Classmates who rape and burn to death are not Spurned Lovers, they are dangerous, violent criminals.

Swarup shared this link.  Classmates rape girl, burn her to death.

On Saturday afternoon, the girl was alone at home when three of her college mates came to visit her with an invite for a function. Once inside, they bolted the door, poured kerosene over her and set her ablaze, police said. 

Her screams alerted neighbours and an uncle of the victim, who rushed inside and nabbed the accused. Residents informed the police, who took the three into their custody. 


And once again, 

1. Like 98% of sexual assaults against women [Link], the rapists and brutal murderers were not strangers.

2. Like 98% of sexual assault victims, she was not in a dark and lonely place.

3. Like 98% of sexual assault cases, the assault appears to be preplanned.

And sadly,

4. Like almost 98% of the times, the Police first attempted to ‘understand’ the crime (with the ‘spurned lovers’ angle)

The Police should investigate the history and backgrounds of such criminals, because young adults ‘learn’ how safe it is to rape and burn women in India when they see the victims being blamed when they sexually harass (‘eve teas’), molest and stalk them.

The Police might find that maybe one of them has a tendency, like Ram Singh in Delhi Bus Gang Rape case, to ‘lose his temper’? 

This is why all acts of sexual harassment should be taken seriously, even when there is no grievous physical injury.

Do you think all those men who feel entitled to women’s ‘Yes’ for whatever they have in mind (marriage, obedience, sex, going out for coffee, faith in their better judgment) become violent criminals?

It’s dangerous that we associate aggression and violence with ‘manliness’, and such ideas of manliness as normal human behaviour.

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What makes men rape?

Study finds 98% of India rape victims knew their attacker.

“As long as the men do not understand that they CANNOT and WILL NOT get away with such behavior and criminal acts, the rape culture will not go away”

Yet another rape that was not about lust but about aggression, revenge and putting the victim in her place.

Crimes against women: Madhya Pradesh tops in rapes, Bengal in total crimes

Five rapists in Patna want to marry gangrape victim.


“The foreign tourists that come here must inform the police of their activities”

“We must see what we can do to stop such incidents… The foreign tourists that come here must inform the police of their activities. That way such incidents can be kept in check,” says Uma Shankar Gupta, the state Home Minister. [Swiss gang-rape case: chaos in Madhya Pradesh Assembly]

Are we trying to say that this should be the procedure followed by all foreign tourists visiting India? And what about the safety of Indian tourists, or even local women? Should they also inform the police of their activities?

Swiss Gang Rape Victim, Husband Partially To Blame For Attack, Indian Officials Suggest

‘On Friday, a Swiss woman and her husband pitched a tent in a forest in Madhya Pradesh while on a three-month cycling excursion, according to the Associated Press. Around 9:30 p.m. a group of men attacked the couple, beat up the husband, tied him to a tree, gang raped the wife and robbed the pair, police said.

During a press conference on Sunday, police spokesperson Avnesh Kumar Budholiya suggested the tourists are partially to blame for the assault because they chose to travel that area without speaking to local police, the Independent reports.

“No one stops there,” Budholiya said. “Why did they choose that place? They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They would have passed a police station on the way to the area they camped. They should have stopped and asked about places to sleep.”

Another official also appeared to place blame on the victim and her husband.

“The rape of the Swiss national is unfortunate but foreign travelers should inform the police about their movement so they can be provided with adequate protection,” said Umashankar Gupta, the Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh, according to The Times. “They often don’t follow the state’s rules.”

Madhya Pradesh reportedly has one of the highest rates of crimes against women in the country, a fact the Swiss tourists were unaware of, according to the Times of India’

Many of us view watching porn as a harmless activity…

Many of us see watching porn as a harmless activity – and many  more who don’t, still watch it while scorning the actors. I agree with PT in this comment, I think watching porn would be fine if the act is consensual and there is no exploitation involved, and no involvement of minors in filming it.

Now if a ‘blue film’ was made in India, how likely is it that those being filmed are not being exploited, blackmailed, coerced or being raped?

Bhopal, Jan 6: Two weeks after a minor girl committed suicide, an MMS that featured the girl being gangraped by four did the rounds in Harda town, Madhya Pradesh

….the CD showed four people involved in gang rape, as they took turns to rape the girl, the victim can be heard screaming. The accused too can be heard in the CD of threatening her that they would circulate the MMS and upload it on internet. [link]

Even when the film is not violent – are the actors/film makers aware of the social and legal consequences and implications? If they are not, then would the filming still be considered a consensual act? I would like to ask the Karnataka ministers who were filmed watching a rape video in the Assembly – do they see Sunny Leone as immoral and perhaps asking to be forced into a non-consensual act (i.e. asking to be raped)? So, do they believe, that the activities of porn actors remain ‘wrong’ unless they were forced, exploited and harmed?

Anybody who supports watching of porn in India – do they see the viewing as an innocent, liberal activity, but making of the films as wrong? Or do you feel that if participants are willing they are immoral, if they are not they are being exploited – so making of porn is wrong both ways?

The most shocking are those videos where the criminal (the rapists) film themselves committing a crime. What does that say for our society? Why don’t these criminals have any fear of the law or social stigma?

Shouldn’t there be a more information and consequences for young (or old) Indians involved in rape, molestation, making, viewing and circulating of rape videos?

GHAZIABAD: A software engineer, who runs a coaching institute in Ghaziabad, has been arrested for allegedly raping his (minor) student and blackmailing her into stealing cash and jewellery from her parents and relatives. The victim in her complaint has alleged that the accused made an MMS clip to blackmail her. However, the accused has refuted all allegations and said that their sexual relationship was with mutual consent and she had given him the jewellery for safekeeping. [TOI – link]

Noida rape victim becomes a recluse, skips board exams – “They blackmailed me, saying they have an MMS clip featuring me and insisted I go with them or else they will make the clip public,” she had said. [link]

One reads about webcams being fitted in girl’s rooms/flats/trial rooms. Some of these videos are sold as porn – Anara Gupta and DPS, R K Puram student, and another minor in Bombay, the NOIDA gang rape victim are some of the victims.

Here are more links from NDTV.

1. Young girl raped, blackmailed with MMS – The boy first raped the girl along with a friend at knife point, made an MMS clip of it and later used it to force her into have sex with friends and neighbours.

2. Minor girl gang-raped at gun-point; accused make MMS clip Meerut: A 12-year-old Dalit girl was sexually assaulted at gun-point by three men who also made an MMS clip of the act in Daurala area of the district, police said today.
4. Duo raped 15-yr-old, circulated MMS

Radhika emailed to ask what the readers thought of Dharun Ravi, a college student in New Jersey facing ten years in prison for for ‘allegedly watching and surreptitiously webcasting his roommate Tyler Clementi’s sexual encounter with another man‘.
I think, like an average rapist in India, Dharun Ravi did not understand the seriousness of his crime.
Why? Because we are too busy blaming the victims to consider informing potential criminals about a victim’s rights, and finding time to put the fear of law in their minds.
Do you think it might help if we shifted the focus on potential  sexual offenders – with campaigns against tolerance of sexual crimes and with exemplary and well publicized punishments for sexual crimes?
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A Sari to make you a Respectable Indian Teacher.

A local government college in Bhopal has banned jeans pants for lady teachers instructing them to wear saris while in the campus.

A spokesman of the management of Sarojini Naidu (Nutan) College said that the decision was taken to instil Indian culture in the college.

He said that till now, teachers were wearing salwar suits, kurtas and jeans due to which it was sometimes difficult to distinguish between them and students.

The spokesman said that a similar decision on enforcing a dress code for students would also be enforced from the next session.

“A dress code for students cannot be enforced during the middle of an academic session,” he said.

Or watch the news here.

“There is a personality of a teacher. You are standing wearing anything, or jeans that look vulgar, that is not right. Even students do not respect you as they think. So, this is very important,” said Pandit. (A teacher)

Should colleges be telling the students that traditional clothing can make a female wearer look ‘respectable‘? And so not wearing a sari does exactly the opposite?

Why is a salwar kameez – very much a traditonal Indian outfit, less respectable?

One assumption could be that the sari makes a woman look older. Also traditionally, in some parts of India, all married women must wear sari. I have blogged about meeting someone who thought that married women who do not wear sari are doing it behind their in laws’ and husband’s backs.

Bombay High Court held that a marriage can’t be ended over a sari.

The college could to be trying to say that a teacher in a sari is seen as older and ‘respectably married’ (or at least marriageable).

This is how stereotypes are created.

Is it okay for a college to ask the students to associate ‘respect’ (or honor!) with sari and vulgarity with Jeans?

“In thousands of ways, our culture has conditioned us to anticipate rape as a natural consequence of violating social norms”. These misconceptions are responsible for women blaming themselves for sexual crimes against themselves (…makes it easier for those who don’t care to take action).

The male teachers are not expected to wear dhoti and achkan. Doesn’t the college think the students need to respect the male teachers too? Why teach the students that double standards and gender bias are acceptable?

Has the college really given this a thought? There are many who think sari is ‘sensual’.  Jeans are actually seen as comfortable and easy wear, and saris as ‘dressy’ by many others. Many others feel sari is not easy to maintain or move in, and not weather appropriate, while jeans and salwar kameez are.

Also consider why is it so essential for the female teachers (if at all) to look ‘different from students’? What if a teacher continues to look like one of the students (i.e. young and unmarried) no matter what she wears?

And most importantly, shouldn’t an adult female wearer (like the rest of the population) be trusted to decide what is appropriate for her to wear?

Compare this news from Bhopal to this news from Lahore,

Jeans, Body Hugging Dresses Banned in Lahore College fearing Terror Threats.

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