was booked for suicide attempt in Jhajjar

Another video:

Does it look like the UP police has been given clear (or any) instructions for dealing with sexual crimes? (or any crimes)

This is not the first, or the only time a rape victim in UP has been asked to stay back in a Mahila Thana.

Where could this girl have disappeared? [As the victim was to appear before a magistrate the next day to get her statements recorded, she was directed  to stay back at the Mahila Thana.]

But this time there is hope for justice,

Explain how minor rape victim was put behind bars: SC tells UP govt

The Supreme Court on Wednesday took suo motu cognisance of media reports about detention of a 10-year-old rape victim by the police in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh recently.

The apex court has now sent notice to the state government, asking how the police put the rape victim in custody.

More about UP Police.

Do you remember this murdered couple who made a ‘dramatic reappearance’?

“The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

In Saharanpur UP, a DIG recommended honor killing. [“I don’t have magical power to recover your daughter. But if your daughter had eloped then you should be ashamed of it and end your life…”]

So how does Delhi – NCR Police define Rape?


So how does Delhi – NCR Police define Rape?

It doesn’t look like SHO Sunil Kumar, Ghazipur sees forced sex as rape.

“Go to a pub in South Delhi. Go to Greater Kailash where there is free entry for girls. Jinhone 1,000 rupaiye mein wo karna hai wo wahan jati hain. Daru bhi peeti hai aur aap ke saath sex bhi karti hai… Jis din koi thok dega rape ho jayega. (In these places you’ll find girls who want to do ‘it’ for Rs. 1,000. They will drink and also have sex with you. The day somebody uses force, it becomes rape).”

Some in the Police seem to see getting aggressive as a normal reaction to finding a woman sexually attractive.

Ladkiya ek seemit daire main, seemit kapdon main nahi niklengi… to apne aap khichaon ho jata hai. Wo khichaon bhi aggressive kar deta hai ki kar do bas (Sub-Inspector Arjun Singh, SHO Surajpur Police Station, Greater Noida)

The police seems to see 18-20 year old gang-rapists as ‘kids’ and sharing of phone number as consent to be raped.

SHO Jagdish Prasad said: “In the recent DLF case, the girl is 27-years-old, the boys are 18 to 20-years-old. They are kids. She was dancing with these kids in the bar… I am telling you she induced them… the girl came and gave her phone number to them.”

Atleast some in Delhi Police clearly and unbelievably see rape as a normal act and reporting of rapes as a proof of malintent.

“It’s never easy for the victim. Everyone is scared of humiliation. Everyone’s wary of media and society. In reality, the ones who complain are only those who have turned rape into a business.” (Yogender Singh Tomar, Additional SHO, Sector 39, Noida)

What is he trying to say here? That consensual sex with one man is consent to be gang raped by others?

It’s very rare that a girl is forcefully picked up by 10 boys. A girl who gets into a car with boys is never innocent. If she does, she definitely has a relationship with at least one of them.

And here’s one that I could not understand –

Roop Lal of Sector 40, Gurgaon, sought to find a rationale to the occurrence of gang-rape: “Jaise hum log baithe hai, zyaada daaru pee li. Chalte peeli. B********, phekh saala, phir to aise hi hoga. Raat bhar rakh li. Uska jawab kya degi wo apne gharwalon ko, ki jo ek ghante ke liye keh kar gayi hai, aur poori night main kahan gayi thi. To maa-baap to poochenge, bhai bhi poochega. Jinka samaaj hai woh to poochte hai (Say we are sitting and had one drink too many while on the move… it’s obvious that it’ll happen. Keep her for the entire night. What will she tell her parents? She was supposed to be away for an hour and has ended up being out the entire night. Parents will question, so will her brother. Society will ask questions.”

What is he trying to say?

Is there any doubt that the Delhi-NCR Police has no understanding of sexual crimes?

Please read the article, and there is nothing really new here, but it’s horrifying, and it shows exactly why Delhi-NCR stays unsafe for women and their families – In and around Delhi, cops blame rapes on women: Tehelka investigation with NDTV.

Thanks for sharing the link Oasis Greenday.

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Aarushi Talwar’s parents.

I couldn’t help noticing the look on the faces of Aarushi Talwari’s parents, yesterday on the TV.  How do they feel when they see so much hatred and mistrust directed towards themselves – specially if they are innocent?

Last year when Utsav Sharma attacked Rajesh Talwar with a cleaver, in Ghaziabad CBI court, most people seem to justify the action.

A screen shot.

“Sharma had allegedly attacked SPS Rathore, a convict in Ruchika Girhotra molestation case, in the similar manner in February last year in Chandigarh.[Link]

While it was wrong to attack SPS Rathore too – Can we compare SPS Rathore who had been convicted [link] to Rajesh Talwar who is only a suspect? And if he is innocent then he is a grieving father too. Isn’t he supposed to be treated as ‘Innocent until proven guilty’?

Most people seem to believe some version of what the UP Police told the media, involving what they called ‘two affairs’. Does the UP police have a record of competence and reliability? [They don’t!]

I can’t help wondering what the parents must be going through if they are innocent.

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Do you remember this murdered couple who made a ‘dramatic reappearance’?

“The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

Do you remember this murdered couple who made a ‘dramatic reappearance’?

Let me try to explain why I generally find it difficult to believe what the police says.

“Lucknow, May 9 – A couple in Uttar Pradesh declared dead by police in an ‘honour killing’ Sunday made a dramatic reappearance, even as an incensed father threw his daughter from the roof of his house after her ’secret’ marriage, while another girl was killed for insisting on marrying according to her choice.

Ajit Saini and Anju Tomar of Muzaffarnagar district, who were declared dead by police after disappearing for the past few days, followed by the identification of a highly mutilated body as that of Saini, showed up before the police in the district.

Anju’s brother, Anuj was arrested Saturday and admitted to murdering Ajit.

‘I hacked him for the sake of honour… I wanted to save the prestige of my family and, therefore, killed him,’ Anuj told reporters. Police suspected that Anuj had killed his sister as well.

Saini and Anju had eloped, and on reading news reports about their ‘murder’, promptly called one of their relatives who, in turn, informed the Muzaffarnagar police.

Additional Director General of Police Brij Lal however maintained that the police were not at all at fault. ‘The police most naturally believed the confession by Anju’s brother. And what further confirmed the theory was the identification of the body by Ajit’s own family members,’ he said.” [Link]

This is just one such case, there are sure to be more like the teenager who was raped in Banda and then accused of stealing a cell phone to protect the rapist, “During preliminary inquiry, it was found that the 17-year-old girl was not only raped by the member of legislative assembly, but was also framed in a false theft case

How difficult would it have been to get a “confession” from Rajesh Talwar if it had not become such a high profile case’?

Dr Talwar said,

1.”I pleaded with this man to at least let me make a phone call or call a lawyer. I said, “I’m entitled to it. It’s my fundamental right as a citizen of this country.” The magistrate just looked at me in disgust. “Ja yahan se” (Get out of here).”

2. “The policemen produced a paper and asked me to sign it, and I had the presence of mind to tell them I will not sign anything. …I kept screaming that I was being framed. By this time the TV channels were all over the place… A policeman was saying, “Hum tere ko maar denge” – “We will kill you.”

3. They forced me to sign a confession. I wrote on the piece of paper in Englishwhich they couldn’t readthat it was not true.

4. Goli had been in and out of prison all his life, for small thefts, and so on. Apparently he would be picked up by the police whenever they needed a suspect for some crime.

Honor killing or Police trying to save it’s ‘honour’?

When I first heard about Aarushi being found dead in her bed in her house in NOIDA, I thought it must be a break-in by a tribe, Kachcha Banian Gang that robs houses after killing the victims in their sleep (by hitting on the head), in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Ghaziabad area. This tribe, wears only underwear and rubs oil on their body to slip away if caught. They also eat in the victims house, and defecate outside the house. They are nomads and keep chicken, which they kill and eat. But basically they kill by hitting on the heads with a blunt object, the victim dies in sleep.
Was Aarushi Talwar really killed by her father to save the family honour? How could they leave a girl-child alone at home with a male servant? Didn’t they expose her to the risk of being abused? If the parents were genuinely concerned about her, what the Indian Press calls, ‘intimacy’ with the servant Hemraj (shouldn’t it be called child abuse, she would have been fourteen today!) couldn’t they have just fired the servant and sent the girl abroad or to a distant boarding school? We live in India, not Saudi Arabia. I know of men having relationships outside their marriage and their children know of it, they don’t kill their children for objecting.


HOW CAN THEY CALL KILLING OF A VICTIM OF CHILD ABUSE AN ‘HONOR KILLING’? AND YOU HAVE TO HEAR THEIR DESCRIPTION OF HONOR KILLING! ONE REPORTER ON AAJ TAK (or was it another channel of the same kind, Zee News/Star News?) SAYS ‘Yadi yeh Honor Killing ka case hai to yeh apne aap mein ek anokha, ekdum anootha, ekdum alag case hoga’ . (If this is a case of honor killing it will be a different/rare and amazing/awesome case.” The word he used is ‘anokha‘ which is generally used for describing something that is unusual, unique but not bad, heinous or disgusting.
Our TV News channel need some lessons in gender sensitization. I remember them repeatedly describing the victims of New Year Eve molestation by mob in Mumbai, as skimpily dressed.

The evidence is all, only circumstantial.
There are too many loopholes,
1.) The motive for killing seems unsubstantial.
2.) Why was there no noise? No screams? The mother heard nothing in the next room.
3.) Why is her mother silent…common sense says she is the mother, must be in no condition to say anything…maybe that is she is silent. Why didn’t she fight to save her only child, if she was at home at the time? ‘Times Now‘ said she told a visitor during her daughter’s condolence meeting that she had reached home at 3 am that night, by then Aarushi had been killed.
4.) There is no proof of any relationship between the servant and the child. Even if he saw such a thing he would have killed the servant, not his child.
5.) Could the Police be making such a shoddy case to protect someone?
6.) Couldn’t it be the old servant (who brought Hemraj as a substitute in his absence, but Hemraj was given permanent job by the Talwars, who then fired the older servant). Could it be that now he was trying to take revenge? Revenge seems a more plausible motive then ‘honour’. He lost his job to Hemraj. He had worked for them so he knew his way around the house, he could have had a key to the house….?
7.) Whose hand prints are there on the wall? How did the bloodied mattress reach the terrace?
Too many questions.


I was relieved to hear many viewers say that if the child had a ‘relationship’ (Again, I repeat, how can the Police call it a relationship, how can a 45 year old man and a 13 year old girl have a ‘relationship‘? It’s child-abuse!) with the servant, the parents could have sent her to another place, no viewer seemed to think that was motive enough for the father to kill his daughter. Much as the UP Police wants to make it sound like killing in the name of family honor is a norm in educated middle class Indian families, it is not.
Our Police also loves to talk about ‘illicit relationships’ of any kind, with or without substantial proof. Watching this case on TV makes me wonder what kind of people have we got in our police force? Even the officers look and talk so ….creepily?