Monica Lewinsky on Cyber Bullying

Quarkle shared this thought provoking video. 
I remember quite definitely blaming Hillary Clinton for not walking out of her marriage when it became clear that her husband did cheat on her. This was the most strong reaction. It seemed (at the time) that she was using his humiliation to prove how worthy a wife she was.
Many seemed to agree that Bill Clinton deserved to be divorced so that (somehow) that becomes a norm.
More vague was a little concern (pity?) and some bafflement – why did Monica Lewinsky do this? And then she was almost forgotten. What did she go through?
In this thought provoking TED talk, Monica Lewinsky talks about online slut shaming, harassment and cyberbullying, and how it affected her life after the scandal with Bill Clinton.
She was 22 at the time. Twenty two.
Do watch.