29th July 2007

29th July 2007

The cat who thinks he is a Puppy

Puppy playing with his mother, 2007

Puppy and Ms Mutt with Tejaswee


Brat Three loves Sher Khan and Sher Khan loves Brat Three.

What does he plan to do?

Does your cat like to eat grass?
DSC_2701-002Brat Three brings this grass from here and I only hope it has no pesticides.
Brat Three got it from here

And even after it has dried, this treat is taken along…

Grass for Puppy.jpg.06

Wherever she is taking her class.Ā 

all her students.jpg.00

Although he is forgotten in the star charts…


He is never really left alone šŸ™‚



And this is how Sher Khan reciprocates.

Brat Three and Sher Khan

More proofĀ hereĀ šŸ™‚

Note: TheĀ CinderellaĀ andĀ RapunzelĀ are edited versions and can be found on GB’s awesome blog.

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Lazy SundayĀ morningsā€¦

If we don’t get what he is trying to convey, who would?

This morning I picked this cup to take a sip,

cuppa chaiAnd couldn’t put it back because,

cat on tray.jpg.45

What did he want?
How does he tell without words?Occupied.jpg.11…that he hates to eat alone and loves it when he sees a family member settling down with a hot cup of tea.

Where do I keep my cup!

…and then they forget to get his breakfast šŸ˜¦

Big ears on tray.jpg.42

Of course I knew just what to do šŸ™‚

how we resolved the conflict.jpf


The cup’s back in the tray. And the cat?

Morning chai…is back to watching birds outside the window šŸ™‚

DSC_2655Isn’t he just adorable?

Somebody’s back on the cushion.

Meaning the temperatures have come down šŸ™‚

Is he planning to sleep?

The handsomest cat in the world Looks like it?The handsomest cat in the world almost asleep Did you doubt it šŸ™‚The handsomest cat in the world - asleep

How are you coping with the summer heat?

Here are eight ways which seem to work very well for Sher Khan šŸ˜€


Cat rolling, cat belly, My cat, Sher Khan
Cat rolling, cat belly, My cat, Sher Khan3
Cat rolling, cat belly, My cat, Sher Khan4 Cat rolling, cat belly, My cat, Sher Khan

5Cat rolling, cat belly, My cat, Sher Khan

If you think this method works only in the hot summer months, please take a look at,
these pictures šŸ™‚


Somebody has moved from the top of the cushions


Cat photograph, green eyed cat, cat under futon
Nikon D7000, my cat8.

Cat photograph, green eyed cat, cat under futon

I have been busy…

He’s been busier šŸ™‚
IHM's cat 1

IHM's cat 4

IHM's cat 1
He still found time to …

IHM's cat Puppy

Same old story and misunderstood cats.

Same old story.

Sher Khan wants to sleep where he sleeps every morning.

Gabbar Singh doesn’t want to move.

Sher Khan insists.

Gabbar tries to ignore.

Sher Khan attempts to make Gabbar change his mind.

All he can do is wait and hope.

He waits patiently.

Waits very patiently and non violently, at various heights and locations.

Decides toĀ compromise…

Decides that sharing is an option. (Cats are like that)


Sher Khan’s presence here makes Gabbar uncomfortable.

It makes somebody else uncomfortable too.

That’s why I say cats are misunderstood.

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Why should girls have all the fun?

From the foyer of a residential building…

I have been wondering if I should get him an appointment?

Who do you think has more style, this guy in the picture above or this guy šŸ˜‰

Thursday Challenge theme – “STYLE” (Hair, Makeup, Perfume bottles, Mirrors, Formal Wear, Dresses,…)

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Travelling with a cat.

We needed to take our cat, Sher Khan with us to another city. Sher Khan is terrified of new faces. When we have visitors he runs and hides in wardrobes or under blankets. Most relatives and friends haveĀ  seen himĀ  onlyĀ  in photographs.

How does one travel with such a cat?

My husband had once flown with another cat (named Kitten) who had been mildly sedated. Kitten hadĀ  struggled to get out of the basket throughout the two hour flight.Ā  Itā€™s possible that sedation caused discomfort. It had taken her a quite a while to settle in our new home.

Sending Sher Khan with cargo might traumatise him. One vet suggested sedation ā€“ which had seemed fine – he would sleep in one city and wake up in another.

Our other vet was totally opposed to sedation. He said animals, specially cats under sedation were at risk of hypothermia and death. He picked Sher Khan by the scruff of his neck and gently pushed him into the cat-basket. He covered the basket with a towel, darkened the room and gave the cat some of his favourite food for reassurance. He suggested we put a familiar sheet or toy and add clothes that have our smell to the basket.

The unbelievable lack of scratching and meowing in the darkened cat-basket was impressive. We decided to take this vetā€™s advice.

Spice Jet allows pets only as cargo and here they insisted the pet be sedated and left with them at their warehouse (or some place like that) two hours before the flight. Kingfisher does not allow pets at all ā€“ not in cargo, not in cabin. Air India and Jet Airways allow small pets to travel in the cabin. [Pets such as dogs, cats, household birds can be carried as accompanied registered baggage, other animals must be booked as freight. Some more information here]. We chose Air India because we have travelled with pets with themĀ  before, and found them wonderfully helpful.

Turned out it was a great choice. The final decision about carrying animals on board rests with the Pilot. In case of any problems, our vet had suggested we quote past examples when we/others have travelled with pets. We did that when they said the cat- basket seemed too big.

We were given the last row with the seat between TejasweeĀ  and me free to place the basket. I had layered the basket with the sweat shirt I had worn all day. The basket wasĀ  then coveredĀ  with a dark sheet. Sher Khan sat and even slept peacefully šŸ˜† I put my fingers in through the grill, and talked to him. He was fine. He had familiar and reassuring smells and voices around him. And the darkness to reassure that nobody could see him. Sher Khan the OstrichĀ  šŸ™‚

Thanks to the guidance of a good vet Sher Khan is now happily exploring his new territories šŸ™‚ (with Gabbar Singh the Lab keeping his distance)

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My cat and Mynas,jpg

My cat and Mynas2cat staring at mynas

…………………..My cat watching myna shadows!

I read Chandni’s post about her Chidiyaghar. We too have pigeons outside my bathroom window, sometimes a feather floats down in the bathroom and my cat stalks it like it was a real bird. One shivering, petrified paw reaching out to touch the dangerous feather, and he will swell twice his size if a leaf stirs and makes a murmur at that moment.This is the closest he has ever come to a real bird.

He spends hours staring at the mynah shadows outside my daughter’s window. We have placed a bird-house on the AC so the cat has a gala time watching the birds shadows and, rarely, actual birds. The birds occasionally spot him and make a racket!