Where is Bombay?

In Pune. In Delhi.More in Delhi, in Chandni Chowk… or is it Darya Ganj. In Goa. In INA market, New DelhiSome more Bombay in Chandni Chowk.

DSC_6700 DSC_6699

In Gurgaon,DSC_1172

In Bangkok, There’s even Bombay in Pakistan.

Where else have you seen Bombay? 

“Mera number Mumbai ka, to mein Mumbai ka.”

My number is a Mumbai number, so I am from Mumbai says Abhishek Bachchan in this Idea ad.

You didn’t need ‘Bombay ka number’ to be ‘Bombay ka’.

New Delhi can be called Dilli. Delhi or Dehli like in this picture.


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And The Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup goes to…

And it’s my proud privilege to hand over The Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup to each one of proud winners 🙂 K10, Scribby, Rajk, Anil Singhal, Aamir, sandhya, Haritha, scorpria, vethal, zradar, SS ,Smita, abinaya1412 and Aditya  and Sam (with some grace marks, because they said Sahaydri range and Lonavla, not Mumbai) 😆

Congratulations winners 🙂

And heh heh 😆 😆


This very special badge for each one of those who thought I could still be in the plane “If this is what I passed on the way… No more than fifteen minutes before reaching here…
:mrgreen:  Congratulations 😀 😉

In Mumbai it seems life is easier…

Sometimes everybody wants the same patch of sunshine…

Turning away and pretending to ignore only buys some time…

Pressure from every angle,


Pressure comes from higher places…

Persistent pressure.

🙂  Determined pressure.

Peaceful sleep is not possible.


Unless you acknowledge who the boss is.

… and this how you do it,



And before the boss is judged harshly, that one is his regular spot, so he kind of owns it.

In Bombay, it seems, life is easier.

Here’s proof.


Nobody pushes you around here 🙂


All those who guessed correctly in the last post, win the prestigious yellow polka dotted cup. Posting this from my Samsung Galaxy SII, will link as soon as I am back.

Call Delhi by any other name.

It seems Bombay  is no longer the most livable city in India. Delhi is. One blessing is you can speak any language here, celebrate any festivals and call it Hamari Dehli, Saadi Dilli or Mahri Dilli and spell it right or wrong – without being asked to apologize.

It seems I am not the only one who is giving extra points to Delhi, I have to agree with  this front page news about ‘Livability Index’.

There’s more about Delhi that’s lovable.

This morning I was almost falling off the balcony choosing which veggies to buy from a thela-wala on the road when I spotted this little guy 🙂

That’s a healthy breakfast 🙂

I had no idea bottle brush was such a favorite 🙂