When we order gifts for ourselves :)

We are made happy 🙂

Ordered in the evening, arrived the next afternoon 🙂
birds of india5

It’s difficult impossible to open Flipkart packaging neatly!


Everything must pass his scrutiny 🙂

Birds of India1

Taste and smell it just a little 🙂

birds of India2

Birds of India: Om Field Guides

And now that the guide is here…

Birds of India

And these two have been placed strategically. [From www.natureforever.org, reached there via junglee.com ]

The sparrow nesting box.

Nature Forever, Next Box for sparrow, www.natureforever.org

And the sparrow feeder.


Maybe I can hope to find the names of those I shoot 🙂



No sparrows ever visit the balcony here, though I have seen a few just across the road. Sangeeta Khanna feels it’s not a bad idea to make the place inviting just in case a sparrow does happen to fly by.

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Pledge Water for Birds and Animals this Summer

A party on my window sill.

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It’s World Sparrow Day on the 20th

Who steals my flowers? Sangeeta Khanna


The belief that baby birds that are touched by human hands will be rejected by their parents is a myth.

Let me share an old story.

This baby sparrow had fallen from it’s nest, it was brought home to keep it safe from stray cats. It spent a night at our place.

The next morning the little chick kept cheeping for food and water, and rejecting whatever was offered 😩   What were we going to do with a baby sparrow we did not know how to feed?

We had also heard that once a baby bird was touched by human hands, its parents would not touch it.

A delightful surprise awaited us.
The baby bird hopped towards the windows and it looked like it wanted to go out.
Outside was the mother,

And the father 🙂

This very worried and very loving set of parents wanted to get inside!!
(These two pictures were taken later. At the time this was happening, I was too worried to get out the camera)
Although unsure of their reactions, I opened the window just a bit…

Watch what happened 😀

For us, a cruel and dangerous myth was broken that morning!

What if we had put the baby in a cage or taken the baby somewhere where the parents couldn’t hear it cheeping loud ? (That is how, I think, they found where the baby was).

Thursday Challenge – “FAMILY” (Grandparents, Parents, Children, Family Occasions, Moms with Babies, Animals,…)

Somebody else blogged about a similar experience with a bird chick, First birds photos in my early photography stage

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When does a wrong become a right? When it’s Just A Joke.

So is this a better way to communicate?


This post is in response to the non-joke below which I feel, attempts to reinforce these stereotypes and misconceptions.

1. ‘Real men’ lack communication skills.

2. ‘Real men’ communicate with fists and blows.

3. Only when there is blood and bruises does violence indicate a problem with the violent person. (Otherwise it’s a joke.)

4. It’s normal in healthy relationships for one person to always seek conversation while the other wants no conversation.

5. If one partner likes to talk and other doesn’t, then one of the partners is at fault. (And if one liked green and the other blue, then again one is at fault).

6. Silence is gold.

7. Poor communication skills and violence go together.

8. One should not react(/complain/express an opinion/protest) until one ‘can’t stand it anymore’.

9. Violence is also a way of communication.

10. Some acts of violence  are ‘funny’  and could be treated like jokes.

Please add more!

Have you ever written a post in response to a sexist, racist or other kind of jokes that attempt to minimize or trivialize a wrong?

And here’s the non joke…

I had blogged about this email forward I once received.
When a male can’t stand it anymore

“Enough is Enough ! I’ve had enough of this! Now, just shut your damn mouth!”

Statutory warning : DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME. (Attempt it at the work place? )

Pledge Water for Birds and Animals this Summer

I bought clay bowls around 3-4 inches deep for Rs. 25/- each. Clay bowls are better than plastic or metal bowls because the water stays very cool even when temperature is touching 42 degrees Celsius.

Also clay pots are unlikely to be stolen if used in public places for stray animals.

When water puddles dry up during the summer –  birds are known to collapse from dehydration.

Some potted plants and a bird bath would have been cool and inviting. Birds are also attracted to the sound of water.

This sparrow chose to drink from the floor…

Sparrows should have a shallow bowl… I plan to get a 2 inches deep tray.

This Dove would have preferred a flat tray too  🙂

… found this more comfortable?  🙂

Pigeons try to bully sparrows. They also literally dive into the bowl when they drink water 🙂

Loved the droplets of water in this picture…

Doves seemed to visit more for bajra less for water 🙂

Or maybe it is testing the waters first…

Brahminy Starlings visited twice, both the times in pairs, I was too afraid of disturbing them, so didn’t take many pictures.

I just want them feel at home and visit more often.

The common Mynas chased away the Brahminy Starlings today. That was disappointing, because those two had looked like they meant to spend some time snacking and drinking 🙂

And finally…

This was an absolute surprise!

…a blurry shot from behind a curtain, I hope the Pariah Kite visits again too. I have heard of them dying of dehydration…

Do place bowls of water wherever possible. Even if you don’t like birds, this is the cheapest and most convenient way to do your bit for the environment.

If you find a bird fainted gently pick it up and keep it in shade, feed drops of water regularly. [Click for more information]

A party on my window sill.

First this sparrow family noisily accepted a feast of water and bajra seeds.

(Is this the baby we once nearly separated from her parents?)


This one stopped hopping long enough for one decent shot.


Soon they were having a party.


Then there was a sudden flutter…


Was it a mistake to let this uninvited guest join the party?


Because the next gatecrasher was rather quarrelsome 😉

My Sentiments Are Hurt

I have always admired Maneka Gandhi. She is one of the most honest leaders we have and she is not as popular as she deserves to be. I have read she can be rude, but I can understand. Many animals lovers find it very difficult to understand how those who don’t care for animals are not able to understand how they feel.

It’s like my cat has dozed off while cleaning my hand, with a bit of his tongue still hanging out.

(Nikon D60 is not very polite, it woke him up)

My mom calls, I pick the cell phone and try to pull my hand from under his face, and he immediately presses a soft claw to hold the hand tighter, and snuggles, still more softly into my palm. Eyes squeezing, shutting even tighter. My mom thinks having animals at home ties you down, but I irritate her by telling her what the cat just did.
She is horrified, “Babies do that… your brother was like that as a baby! Why have you got this cat so used to you, what will he do if he is ever separated from you?

He will die of fear, anxiety, hunger and predators. It’s like leaving a city child in a jungle.

Now if a neighbour was to tell me they think cats are cunning, cruel, selfish or bring bad luck, I will try and show them why I disagree, because there was a time I thought the same.

We were coming home after a party one wet, cold (eerie) night, a long drive on an empty road, huge moaning trees, wild rains and then we notice something small moving in the middle of the road. A frog? A snail? There was no way to make sure it doesn’t get crushed, so we had to stop to push it aside. In the headlights, I saw a little kitten, soaked and shivering … looked around for a mother, there was none, so we picked it up and brought it home ‘for the night‘.

I soon learnt why those who loved cats (Usha Pisharody, Reema, Aneela and Alankrita who claims hers is the handsomest cat in the world :D) just loved them. Maybe it’s the way they wake up, looking sleepy, like babies? And then where do you leave them, knowing they can’t really take care of themselves?

But I have no idea how to feed or care for a baby sparrow.

Found this one also in the middle of a dark road yesterday, but now she is here, cheeping aloud for food.

Is it true that now that we have ‘touched‘ it, it’s parents will reject her? What does one do? We are hoping she will learn to fly better, and fly away. We have a cat at home and this extra responsibility is just not welcome. But this bird looks as much like a baby as a kitten does. Anybody seen a puppy learning to walk? This chick who can fly a little, was slipping on the kitchen counter, feet splaying like a puppy’s.

If we leave it, it will not be able to take care of itself. I know crows will eat it alive within hours.

In a similar situation in the past I had emailed to Maneka Gandhi. I was a total stranger, but she was very helpful. I have heard of others who have spoken to her and she has helped them. Now which other political leader can we think of who would have done this? Replied to email or picked her phone to respond to an aam janta?

So just think, here’s a fan, who likes her even though she belongs to a party openly supporting a candidate who has allegedly made a shocking, unconstitutional hate speech. And that candidate is her son. It troubles me, I feel betrayed.
My sentiments are hurt.

NOTE Something unbelievable happened to the bird next day, guess what? A special award for the correct guess!!! I had never dreamt that possible, now she is best possible hands… guess whose???

Edited to add:
Find the answer here 🙂