Girl has disease that draws her to men: Asaram’s lawyer

I am sure there are some who would be willing to believe this.

This and what A P Singh (defence lawyer for the Delhi bus gang rapists) said here should be seen as examples of just how far those who defend sexual criminals are willing to go. But then we live in a culture where half the population behaves like defence lawyers for rapists.

Girl has disease that draws her to men: Asaram’s lawyer

Jethmalani mentioned that the girl was afflicted with a ‘chronic disease’ which draws a woman to a man and said this was subject to police investigation.

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…the girl, a class XII student at Asaram’s gurukul at Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, was studying there for the past 4 years. “Her health was not fine for some time and when her parents brought the matter to the notice of bapu, who was in Jodhpur then for religious meeting, he advised them to take the girl to Jodhpur.”

When they took her to Jodhpur on August 12 and contacted Asaram, he said a special ritual will have to be observed for the betterment of her health, but in isolation. “Then he took them to his ashram at Manai on 14 August and observed the ritual with his parent on the same night. But next day, he said the second ritual will again have to be observed, but with the girl being alone with him in his hut. On the night of August 15, bapu took the girl in his hut and allegedly exploited her sexually (unnatural sex),” said Joseph.

The terrified girl, however, did not disclose the incident to her parents then, but when Asaram asked her to come with him to Ahmedabad, she insisted to her parents to go back to home instead, where she told them of the incident two days later.[Asaram booked for raping minor at ashram]

How easy is it for a teenager, in a culture that worships sexual ignorance and sexual inexperience (in girls) to talk about a sexual assault by someone in position of power?

Here is what it did to another teenager, Ruchika Girhotra – “…she started telling but she started crying so she could not explain it…[read more] “

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“Nine out of ten families in my colony worshipped Asaram like he was Lord Vishnu’s avatar in Kalyug”

Let’s wipe that smile off his face.

And just yesterday I blogged about why sexual criminals in India, seem to have no fear of law or social stigma.

If he were a woman, he would have filed a case against a man everyday.


Where Consensual Sex is Rape, and Forced Sex a legal right.

Is it women-friendly to call Consensual Sex ‘Rape’ and Forced Sex a legal right? It makes no sense unless we see a woman’s virginity (and bodies and  sexuality) as something that rightfully belongs to her husband, in laws and the society. Who benefits from this kind of mindset?

The government has now brought in an ordinance to introduce stricter penalties for crimes against women Patriarchy, instead of implementing recomendations made by Justice Verma Committee. [Do read more here]

1. Why is it that the Indian law makers believe that Indian men must be given the legal right to rape their wives?

Do they see a sexual assault as loss of honor/virginity/purity or as a criminal assault? If a sexual assault is seen as a criminal assault, then why is it treated different from any other violent assault?

When it is not a legal right to beat, cheat, treat cruelly or burn-alive a spouse – then what makes the government hesitate in acknowledging that forced sex with a spouse (or anybody) should not be seen as a husband’s (or anybody’s) legal right?

2. The same logic makes it legal for Indian men to rape fifteen year old girls if they are married to the minors. [link]

And here’s what makes the patriarchal hypocrisy so obvious:

3. Consensual sex between 16 to 18 years old unmarried teenagers is being seen as rape. Who do you think benefits from criminalising consensual sex between 16- 18 year olds? [link]

This is NOT what the Verma Committee recommended.

Women’s groups reject ordinance on rape laws, urge President not to sign it [Link] Do watch the video here.

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“The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

The Kolkotta police had suspected a car rape victim’s story and blamed her for going to a night club (read more here). Now Noida police puts the blame on a class X student raped by five men in their twenties, in a car that belonged to one of them.

And worse,

“In violation of a Supreme Court order regarding disclosure of identity of rape victims, the press release issued by the Noida police gives details of a 17 year old victim including her name and address.” [Read more.]
Although the press release quoted the victim saying she was lured into it, and forced to drink, the Noida police claims,

“She had gone there willingly… She was not lured into it… They drank vodka,” said Ananth Dev Tiwari, Superintendent of Police, Noida.

There are court directions which say the victims’ statement should be taken at face value till the trial proves otherwise. [ NDTV article here.]

Why did a police officer break the law?

I wonder if he was hoping that if she could be proven suspected to have gone willingly, and drinking vodka, she would not get as much sympathy. And perhaps then Noida police would not be held responsible for not creating an environment that discourages sexual assaults? Or maybe he genuinely believed that the teenager deserved to be raped by five men because she knew one of them and went to his birthday party (where others were already present)?

Is it difficult to believe when the family says they did not report an earlier rape by the main accused an year ago, after which, they allege, he threatened the minor with an MMS clip?

Why does it look like the police has no idea that they are paid, trained and employed for protecting the victims and for controlling crimes and that can’t be achieved if the victims are afraid to report crimes?