13 things Indian Misogynists believe about men’s mothers and sisters.

So the media coverage and public outrage has resulted in the police learning to do their job instead of attempting to pass the responsibility on the victim.

Night of terror at New Market: Girl molested in bar, chased, pulled out of bus and thrashed

KOLKATA: In the deserted New Market area, around 11.30 pm on Sunday, a young girl ran for her life from a group of molesters, chased by a band of locals who had joined in for fun. Bleeding from deep cuts, breathless and panic-stricken, she saw a bus … and made a desperate leap for it. To her horror, the gang stopped the bus, pulled her out and started beating her. No one in the bus raised a finger in protest.

The assault continued until the 21-year-old girl collapsed on the road … Just when she feared it would get worse, the attackers saw she was bleeding heavily from her injuries, lost their nerve and fled.

When TOI met her on Monday, she had her right hand in a sling. It took 14 stitches to seal her wound. “The horror will haunt me for the rest of my life. But I will fight till the molesters are put behind bars,” the gutsy north Kolkata girl said. …

Like the earlier incident, the accused in the New Market case are also businessmen. They were remanded in police custody on Monday.

As usual, the comments below the article bring out some interesting facts about the Indian culture and those who wish to uphold it the most.

Thanks for sharing the link Anil Singhal and Swarup.

How does this thinking affect the rest of the Indian women and men?

Here are 13 misogynistic ideas a typical Indian Misogynist defines, defends and upholds in the name of ‘Indian Culture’.

1. That it is okay in Indian culture to molest, rape, beat, chase and injure sex workers.

Sex workers (and any women who have sex with men they are not married to i.e. ‘gair mard’) do not deserve human rights.

2. Sex workers do not have a right to choose who they have sex with.

And here’s why this is so:

3. Because sex workers are only there to ensure that sexual criminals do not attack ‘normal women who stay at home after 10 pm’.

4. But although sex workers are needed and available for these men to be kept in check – normal women must still stay at home.

5. Women staying at home has made public spaces safer for ‘the weaker sex’ in India.

(And hence, Indian women would become even more empowered if they stayed even more at home and stopped working night shifts or working after dark or working at all.)

Girl should not be at bar 11 PM in the night.Girls are too obsessed with the way men can go anywhere anytime & want to roam around freely like that. They are mistaken that their movements must be restricted as they are weaker sex. Please respect our culture and tradition.

6. It’s natural (and hence has to be catered for) for men to want to rape women when they have had a few drinks,

she should be equally blamed for creating this unwanted situation, every man knows inside pub what he requires next after having enough drinks.

7. If women go out after dark they should be escorted by men.


8. Women should not go anywhere with gair-mard (boy friends, unrelated men).


9. No man would ever take his wife, mother or sister to a pub.

(Since they really believe this, they should read Provocatively Dressed).

10. Brothers, husbands, fathers and sons have the right to decide where and when mothers, sisters, daughters and wives go.

Will you allow your Mom to go out in the night @ 11 with boyfriends in Pub to get high? – Think about it, dont fall prey for some sympathetic story.

11. The biggest insult to a misogynist has to do with failing to control the sex lives of the female members of his family and community.  Basically, it seems, women having a sex life is an insult to Misogynists related to them.

And here’s an example of how Typical Indian Misogynists are insulted. This is not an insult to the comment writer who is claiming to have fathered the other commenter.

Hey.. I met your mother at a Bar.. and that too a third grade Bar..you get the point and rest is history.

12. Sex workers are a bad influence on men who would otherwise go home to their families.

What kind of girl comes out the home after 10pm. . .& that too for the bar . . .just think over her culture . . . ? ? Normal Indian women will be in the home within 10pm. . & our people are supporting her for her courage. . . many men come to bars either to drink or to pick up girls. i think if girls maintains their character nice means max problem solved. picking up girls will be stopped. . men will directly go to their house many of the family problem will be solved & their wives will be happy. . . about their husbands. . .

13. Women who do visit pubs and want to drink should be willing to have sex with anybody – as a kind of price to pay for thinking they can do things which Indian culture allows only men to do.

also if u r trying to depict the western culture then u might as do it fully , if the guys approach u for one night stands… then y not go ahead if u so much like the firangs???

This commenter (like some in Delhi Police) has clearly no concept of women having a choice in who they want to have one night stands with.

Maybe a woman influenced by ‘western culture’ did go to a pub with the plan to find a sexual partner like ‘firangs’ – but an Indian Misogynists doesn’t seem to realise that she still has a right to choose who she has sex with. (Reminds you of Delhi Police, Andhra police and some Karanataka Ministers?)


One commenter does wonder,

if going to pub is not good and not safe, then why pubs are allowed to run.

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