Gurgaon pub attendant gang rape victim: Went willingly? Refused medical test?

Since I wasn’t watching the news on TV, I googled to find out about the news everybody here is talking about.

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Is this the same case being reported?


A 23-year-old woman working as a guest attendant in a pub at Sahara mall at MG Road, was allegedly gang raped by six unknown assailants in DLF phase-II Area of Gurgaon on Sunday night.

The victim was dragged out by five unknown assailants from a radio taxi cab she had hired from Gurgaon to Badarpur in Delhi and later she was abducted by the assailants in their car. The victim was gangraped in a mansion at DLF Area and later she was dropped at Chattarpur Metro Station at MG Road.

The medical reports of the victim confirmed gang rape. [link]


“It all happened in the wink of an eye. The Maruti car pulled up right in front of my car. I had slowed down as I was taking a U-turn. Five men came out while one remained in the seat. They put a hand on her mouth, dragged her inside the car and sped away in the wrong direction,” said Mehdi Hassan, the cab driver.

A medical examination was conducted on the victim but the police are yet to access the reports. [Link]

And then this report tells something entirely different – The same cab driver? Same name atleast…


Pub attendant ‘raped’ in Gurgaon

Apart from that, Mehendi Hassan, Radio taxi cab driver in his statement to police said: “The victim along with his [her?] cousin hired taxi at around 2:30 am. His cab was overtaken by six unknown youths who were in the Maruti 800 car having registration number HR 266458. They knocked on the door of his cab and they called the girl out. She stepped out of the car on her own and even her cousin did not oppose when she got into the Maruti 800. The investigations has taken a backseat since the records of the registration number of the vehicle was burnt during  a major fire in 1994 at the transport office.” [Link]

And the last one – I found no other link to confirm this report below.


Alleged gang rape victim from Gurgaon refuses medical test

Gurgaon:  A 23-year-old girl who worked at a pub at a Gurgaon mall near Delhi says she was gang-raped last night. The police says the alleged victim was reportedly hired by the pub to engage with male customers.

However, the girl has refused to undergo medical test. [Link]


Edited to add: Does it look like, we don’t take reporting of sexual crimes seriously? There seems to be some difficulty in believing that a rape victim would  actually report the crime. Not surprising I guess, because reporting of rapes is a new phenomenon, traditionally women suffered silently (or took their lives) to save the Indian culture.

Now it is becoming difficult to shame and silence rape victims – not very convenient for rapists and rape-apologists.


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