Who benefits from banning of Porn sites?

I think it’s good to have a very clear idea of exactly why we are banning something and how the ban, or lack of a ban, would affect those who are involved.

Who is harmed by internet Porn?

1.Those who are exploited, (if there is coercion, threats, deceit, sexual assault,  [link] violence, or any other kind of exploitation) for creating this porn?

2. Or those who view Porn? How are they harmed? What kind of Porn is harmful?

Is all kind of Porn misogynistic – degrading, humiliating, objectifying and exploitative of women (or children)? If it is not, then would you still view it as harmful?

Could Porn be used to change attitudes towards sex, sexuality and women?

How is Indian Culture harmed by Porn being available on the internet?

Consider this. How do random, self proclaimed protectors of Indian Culture view sex? We don’t approve of sex education. Until recently, we permitted (even advertised in trailers?) ‘rape scenes’ and banned kissing scenes in Indian movies. And many of us still view premarital consensual sex as ‘rape’, and marital rape as sex. With so little respect for human rights and so little acknowledgment of women’s sexuality – how exactly do some of us think does Indian Culture view sex and sexuality?

“According to reports the government will also ask NGOs to create awareness and sensitizing the ill-effects of porn.” [link]

What do you think would these ‘ill effects’ include?

What would change if we do manage to ‘ban’ porn from the internet?

Here’s the link:

Government asks internet providers to ban porn sites and upgrade their infrastructure.

… According to reports the government will also ask NGOs to create awareness and sensitizing the ill-effects of porn.

Minister Ravi Shankar stated that although porn is legal in some countries, this issue should be observed in the “context of Indian culture and moral obligation towards society”.


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“Girls need to be little bit aware of the consequences. Men – will enjoy …”

“The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

Guwahati mob molests girl, video goes viral online.

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Dev D 

Three BJP Ministers, including the Women and Child Welfare Minister caught watching porn in assembly. 

Does porn affect how men view sex, women and children?

Does porn affect how people view sex, women and children? Do you think porn encourages men to rape children (or anybody)?

If rape scenes in movies are said to affect the way Indian men view sex (i.e. men want, women provide; women never want hence can never consent or else are ‘loose character’; men always want sex; men can rape for sex; men are provoked by loose women to rape them; women must marry the rapist to save their honor etc) then what about porn?

Would free access to sex education change this? If people knew or acknowledged that sex was meant to be a consensual and mutually pleasurable act, and that sex was not against Indian values, would there be better understanding that those who rape are not sex-starved people but criminals with serious and dangerous mental and social issues?

Do you agree with the comment shared below this news link?

Gurgaon: A five-year-old girl was brutally raped and then abandoned near a metro station in Gurgaon on Saturday, the police have said. The minor has suffered severe internal injuries and is being treated at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital.

According to the police, the girl was allegedly lured away by a man who offered to give her food during a langar (community lunch) near the Bristol Hotel in Gurgaon. He later raped her….

[5-year-old brutally raped, abandoned near metro station in Gurgaon]

Do you agree with this comment:

People shout at top of their voices against the police, the government and the nation itself. No one speaks about the abyssmal downfall in values. Will any group concerned with this, fight against the free access to porn, which is the root cause of men becoming animals? No. Majority people will fight against any ban on porn. So whom do you blame? Blame yourselves for spawning these dreadful animals. [5-year-old brutally raped, abandoned near metro station in Gurgaon]

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The Delhi Bus Gang rape victim died in Singapore.

The doctors said the brave young woman fought very hard, but the injuries were too grievous. The rapists intended for her to die, they did not expect her to get medical help or any kind of support (What made them so confident?) Since this is a case of a rarest of the rare horrific murder, I think some of them might be awarded Capital punishment.

There is only one way to honor her courage and her memory, by making sure the protests remain focussed and rational and force a change in Indian legal and social attitudes towards women, which make such brutality, a crime not against a woman, but against her honor. It’s possible, because for the first time in India (in my memory) a rape victim’s trauma is being seen as painful not shameful.

I also wish her family would ask for this brave 23 year old’s name to be shared – why should this courageous woman not be remembered by her own name? I send them my deepest condolences. Their daughter has the love and respect of millions in this country. She will not be forgotten.