Shahrukh Khan loves women!

What does “I love women” mean? Does the person who says this, really love all the women in the world? Why? They can’t possibly know all the women in the world – then what makes them ‘love’ them all?

They say ‘love is blind’ and ‘love knows no reason’, but still how can anybody know that they love those they have never met or known or seen or even heard of?

So do those who claim to love women, love only all the women or also all the children and all the men? Can this be compared to “I love kids/flowers/cats/technology/photography/dogs/animals/high heels/dancing/etc”.

Technology gets tedious chores done and makes life comfortable – so it’s not at all surprising that many of us love technology. I hope those who claim to ‘love women’ don’t believe women were created (specially for men, specially by god, with special strengths!!) to make men’s lives more enjoyable and easier? [Like in this post]

What is it that all the women in the world have in common that makes them all  lovable? Like cats generally show their affection by the trust they give to the people they adopt or live with and that makes many people love cats.

To me ‘I love cats/dogs/animals’ means it bothers me to watch their rights being trampled upon by humans and I wish they could fight for their own rights, but since they can’t I will do whatever I can to let them be seen as capable of feeling pain, sadness, fear, joy, hope, anticipation and loneliness (and more).

Is this what people mean when they say ‘I love women’?

But I also feel, animals are incapable of understanding and fighting for their rights, they need  to be looked after like little children, they also need protection (mainly from humans) and sanctuaries and organisations run by humans.

I hope anybody who says they love women does not see women as incapable of thinking, planning and acting to safe guard their own rights?

What does a man mean when he says “I love women!”?

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JKG Badges! :)

Along with a new definition for Joru Ka Gulam [click] we had also requested for contributions for  the JKG Badge Contest [click]. We received nine entries. JKG Kislay, our Honor’ble Judge had no hope for mutton biryani (or any bribe in any other form) because we went out of our way to hide all the names from him (except one).

So please treat him now!!

And please don’t forget to mention which one is your favorite and most suitable for Reader’s Choice Award.


By Aritra Chatterjee 🙂


This badge created by Aritra Chatterjee has been chosen by our honor’ble judge, HRE JKG Kislay Chandra, as the ‘Official JKG Badge’.


By Freya.


JKG Kislay also loved this badge and declared it the second official JKG Badge.


This badge by Solilo Don is his third choice 🙂

Hot Rotisjkg

When a man says “I make hot rotis for my wife.”, he might find himself being called a Joru Ka Gulam.


By Freya again 🙂

Iheartbeingajkg1This is the coolest looking badge for a sidebar!!


By Homecooked.


Homecooked created this cute looking badge. Traditionally any man who shows affection to his wife is labelled a Joru Ka Gulam.


By Vikas Gupta.

Is chosen by JKG Kislay for


JKG Vikas Gupta II Vikas’s Entry Number 3 touches upon the expectation that a woman must change her surname to her husband’s when she is married A man is not expected to make any changes to his name though. Any man who does not insist upon this surname changing (sometimes even the first name is changed) risks being labelled a Joru Ka Gulam.


This one is by Freya, thank you for calling him JKG-IN-CHIEF Freya 🙂

SRK JKG in chief

He’s extremely popular amongst women, not just because he is considered hot but because he has changed the way Bollywood husbands spoke of their wives i.e. NEVER!

SRK is not a super star for nothing. He is a feminist and  he is not apologetic about it. I have blogged about this here and here.


This badge by Freya emphasises the belief we have that some chores are too lowly for men (so women should do them).

doingdishesfavthingjkgIt’s often the mothers and even wives who object to men doing these chores. So if a man says he doesn’t mind doing the dishes, there’s horror and embarrassment for the wife, “Did she actually let him do the dishes!!!”

When he says he loves doing the dishes?

… scandal.


This badge is also created by Freya … thank you for your contributions Freya!


It’s expected of women to be devoted and ‘obedient’ to their husbands, if a man as much as shows affection he is declared henpecked. The best answer to any such labelling is to wear it with pride.

Which one did you like the best?! Please choose which badge deserves the Reader’s Choice Award!