Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is perversion.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is perversion. Is a woman forever stuck between her desires and the moral healthiness or progress of a society?

I was asked this question and I would like to know what everybody else thinks.

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UPDATED ON March 15 2011.

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Q. 1 You are (choose one)
1. Feminine ?
2. Masculine ?
3. Err.. ?

Ans: I’d like to be ME please.

Q. 2 Are women naturally feminine, gentle, mild mannered and nurturing?
Ans: No. Women (just like men) come in all kinds of temperaments. Some are gentle some are not, some are nurturing some have no interest in kids, some are mild mannered, some are aggressive.

Q. 3 Why not all?
Ans. I guess nature made them (us) all different!

Q. 4 Are the unfeminine ones abnormal or unnatural?
Ans: LOL what a dumb question!!! No.

Q. 5 Are the one’s who are unfeminine undeserving of respect?
Ans: No more than unfeminine men 🙂 This is a dumb discussion!

Q. 6 Whose respect?
Ans: I think it is important that they respect themselves first. This goes for all humans, even children.

Q. 7 Isn’t being respected important for women?
Ans: As much as any other human. No more. No less. And it isn’t a matter of life or death (as in honor killing).

Q. 8 If a woman expects to be treated as an equal human, is she being radical?
Ans: As radical as Democracy. All humans should be treated as equals. All children and even all men.

Q. 9 If a woman is being aggressive, rude or arrogant does she still deserve respect?
Ans: Any human – man or woman being rude, arrogant or aggressive needs to count till ten. (To begin with).

Q. 10 Doesn’t a woman’s charm lie in her being gentle and feminine?
Ans: I think her charm lies in being herself. Beauty and charm come in all shapes and sizes.

Koi Shaque? (Any doubts or disagreements?)


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