What exactly do those who object to Sex Education think Sex Education is?

The same lack of interest in actually understanding an issue can be seen here,

Sex education in schools should be banned, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan says


“…Opponents argued for a ban on sex education in schools on the ground that it corrupted the youth and offended ‘Indian values’. They contended that it may lead to promiscuity, experimentation and irresponsible sexual behaviour.

As fallout of this controversy, several Indian states including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Goa declared that the course content as suggested by MHRD was unacceptable and thus banned the programme.”

What exactly do those who object to Sex Education think Sex Education is?

Should anybody have the right to deny children and young adults with information that can save their lives and protect them from abusers/sexual crimes?

Sex Education has nothing to do with Blue Films.


Who benefits from criminalizing consensual teenage sex?

‘Bill seeks to let 12-yr-olds have non-penetrative sex’. Does it really?

It’s child abuse, not an ‘affair’.


What do Mynas have in common with Moral Police ;)


Mynas eagerly watch what other people are doing in their own homes and lives.
What do Mynas have in common with Moral Police?

They restlessly hop from one foot to another.

Their self-righteous eyes seeking something offensive.

Mynas, backyard birds, urban birds, Autumn in Delhi/NCR, November

Unlike other birds, who are busy minding their own business,

The Mynas have little interest in enjoying the November sun shine…

These changing colours don’t seem to interest them.

But they find the time, perch and camouflage to look for sights that might hurt their sentiments.

Now, do you find this sight offensive?

Don’t you think he is the one who should be offended?

Note: No offence is intended to Mynas. I understand that Mynas safety and existence depends upon remaining alert to real (unlike MP) or imagined (like Moral Police) dangers.
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What would you put in a Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper for the Indian Moral Police?

First, why does the Moral Police object to Valentine’s Day?

If young Indians meet freely they might start choosing who they want to marry or live with.

As more and more young Indians start choosing their life partners gradually it would become difficult to arrange marriages with dowries and matching horoscopes.

Gradually castes, age, religion, income, gender, obedience levels, ‘innocence levels’, macho levels, past relationships etc would become less important as criterion, and marriage would become a matter of choice, and not the only goal in every Indian’s life.

Then we would not hear jokes like ‘shaddi ka laddu jo khaye wo bhi pachtaaye, jo naa khaye wo bhi pachtaye‘ because with loosening of the hold of the moral police, young people would value life and happiness more than an institution.

Women would then be able to choose divorce over suicide, life long abuse or being burnt alive. Their families would then not see them as liabilities.

Young men would then choose careers they want, instead of becoming Providers. With marriage becoming a choice, self reliance would gradually become more important for men also. They would also be able to choose as their partners, women (or men) they really want to.

Those who support the Moral Police fear that the end of the traditional system – however horribly faulty, would leave them without support and care. The moral police loves their insecurity. (The fact is as a part of the society, they too  would benefit from the relaxing of unnecessary deadlines and controls)

So here’s what I would put in the Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper for the Indian Moral Police.

1. To remind them that nobody is really being fooled. A copy of the video of the three ministers watching porn in the Karnataka Assembly.

2. To show them the possibilities.

Free tickets to ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’ [link]

A DVD of ‘Dev D'[link]

3. To continue their education.

Bol [link]

Khuda ke liye [link]

Delhi Belly [link]

4. As a warning

Because Chaddi are forever. [link]

A packet of pink chaddis?

This photograph of Pramod Muthalik  🙂

Where ever a blogger goes… ;)

Today was the last day of Surajkund Crafts Mela, a colourful celebration of crafts and cultures from all over… I love the ambience and the festive feeling there.

Everybody looked happy 🙂


Pink continues to be the Indian male’s favourite colour 😉 😆 😆


I couldn’t resist bringing this Valentine’s Day gift for our moral police 😉

First there were men and women walking hand in hand!  😯 (Took this picture to capture the beautiful ‘darwaza’)


And then there was this lingerie display 😉 🙄


How I wish a blackened face could save us from this ashleeltaa 😉


A traditional Rajasthani dance…


And Shehanshah Akbar e alam looked like he needed a hair cut 😉


We ate gobhi , mooli and aloo paranthas with radish-pickle and kabuli-chana. Two women on the next table thought (aloud) the pickle was bland. Here’s how they thought it should be made 😉

Radish, peeled, sliced and cut into 2 inch pieces. Ground mustard seeds, red chilli, turmeric, salt and oil mixed, kept in sun for two days.

Try it?

Instead of bothering about lingerie display…

‘‘Your mannequins should wear sarees, not underwear. From now on, keep all undergarments inside. Show it to the customer when he or she asks for it. Five days from now if undergarments are still hanging outside, we will light a bonfire of the lingerie,’’ Chandra Shekhar threatened.   [Link]

Is it legal to threaten to ‘light a bonfire of’ something we do not want displayed?

And what is their objection to the display of lingerie? Culture is not good enough a reason because Prudery was not a part of ancient Indian tradition or culture, it came to India with the British and the Victorian morality they imposed on us.

The traditional saree, they approve of, was worn without a blouse or a petticoat.

“… Sculptures from the Gandhara, Mathura and Gupta schools (1st-6th century AD) show goddesses and dancers wearing what appears to be a dhoti wrap… a long, decorative drape in front of the legs. No bodices are shown.

In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it is indeed documented that women from many communities wore only the sari and exposed the upper part of the body till the 20th century. Poetic references from works like Silappadikaram indicate that during the sangam period in ancient Tamil Nadu, a single piece of clothing served as both lower garment and head covering, leaving the bosom and midriff completely uncovered.[3] In Kerala there are many references to women being bare-breasted,[5] including many pictures by Raja Ravi Varma. Even today, women in some rural areas do not wear cholis.” [Link]

It would be better if they left the women’s underwear on window displays alone and focused on things like street sexual harassment. They could follow Italy’s example – ‘Italy Ban On Public Privates-Scratching.’ [ Same news,  another link.]

Or they could focus on this: http://twitpic.com/y6enk [click to see] by Brainstuck. (Thanks for the tweet and the link Poonam). Not as interesting as women’s  lingerie, but if they take interest, they get their free publicity, we get cleaner cities.

[Cartoon from : Communalism Watch, Hindutva attack on lingerie – R Prasad Cartoon in Mail Today. If Communalism Watch or the cartoonist R Prasad or ‘Mail Today’ have any objection to the cartoon being used here, please let me know, I will remove it.]


Edited to add : Mr Balvinder Singh’s posts are a must read for those who still aren’t convinced that we need no moral policing.

About Konark Temple –


Another one about Nagaland –


Provocatively Dressed

To Moral Brigade(s) and their Supporters,
We should know that frivolous terms like Provocative Dressing might make a sexual assaulter feel that the responsibility of preventing sexual assaults lies with the victim.

Violent men are helpless victims of provocation?
Saying women must not dress provocatively makes us sound like Taliban. (Now we wouldn’t want that?)
We also need to keep in mind that we are talking about adult citizens here, they have the right to vote, they can get a driving license, and they can even own property or start an independent business! And often do and very successfully too. (I understand that can make anybody painfully jealous, it does seem wrong that they should do so well despite the major hurdles their gender faces … but women these days are like that, give them a chance and they fly, reach the sky, and even the moon. Accept it.)

Your over enthusiasm and interest in her clothes might lead some to believe that you are looking at women more than you should be. (Most women consider such unwanted attentions very revolting; they might suspect your morals).
Your insistence on deciding the correct code of dressing here is against the law. (I am assuming most of you offenders and supporters have not been to school, so I am simplifying it for you.) Instead we need to ensure that men are guided very firmly about the acceptable code of their own conduct. They need to get it very clear that tight jeans and noodle straps are poor excuses for criminal acts against other equal (even if they are better qualified, they are only equal) citizens. We need to concentrate on providing a secure academic and emotional foundation to create a nation of women who do not hold themselves responsible for any and every atrocity committed against them. Your own mothers, daughters, sisters and wives also will benefit more from this (much more) than from being taught how to dress.
I know of thousands of women who have not benefited in anyway, when they were compelled to cover themselves from head to toe in traditional attire. Their families, specially their children have suffered because these mothers were often made too weak, by such controls, to stand up for them in all so many ways children need their mothers to….so it seems wearing traditional clothing does not automatically make you a better mother, sister, daughter, citizens, wife, woman etc.
Strong mothers and strong women make a strong nation.You think it is only about drinking in the Pub? The drinking in the Pub is just symbolic
(Just like PCC is). You understand symbols? Like bangles for weakness? Like Duryodhan and Duhshsan for … if only you had some education, it would have been simpler to explain. But let me try …When a nation overlooks an act of violence against it’s citizen only because they are women, they are not creating a very confident generation of women. Let me try and speak your language again, …these women are going to raise the future of this nation… Please let us stop treating them like they have no thinking capacity!

And this is a nation where women are anyway having difficulty even being born. We make it tougher for parents to have daughters, and for those daughters who are born to feel safe, let alone feel free.
Women (and men) need to be able to decide for themselves how they dress, what careers they choose, when and to whom, if at all, they marry or live with without marrying. Because we have hungry families, and unemployed men, and no drinking water, and houses which flood every monsoon.

Tomorrow you might find even a girl’s face, eyes, lips or feet provocative? How are you guys going to survive?

I think we need a stricter code of conduct for men like you here.You will benefit from gentlemanly behaviour and discipline. Women are now everywhere. And we will see them as bosses, better drivers, being able to afford better recreation … (I understand the surge of envy, but you really have to work harder, just being born a male is not really important any longer, at least in their circles…). Many of them come from families where success is more important than marriage and children are. (Yes I am aware that this is all too much to digest, it seems these women come from a different planet, well in a way they do.) Many are happily married with children, oh yes and their husbands are aware that they drink, and talk to men in their office and also outside but no, they don’t drag them by their hair for that … (You ask, ‘Why not?’. Let’s just say, self confidence does that to men. And women too. You won’t understand …)

The world has changed too much while you were worrying about which caste or religion or language or region was being victimised.
But it’s never too late. You just need to understand that they are your equal. No matter how much better they earn, what fancy cars they drive, how much more fun they seem to have, how much better they look … they are only your equals.

As for their clothes, for all you know there is probably a future scientist behind that Rakhi-Sawant-dress-alike.

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…because Chaddis are Forever.(PHOTOS)

Once there was a lecherous lout
He wanted power and clout.

So he got his criminal gang to molest,
To save our culture from the West.

Molesting filmed by camera crews,
Everybody thought they’d get their due
But instead of jail,
They were given bail.

He is better known than he had hoped
When he defended the goons who molested and groped
Now he will forever be associated
With Pink Chaddis Muthalik’s name will be quoted.

And this shared by Indyeah –

Some ppl think chaddies are very cheap…
Lemme tell you they’ll make him weep
They say sending chaddies ain’t our culture
Well this is how WE deal with a vulture

Muthalik thinks hes a true mard
For us hes just a sir dard..

Itni pink chaddies muthalik kya karega
Ab toh pehnega ya marega

What an idiot and a mistake of a man
Send him as many chaddies as you can

[Thank You Indyeah :)]
For generations when kids see Muthalik’s face
They will picture pink, satin and lace.
 More by Indyeah-Sabhyata ka paath hame padhaoge

Toh badle mein chaddi hi paaoge
Chaddies are vulgar and beating is not?
The people who say this have let their minds rot!
(Indyeah you rock!)

Now Muthalik pleads attacks will be but mild,

But pink panties continue to pile,

A Muthalik-nightmare,

Of Pink hosiery ware.

Edited to add: Collected and dropped gift wrapped pink chaddis at the collection centre in my city today 🙂 Found other Sisters In Sin writing messages for our culture saviors 🙂

Not just a pair of jeans…

This post was selected for Blogadda’s Tangy Picks.tangytuesday

A man in Haryana beat his wife in the market for wearing jeans while shopping with her parents.
Why was it such an issue?

He said she was wearing jeans.

Do you know what that means?

What was his fear?

Isn’t it clear?

Jeans symbolise more than just what she wore!

Tomorrow she could ask for more?

Ask to keep her girl-child?

Education and a right to work?

This didn’t please the jerk…
Did he see a pair of comfortable jeans become second skin?
Did he see how jeans would let her catch fast moving buses?
Or jump fences …
Or hop and skip with ease?
How jeans don’t slow you down…

How jeans don’t trip you,
No a pair of jeans doesn’t…
And he probably saw more.

He worried it made her see,
The double standards of his hypocrisy.

Do you think being able to wear what we like is really important?

If a man says you must give up wearing jeans,
I would say
Refuse to be his wife,
Run for your life …!

Watch out.

‘Cos I think.

Double standards stink.

What could I possibly mean!?
Isn’t it just a pair of blue jeans?
It isn’t.

Mangalore bans it.
Taliban cans it.
Grand parents berate it.

All hypocrites hate it.

Our conditioning is so good.

Men can wear jeans, if they would.

Fat men, thin men

Bachelors and married men
Men who are old

And not so old men.
But women?

We must look good in jeans.
And still be considered too bold. Men!
Sari and shalwar are permitted to most
but for jeans you must a perfect figure boast?

Think about it, there’s no doubt,
Jeans seem to have a lot of clout!

We have been reconciled,

Those jeans might make us wild.

Do jeans make a statement?

Do they symbolise our freedom?

More than just the convenience of wash and wear jeans?

Does a pair of denim jeans

And a disproving frown

Remind you that it is okay …

To be women ?

To look like women?

Thin women, fat women,

Don’t care if they are stared at women?

To walk tall,

And run,

To matak if we please women.

To care not two hoots…

To not live for approval?

Make eye contact and

Keep an eye woman!

And watch who supports!

Watch the language of the guy who courts!

Does he offer respect in exchange of freedom?


Lol anyway, it’s easier to run in jeans : )

EDITED TO ADD : On Jun10th 2009. Meeta Jamal, principal of the Dayanand girls’ college in Kanpur city told AFP. “This is the only way to stop crime against women.”