Do you think insulting should be a punishable offense?

1. Do you think ‘insulting’ should be a punishable offense?

If yes, then why? And what kind of punishment?

2. Are threats of violence an insult to the Indian Constitution?

3. Do violent protests achieve their goals better than peaceful protests? Could it be because they are generally politically motivated?

And so,

4. Are violent protests politically motivated/supported, or are they spontaneous?

And finally,

5. Salman Rushdie it seems has visited India earlier and there were no problems, why do you think has this become such an issue this time?

Updated to ask: Isn’t Freedom of Expression the Right to express what we can’t express without the Freedom of Expression?



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Thursday Challenge – Communication, Technology…

All quotes are from an open letter to Dear Mr Sibal, here. (read the post, it will make you see why you are so right to be proud of being a part of this community)

You don’t have to believe that I have a right to post what I will on my profile as long as I follow the laws of the land and the platform I am using. But when you chose to become a leader in this constitutional democracy, you made the commitment to uphold everything written in its constitution, or if you change it, you follow due process.” 



A vibrant country that is able to use humor to make a point. I think this is better than slaps and shoes and burnt buses and what nots. Maybe it is time to laugh at a few of them, dislike a few and move on knowing that freedom of speech is not a popularity contest, but a matter of values” []

So a rioting mob is now the fault of some citizen of some other country on some other continent rather than those breaking laws right here. Why? You can’t govern what happens in the country? Why are they not expected, not assisted to learn to be legal?
‘You don’t understand the magnitude of what you are throwing a tantrum for. You don’t understand what it is. You fail to see that social networking isn’t like television, but like conversations. It is way beyond censorship to monitor and edit interactions. You censoring them is as good as gagging me in the online world. And, frankly, I refuse to be gagged. From a person minding my own business, I will become a virtual rebel, but I will not allow another person to have power over every word I say. No matter what. It is as simple as that’

“Sachin Kalbag put it well: Dear Mr Sibal, it is YOU who are accountable to the people; we are NOT accountable to you. Now repeat 100 times

Pictures shared by the internet community while peacefully protesting against Kapil Sibal’s attempt to decide for Indian people what they find offensive and what hurts their sensibilities.

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Kapil ki Censorship by Amit

Kapil Sibal is an Idiot.

Indian Authorities Try (And Fail) to Make Tech Companies Block Politically Offensive Content

Kapil Sibal and the screen.

…because Chaddis are Forever.(PHOTOS)

Once there was a lecherous lout
He wanted power and clout.

So he got his criminal gang to molest,
To save our culture from the West.

Molesting filmed by camera crews,
Everybody thought they’d get their due
But instead of jail,
They were given bail.

He is better known than he had hoped
When he defended the goons who molested and groped
Now he will forever be associated
With Pink Chaddis Muthalik’s name will be quoted.

And this shared by Indyeah –

Some ppl think chaddies are very cheap…
Lemme tell you they’ll make him weep
They say sending chaddies ain’t our culture
Well this is how WE deal with a vulture

Muthalik thinks hes a true mard
For us hes just a sir dard..

Itni pink chaddies muthalik kya karega
Ab toh pehnega ya marega

What an idiot and a mistake of a man
Send him as many chaddies as you can

[Thank You Indyeah :)]
For generations when kids see Muthalik’s face
They will picture pink, satin and lace.
 More by Indyeah-Sabhyata ka paath hame padhaoge

Toh badle mein chaddi hi paaoge
Chaddies are vulgar and beating is not?
The people who say this have let their minds rot!
(Indyeah you rock!)

Now Muthalik pleads attacks will be but mild,

But pink panties continue to pile,

A Muthalik-nightmare,

Of Pink hosiery ware.

Edited to add: Collected and dropped gift wrapped pink chaddis at the collection centre in my city today 🙂 Found other Sisters In Sin writing messages for our culture saviors 🙂