Marriages in Indian Advertisements.

1. So this man has clear ideas about the kind of woman he wants to marry.

2. These parents would love the guy in the ad above, provided he is ‘from our own community‘.

3. What if their daughter does not want ‘a nice boy from our own community‘?

There’s help available 😉

4. Or she might decide to get to know him a little.

5. But don’t forget who calls the shots. (Now such ads have been replaced with TV serials.)

6. Finally it seems everybody has a boss. 😆

There was another commercial I can’t find, where the groom-to-be must prove to the bride-to-be’s father and brother, that he can provide for his future wife. He does that with confidence because he has XYZ life insurance or investment plans. The bride-to-be gets up from next to her father to this man’s side once he has assured her father (and brother) that he had planned their future vacations and jewelery.

It seems marriage is a favorite theme for Insurance and Investments advertisements.

How do you like the second one – Community Matrimonials dot com?

I feel the Pepsi ad mocks at our prejudices and uses them to deal with our other prejudices. Do you agree?