“The male community, including myself, needs only 10 minutes, just ten minutes… to send what is called sperm, into the uterus of a female.”

Shail shared a part of what Dr Rejith Kumar said in a speech at the Government Women’s College, Thiruvananthapuram,

“His patronizing and arrogant tone makes it worse.

“The male community, including myself, needs only 10 minutes, just ten minutes (pointing to himself) as a Biology medical science teacher I can say, just ten minutes, to send what is called sperm, into the uterus of a female. But for the next 10 months the child will grow in the mother’s, the woman’s womb. That is why the Holy Koran teaches that women should conduct herself properly. But, they (girls) don’t like it!
If a boy jumps, ‘I want to jump more than that’ is the girl’s attitude. If you (girls) try to jump like the boys do, you will slip and fall and hurt your backbone and your uterus will be displaced. Then you will have to go to (mentions some hospital) spend 3 to 4 lakhs to get the uterus back in place, that is if you want to have a family. If you don’t need a family then its okay.”

Video here, http://www.bharatchannels.com/asianet-news-shows-watch-online/anti-women-speech-by-drrejith-kumar-in-govt-womens-college-thiruvananthapuram-video_ac29197df.html#.URsXFlqSD-S

Here’s another video (in Malayalam)

A decade ago he would have probably got away with this, but I see hope in the young woman, Arya, who booed him and walked out.

Kerala student stands up to anti-women speaker

Do you think some of the students (or their teachers and parents) might take what Dr Rejith Kumar is saying seriously?


Before we start worrying about the first world like problems of Indian Women how about trying to fix some of the more fundamental issues facing Bharatiya Naris?

What makes some people expect women to overlook some issues that directly concern them, in their everyday life, until some other issues (which may also concern them, either directly or indirectly) are dealt with?

‘Indian Women’ is only a translation of  ‘Bharatiya Naris’, and the issues women deal with are all connected. Why insist on dealing with only some of the issues?

Is it because the ‘more important issues’ concern ‘other people’, and the commenter is not inconvenienced by the changes that acknowledging them requires? It’s so much easier to read about crimes committed on ‘other people’ than to be reminded that they must do their share of housework.

What do you think of this comment? [From hereMy response in block quotes.

“Empathise with the sentiment but clearly you are an Indian Women bothered about the limited definition of freedom. While there are many many more Bhaartiya Women who need much more help and effort.

Allow me to bring in some much needed perspective.

1. “- not in being able to stay single because you want to. It is when you don’t have to put up a fight to stay by your decision and are not judged based on your status – single, married, divorced, live-in, anything!”

> While you are worried about your single status there are many more women raped daily in our Bhaarat.”

IHM: So until rapes stop, women should not expect to be able to choose if, when and who to marry, live with or divorce?

The fact is, both the issues are connected to women not having a voice. Having a Voice is the most powerful tool against any injustice.

Also, if the society didn’t worry about women Getting and Staying Married, more rapes would be reported, and rapists would not be emboldened with options of offering to marry rape victims.

“2. “- not in a woman being able to go out and work at odd hours or even reach home safely. It is, when the parents, parents-in-law, or the spouse don’t welcome her with hostility and guilt-trip her.”

> While you are worried about not getting judged for working late in night, there are many more women who have to work as day labourers and face exploitation in hands of contractors and builders.”

IHM: Directly connected issues. If the day labourers had better options (like the option and freedom to work late in night and assurance of safety), they would have more jobs to choose from and more hope of finding alternative, less exploitative jobs.

“3. “- not in a husband sharing the household chores, but only when it is not done as a ‘favor’.”

> While you want your husband to not do you a ‘favor’ , there are many more women who are subjected to domestic violence.”

IHM: Connected issues. Domestic violence thrives on the belief that unfairness to women is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of life/society.

Such attitudes tolerate domestic violence. Couples who do not see men doing their share of housework as a favour, are more likely to take DV seriously. We need a society full of such couples/families to combat DV.

“4. “- not in just being able to report an abuse or rape, but only when the guilty are punished instead of guilt-tripping the woman.”

> While you are worried about not guilt-tripping, most cases of rape and molestation are not reported at all.”

IHM: Directly connected issues. Only when rape victims and their families see rapists being condemned and punished (and victims supported, not blamed, named or shamed) would they dare to report; only when they report would the rapists have fear of repercussions.

“5. “- not in just being able to study in a co-education institute or work in a male-dominated environment, but only when you don’t have a moral police telling you when to leave, how to dress, whom you can work with, when to call, when to receive one and from whom”

> While you are worried been able to study and dress up as you wish, there are many more women in our country who cannot attend school..”

IHM: Connected issues. Amongst the reasons for women being denied education is the fear of how it might give them opinions, ambitions, independence and how it might affect their willingness to adjust in their marital homes.

Families of Indian daughters need to see that women’s clothing, careers and social life is not something for which they can be humiliated by random relatives, moral police, strangers etc.

The more women are seen successfully living their lives (working, dressing, eating, drinking, socialising) on their own terms, the easier it becomes for other women to do the same.

This encourages more parents to let their daughters be born and educated.

“6. “- not in being able to drive your car or ride on your bike, but when a collective society does not make a loose, irresponsible comment of how women can NEVER get this one thing right.”

> While you are worried about driving your car freely, there are many more women in Bhaarat who have to venture outside their house only in company of a male companion.”

IHM: Connected issues. More women (and their families) would find it possible to let them step out alone if they do not see women (e.g women car drivers) being targeted just for being women.

“7. “- not in a man ‘agreeing’ to stay nuclear post marriage, but only when the woman is not expected to fall at his feet and worship for bestowing such a huge favour on her!”

> While you are worried about staying nuclear post marriage, many women are sacrificed by their families for not giving birth to a male child.”

IHM: Directly connected issues. This desire for male child is cause by the Patriarchal Joint Family System. If couples live in Nuclear homes, then parents of both, sons and daughters, can visit their male/female children. Only then would we see an end to women being sacrificed for male children.

“8. “- not in women and men coexisting in an environment, shouldering similar responsibilities, but only when the cliched, sexist jokes, supposedly funny, ceases. Not because I think it lacks in humor (it does anyway!). Its just the extent of irony in those and the sheer mockery. Yes, we still find it funny that a man cooks a meal in some homes. A tiny cut/bruise/late attendance at work by the man, is attributed to a good thrashing from the wife. The only good sense that prevails here is that the one relaying the joke is aware that it can only be a joke.”

> While you are worried about not been the end of sexit jokes, many more women are burnt alive by their in-laws over dowry.”

IHM: Connected issues. Sexist jokes make light of misogyny, gender bias and social issues that lead to domestic violence and bride burning.

“Before we start worrying about the first world like problems of Indian Women how about trying to fix some of the more fundamental issues facing Bharatiya Naris?”

IHM: Don’t you think that every step forward helps the entire society? In general, each positive action makes taking the next one a little easier for others?

For example, children who see their parents cook dinner together are less likely to joke about or  take at face value, news like, Woman commits suicide over poorly cooked chow.

“There are some men who are more likely to be sexually aggressive than others.”

Sharing an email a young woman, a student, received from the Police Department.

Please note the part in block quotes. Why do you think we don’t read this more often?

Dear IHM,

I was reading your last few posts on rape and how the police reacted. That reminded me of an email I got from the police chief of my university in the US. Wonder how many years it would take for our police to react in a similar way.

“… The Police department is currently investigating a sexual assault… The victim reported she was sexually assaulted during a party. The suspect has not been identified. Anyone with information related to this incident should contact the Police Department.
The Police Department urges students to utilize some safety precautions as you plan and attend late-night events: limit attendance to friends and guests of friends, and identify reliable safety monitors who can alert police in the event something suspicious or criminal occurs.
Be aware that a seemingly nice, regular individual can turn into a rapist. There are some men who are more likely to be sexually aggressive than others.
Characteristics can include someone who:
* Does not listen to you, talks over you or pretends not to hear you.
* Ignores your personal space boundaries.
* Does what he wants, regardless of what you want.
* Expresses excessive anger or aggression towards women in general.
* Acts excessively jealous or possessive.
* Drinks heavily. Many perpetrators do not pre-meditate their indecent acts. They actually believe that the victim will enjoy it and won’t say no. Anger, embarrassment, resentment, and selfishness take over and the perpetrator arrives at “the point of no return.”
A woman cannot always prevent a rape. However, there are some things that can be done to help reduce the chances of being raped:
* Be forceful and firm. Do not worry about being polite!
* Trust your gut-level feelings. If you believe that you are being pressured, then you probably are. Leave the situation immediately; call out for help.
* If you observe suspicious or criminal activity, report it immediately to police by calling 911.
Everyone, both women and men, should know what to do if you know someone who has been sexually assaulted:
* Call someone you trust — no matter how late it is. You should not be alone. Consider calling a close friend or a staff member.
* Go to a safe place. Consider going to your room, a friend’s room, or anywhere you will feel safe.
* Seek medical treatment IMMEDIATELY. Dont wash up, change clothes, eat, brush your teeth, go to the bathroom or brush your hair, as you might destroy useful evidence. If you are unsure about reporting the assault to police, it makes sense to allow medical professionals to collect evidence to preserve the option of later making a police report.
* Report the incident to police, whether or not you plan to press charges. Reporting the assault does not commit you to filing charges. You can make that decision later in collaboration with the Commonwealth’s Attorney.
* Do NOT blame yourself.  Even if you believe you were naive, not cautious enough, or even foolish, it is NOT your fault.  Your behavior DID NOT cause the assault.
* Get help and support, such as counseling.  A sexual assault is an extremely traumatic incident,  and you will need help dealing with the situation.
* Take advantage of the resources available for victims of sexual assault or encourage their use.
Sources of support include the Office of the Dean of Students, the Women’s Center, Counseling and Psychological Services in Student Health, the Sexual Assault Resource Agency, and the Victim and Witness Assistance Programs. Students wishing to pursue charges through the University can do so through the Sexual Assault Board. For more information….
Please take all necessary steps to protect yourself and each other — and know that you should never hesitate to call 911.”
What do you think of this email by the Police?

This has to be the Guwahati molester Amar Jyoti Kalita’s favourite song!

But before sharing Amar Jyoti Kalita’s favorite song, let me share two responses to that song.


I smoke, I drink,
I’m in a live-in relationship
I also have a full-time job
and a viable college degree
… oh and a personality
Is that a violation of your
“westernisation of modern culture”
whatever that means!
Hip hop music
pimped out floozies
ripped-up blue jeans
tank-topped groupies
And you sing about
MY fucked up roots
Thats so ironic
you messed up Chooths

(Speaking Tamil…)
If we smoke
its abistu abacharam (bhramin tamil for bad and inappropriate)
If you smoke
its ‘thaliavar kalaacharam’ (Thalaivar Kalaacharam = Rajini Khant Culture)
If we step into clubs
It looks dirty to you
So you go to clubs
and want to see men?
women who get high/drunk in clubs
are better off than men like YOU

So bugger off
with your arrogant talk
atleast I didnt drink and beat people up
Or feel women up
or fight with a cop
Or burp in your face
I mean seriously
thats pissing off
or rape or pillage
or strip a women
and steal away her dignity
You talk of customs
of society
you mean infanticide
dowry and sati
culture doesn’t
promote inequality
its about words
clothes and sobriety
why does it matter
what language I speak
As long as my message
is clear and complete

My mother tongue is Malayalam

(speaking in Malayalam…)
Would you understand
if I speak to you in Malayalam?!!

So come on my women
Stick with me
Help me fight this
lyrical travesty
this chump seems to have
a marble up his arse
coz after 10 months
some chick gave him a pass

For your moonji (literally – Face)
knowing you 10 months
itself is too long

Even if women are
high/drunk in clubs
behind them follow
slobbering men

Ladies – Vannakaam/Namaasthe

Aadhi – Shut your Arse

And another one,



All the links shared by Mary who wrote,


I came across this video today… Its a ‘rap’ song in Tamil [link].

Here is a rough translation.

Its very scary that this ‘rap song’ seems to have been performed in public (Link) and nobody thinks its offensive!! If this mood builds up, we’re looking at another Guwahati mob attack waiting to happen.

When did good music and catchy tunes come down to chauvinistic and pathetic attempts at rhymes???
Well… I think I did vent a bit. Do take the time to look at the them.

Oh and yes please add my name, I want it on record somewhere! that I spoke up!!!



And now for the song that the likes of Amar Jyoti Kalita seem to live by – ‘Club Le Mabbu Le’

A rough translation:

Women who roam in clubs
What is happening in this place of pure Tamil?
Ladies, I salute you all
Ladies, Its very shameful


You dance while you are drunk

The time of walking gracefully is gone
They blow out the smoke
They left out wearing expensive silk saris
They wear handkerchief
They wear handkerchief

Women who roam in clubs
What is happening in this place of pure Tamil?
Ladies, I salute you all
Ladies, Its very shameful

Read full lyrics at: http://lyricsdna.com/songs/lyrics/club-le-mabbu-le-english-translation#ixzz26Jx2eKdi

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Its just a song, di – perspectivesandprejudices

The kind of man no woman should marry. What common sense has to offer.

What could have made  a well read newspaper (The New Indian Express, Kochi) publish an article like this (by Dr Titus Sankaramangalam)?

[Link shared by Anil Singhal]

Do you think any woman, who has a real choice, would want to marry a man who could write or approve of this article?

1. Why exactly does the author think, do people get married? It seems for men to have sex and intelligent children.

2. He doesn’t seem to realise that it takes two to make babies. (Very scientific)

3. He claims, “Very old men should marry only very young girls. (Older men even otherwise have a preference for very young girls)… ”

4. He claims the ‘omega three fatty acids on women’s thighs’ creates  intelligent children. He needs to read, ‘Older dads linked to rise in genetic disorder?’ [Older dads linked to rise in genetic disorder?]

5. He is obsessed with women’s bodies, but he doesn’t seem to have heard of ‘mutual attraction’. He doesn’t seem to be aware that one partner finding the other attractive is not enough.

Let me share some gems.

How to choose a bride? What science has to offer?

First commandment: The girl should have an hour-glass figure.

An hour-glass figure means that your child will also be intelligent because the girl will have enough omega three fatty acids on her thighs for the child’s brain development during pregnancy.

Second commandment:

The girl should be at least three years younger than the  boy.

Older boys should have even younger girls-the age difference should be at least  six years. Very old men should marry only very young girls. (Older men even otherwise have a preference for very young girls. The cut off line should be 25 years…

Third commandment: Go for a girl with only average looks…

Fourth commandment: Look for symmetry…. Large breasts are no good unless they are of the same size and shape…

Sixth commandment: A small chin and nose will add an infantile look and make a girl cute and adorable…

Seventh commandment: Skin and hair. I am not a racist when I say this, but go for a fair girl–a fair smooth skin to be exact. Even among

black tribes who have never seen a white man or woman, the preference for lighter skin exists…

Eighth commandment: The girl should be shorter than you…

Ninth commandment: She should be more intelligent than you…

Tenth commandment: If you want the girl to be pretty, look at her lips from the side…

Aren’t these the kind of men who disapprove of love marriages, coeducational institutions, Valentine’s day celebrations, Pub and Mall Culture, choice-mariages, working women, divorce, inter caste marriages etc – because if young women started choosing their own partners, who would marry them?

Why bother to react to such articles? Because, atleast some people seem impressed:

Fantastic Article! Our predecessors has drafted few rules like the bride to be younger than bridegroom, height etc, now you know it is not myth? no use in firing the author. Though No body will have all the 10, since everybody will not have everything, i still feel that this is true.

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How Not To Choose A Bride

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,”

This is what happens when ignorance and insensitivity combines with misogyny. [More examples below in Related Links]

Missouri Republican: ‘Legitimate rape’ rarely causes pregnancy

…explaining why his ideal abortion ban wouldn’t include an exception for rape,

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” he added.[Link]

So what does Akin understand about sexual assaults, pregnancies, human rights and crimes?

Does Akin think those pregnancies — predominantly in adolescents who had been assaulted by a “known, often related perpetrator” — didn’t involve “legitimate rapes”? [Link]

Should some people have the right to decide what happens to other people’s bodies? Doesn’t this seem to be just one more way to control women’s lives and deaths?

Pregnant teen dies after abortion ban delays her chemo treatment for leukemia.

Doctors were hesitant to give her chemotherapy because such treatment could terminate the pregnancy — a violation of the Dominican Constitution, which bans abortion. [link]

[links shared by Fem]

What if this statement was made in India?

I fear one would hear it being quoted as a fact by those who see rapes as careless women not taking care of something that belongs to their future husbands and their communities.

Do take a look at these two links:

I wish my mother had aborted me | Lynn Beisner

What is wrong with this world?| Celestial Rays

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2. Rapist said that coming from Afghanistan meant he didn’t understand what ‘consent’ was.

3. How Victim Blaming confuses rapists, police and the society about when exactly does non-consensual-sex becomes a crime.

4. This is what rapists do when there is no fear of punishment.

5. Shouldn’t Mamta Sharma and Kailash Vijayvargiya be held accountable for the statements they make?

6. “The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

7. When they don’t even understand crime, how are they ever going to begin controlling it?

8. Why was this radio cabbie, a rapist, not afraid of being arrested?

9. The rapists often don’t see their actions as crimes, the police said, and don’t expect the victims to report them.

How did we make Indian criminals believe that they have 7 khoon maaf if they can claim to be teaching Indian women a lesson in Indian values?

In Mangalore, a gang of violent men broke into a resort at 6 30 pm, and violently assaulted 13 young people celebrating a birthday. They allowed their crime (the molesting, violence, beating and alleged robbery of wallets and cell phones) to be recorded by the media. [Link]

(News shared by Nish)

Is this bunch of men different from the men who kicked a girl out of a train, and the man who kicked his wife to death for giving birth to a second daughter? It seems they have claimed they belong to yet another Hindu Taliban group and were trying to save their culture. The armed robbers in my building also used a similar tactic.

What have we done to make Indian criminals believe that they have saat khoon maaf if they can claim to be teaching Indian women a lesson in Indian values?

So are all Indian criminals to be given the right to claim they sexually (or otherwise) assaulted women (and men) to save the Indian culture? And maybe, then go home and kick their pregnant wives because they they can’t bear to bring daughters in this horrible world where girls can become the cause of shame for their honorable families.

Why were these violent criminals not afraid of the law or of public outrage?

Because they are aware that a culture that hates and kills little girls and young women for convenience, honor, dowry, family values, neighbor’s opinion, tradition etc would buy any excuses they give for assaulting them. Because when we can’t kill, we can make sure the spirit is killed. Because fear and violence are a part of our culture. Because we believe life, feelings and rights of women don’t really matter.

Because somehow we are convinced that all this does not indicate a general hatred and disrespect for women.

Because we claim to feel insulted when we are compared to Taliban when India is the fourth worst place in the world to be women. Because we are so used to living with violence and crimes against women that we don’t even realise how misogynistic is a culture that allows all this to go on unabated.

Update: Mangalore attack: 8 held, cops say it wasn’t a rave party

‘Gopalkrishna said: “The entire state government machinery — right from the chief minister to the last police constable in the department — has taken the incident seriously. All accused in this case will be booked.”‘

I am glad to read this, but would it have been legal for a Taliban-like group to violently attack a rave party?

Don’t you think such groups/gangs should be banned?

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One rapist let off with a few slaps, another rapist allowed to kill for family honor.

She started a fight between two men?

This is what rapists do when there is no fear of punishment.

Rape and clothing: How it’s all dressed up – A guest post by Praveen Talwar.

“Sometimes it seems like every single thing I do has the potential to be something ‘provocative’.”

To Baghpat village elders: Self reliance and education, and not cell phone bans and covered heads empower women and society.

“In a village when five or six girls run away from the village then it becomes a problem…” said a politician. (‘Running away’ is actually, not ‘running away’ but adult citizens marrying someone they choose to, possibly from an unapproved of caste or community.)

So, who do these choice marriages become a problem for?

Technology, education and exposure empowers women. And empowered women are able to choose their own partners. If women begin to choose their own partners, who would marry misogynists with Talibani and Khap mindsets?

But then, why would any father want to see his daughter married to a disrespectful misogynist?

Maybe because choice marriages disrupt caste, class and and gender hierarchies?

And maybe because many Indian ‘elders’ don’t really understand why a man should care for the happiness of his children or spouse?

The media seems to be outraged by these Taliban/Khap like diktats, but I am sure they have plenty of supporters too 😦

[Baghpat panchayat issues Talibani diktat for women]

The village panchayat has put a total ban on women under 40 years from visiting local markets, using cellphones and being seen in public without their head covered….

The panchayat has also issued instructions that anyone resorting to love-marriage will face a total boycott from community and those found helping them out will be dealt with similarly.

The panchayat is of the view that such restrictions will help ensure that young boys and girls with ‘naive’ minds are not driven towards “filmi love affairs” and spoil their life.

Ironically, when approached by the media persons, the women residents of the village first supported the ban, but when probed further there were many voices of protest.

And although these 36 Biradari Panchayat diktats are against the Indian Constitution, the local politicians are not likely to take any action because they might lose the next elections if they do so.

love marriages have been banned and women below the age of 40 years barred from going out for shopping and using mobile phones outside their homes …

The panchayat in Asara village in Ramala area also ruled that when women leave their homes, their heads must be covered.

The diktats were issued during a meeting of the panchayat held on Wednesday

Banning love marriages, the panchayat said those doing so would not be allowed to live in the village.

Superintendent of Police, Baghpat, VK Shekhar said he has been informed about the diktats …

He said no arrest has been made in connection with the panchayat’s directives and any action that may be needed would be taken after getting the inquiry report.

National Commission for Women chief Mamta Sharma …

“Panchayats do not enjoy constitutional powers. And if there are no powers, there is no need to follow the orders,”

Is there any hope for women in these villages? Aren’t Indian women also citizens of this country?

13 things Indian Misogynists believe about men’s mothers and sisters.

So the media coverage and public outrage has resulted in the police learning to do their job instead of attempting to pass the responsibility on the victim.

Night of terror at New Market: Girl molested in bar, chased, pulled out of bus and thrashed

KOLKATA: In the deserted New Market area, around 11.30 pm on Sunday, a young girl ran for her life from a group of molesters, chased by a band of locals who had joined in for fun. Bleeding from deep cuts, breathless and panic-stricken, she saw a bus … and made a desperate leap for it. To her horror, the gang stopped the bus, pulled her out and started beating her. No one in the bus raised a finger in protest.

The assault continued until the 21-year-old girl collapsed on the road … Just when she feared it would get worse, the attackers saw she was bleeding heavily from her injuries, lost their nerve and fled.

When TOI met her on Monday, she had her right hand in a sling. It took 14 stitches to seal her wound. “The horror will haunt me for the rest of my life. But I will fight till the molesters are put behind bars,” the gutsy north Kolkata girl said. …

Like the earlier incident, the accused in the New Market case are also businessmen. They were remanded in police custody on Monday.

As usual, the comments below the article bring out some interesting facts about the Indian culture and those who wish to uphold it the most.

Thanks for sharing the link Anil Singhal and Swarup.

How does this thinking affect the rest of the Indian women and men?

Here are 13 misogynistic ideas a typical Indian Misogynist defines, defends and upholds in the name of ‘Indian Culture’.

1. That it is okay in Indian culture to molest, rape, beat, chase and injure sex workers.

Sex workers (and any women who have sex with men they are not married to i.e. ‘gair mard’) do not deserve human rights.

2. Sex workers do not have a right to choose who they have sex with.

And here’s why this is so:

3. Because sex workers are only there to ensure that sexual criminals do not attack ‘normal women who stay at home after 10 pm’.

4. But although sex workers are needed and available for these men to be kept in check – normal women must still stay at home.

5. Women staying at home has made public spaces safer for ‘the weaker sex’ in India.

(And hence, Indian women would become even more empowered if they stayed even more at home and stopped working night shifts or working after dark or working at all.)

Girl should not be at bar 11 PM in the night.Girls are too obsessed with the way men can go anywhere anytime & want to roam around freely like that. They are mistaken that their movements must be restricted as they are weaker sex. Please respect our culture and tradition.

6. It’s natural (and hence has to be catered for) for men to want to rape women when they have had a few drinks,

she should be equally blamed for creating this unwanted situation, every man knows inside pub what he requires next after having enough drinks.

7. If women go out after dark they should be escorted by men.


8. Women should not go anywhere with gair-mard (boy friends, unrelated men).


9. No man would ever take his wife, mother or sister to a pub.

(Since they really believe this, they should read Provocatively Dressed).

10. Brothers, husbands, fathers and sons have the right to decide where and when mothers, sisters, daughters and wives go.

Will you allow your Mom to go out in the night @ 11 with boyfriends in Pub to get high? – Think about it, dont fall prey for some sympathetic story.

11. The biggest insult to a misogynist has to do with failing to control the sex lives of the female members of his family and community.  Basically, it seems, women having a sex life is an insult to Misogynists related to them.

And here’s an example of how Typical Indian Misogynists are insulted. This is not an insult to the comment writer who is claiming to have fathered the other commenter.

Hey.. I met your mother at a Bar.. and that too a third grade Bar..you get the point and rest is history.

12. Sex workers are a bad influence on men who would otherwise go home to their families.

What kind of girl comes out the home after 10pm. . .& that too for the bar . . .just think over her culture . . . ? ? Normal Indian women will be in the home within 10pm. . & our people are supporting her for her courage. . . many men come to bars either to drink or to pick up girls. i think if girls maintains their character nice means max problem solved. picking up girls will be stopped. . men will directly go to their house many of the family problem will be solved & their wives will be happy. . . about their husbands. . .

13. Women who do visit pubs and want to drink should be willing to have sex with anybody – as a kind of price to pay for thinking they can do things which Indian culture allows only men to do.

also if u r trying to depict the western culture then u might as do it fully , if the guys approach u for one night stands… then y not go ahead if u so much like the firangs???

This commenter (like some in Delhi Police) has clearly no concept of women having a choice in who they want to have one night stands with.

Maybe a woman influenced by ‘western culture’ did go to a pub with the plan to find a sexual partner like ‘firangs’ – but an Indian Misogynists doesn’t seem to realise that she still has a right to choose who she has sex with. (Reminds you of Delhi Police, Andhra police and some Karanataka Ministers?)


One commenter does wonder,

if going to pub is not good and not safe, then why pubs are allowed to run.

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Here’s why I think the society should not obsess over a woman’s virginity.

“…if this thing comes out my husband will think my wife is after all not that ‘pure’ or is not that ‘untouched flower’”

What is wrong with misogyny and patriarchy?? – Yamini Krishna

Weird, funny facts about Misogynists.

The inspiration for the list below came from this list.  No humor is intended.

Note: All statistics are guess work.

We all know Misogynists are pretty commonly found in all parts of the world.  Have you ever imagined another side to them, not an insecure one at that? Actually, Misogynists can be quite intelligent; they are capable of doing things that would make men/women go red in the face! Such is their obsession with women, women’s sex lives, women’s clothes, women’s bodies… ahh the list is endless.

Misogynists are psychologically and physically different from men/women. They hide behind religion, gender stereotypes, patriarchy, custom, tradition, family values, honor etc. They may be obsessed with women’s age, weight, body shapes, skin tones, hymen, uterus etc but seeing women as humans is something Misogynists are not to known to do. On that note, we explore some funny, weird facts about Misogynists that are lesser-known.

Misogynists always carry their Sexism around: They see ‘women-folk’ as a different ‘species’ created to provide sex and be mothers, so they may feel awkward when women behave like people. And they really have no idea why women would object to being treated like mysterious aliens instead of ordinary humans.

Misogynists are obsessed with what women wear: They don’t just talk and write about what women wear, they try to enforce  their choices too. Indian male and female misogynists seem to see the sari quite favorably. Misogynists in other parts of the world have different preferences, but irrespective of location, misogynists always find time to watch what women wear.

Misogynists may or may not bathe everyday, it doesn’t seem to change their misogyny: They may or may not profess cleanliness and hygiene. They may or may not rely on deodorants and perfumes to smell good, but  97% misogynists think women’s bodies are their business.

Misogynists may or may not eat a hell lot: But they are known to make rules about what, how, when and how much should women eat and drink. 67% percent misogynists think women should eat after their spouse has eaten, 58% percent believe that women should eat after the entire family has eaten.

89.6% misogynists feel if you know what one human female does/eat/like, you know them all.

Why Misogynists love TV serials/Soap operas so much: We know most of the Saas-bahu TV serials and David Dhawan kind of movies look so stupid but Misogynists love them/find them funny. It’s possible that they just want to feel that there are other people like themselves? Now you should know why a Balika Vadhu kind of shows are created and are so famous.

Misogynists are also known to love to talk about women and sex: 99% percent of Misogynists tend to be obsessed with the female anatomy (including hymen and uterus etc). Most misogynists find feminists annoying because hey feminists make women sound like humans!

Other interesting facts about misogynists.

Misogynists can be found in male and female gender.

88% of misogynists tend to use generalizations and stereotypes to express, propagate and defend their Misogyny.

Misogynists maybe insecure, illiterate or highly educated, they come in many colors, shapes and sizes.

93% of misogynists have grown up in rigid Patriarchal environment. Strangely 14% of misogynists come from seemingly liberal environment too.

94.8% of Misogynists don’t realise that respect is a mutual thing.

72.3% percent Misogynists believe they have a sense of humor.

Around 86% of Misogynists claim to know what women think and how they feel, specially when it comes to sex, chocolates, mirrors, bags, high heels, shopping, other women, diamonds and  relationships.

78.6% misogynists don’t like women who disagree with them, 22% love to try and convince women why they are god’s gift to men and women.

Misogynists often support crimes against women, they also commit various crimes against women. And in the end explain that somehow the women themselves were responsible for the crimes.

87.2% misogynists believe women can spend a whole day before the mirror, 89.8% believe this is what provokes misogynists to commit sexual crimes.

80% misogynists claim women don’t need sex as often as men do. 86% percent misogynists feel sex is more about emotions for women.

When asked to choose between being born a man or a woman in their next life, 100% of Misogynists say they do not want to be reborn as women.

– If you know any other funny facts about Misogynists please add to the list.