The kind of man no woman should marry. What common sense has to offer.

What could have made  a well read newspaper (The New Indian Express, Kochi) publish an article like this (by Dr Titus Sankaramangalam)?

[Link shared by Anil Singhal]

Do you think any woman, who has a real choice, would want to marry a man who could write or approve of this article?

1. Why exactly does the author think, do people get married? It seems for men to have sex and intelligent children.

2. He doesn’t seem to realise that it takes two to make babies. (Very scientific)

3. He claims, “Very old men should marry only very young girls. (Older men even otherwise have a preference for very young girls)… ”

4. He claims the ‘omega three fatty acids on women’s thighs’ creates  intelligent children. He needs to read, ‘Older dads linked to rise in genetic disorder?’ [Older dads linked to rise in genetic disorder?]

5. He is obsessed with women’s bodies, but he doesn’t seem to have heard of ‘mutual attraction’. He doesn’t seem to be aware that one partner finding the other attractive is not enough.

Let me share some gems.

How to choose a bride? What science has to offer?

First commandment: The girl should have an hour-glass figure.

An hour-glass figure means that your child will also be intelligent because the girl will have enough omega three fatty acids on her thighs for the child’s brain development during pregnancy.

Second commandment:

The girl should be at least three years younger than the  boy.

Older boys should have even younger girls-the age difference should be at least  six years. Very old men should marry only very young girls. (Older men even otherwise have a preference for very young girls. The cut off line should be 25 years…

Third commandment: Go for a girl with only average looks…

Fourth commandment: Look for symmetry…. Large breasts are no good unless they are of the same size and shape…

Sixth commandment: A small chin and nose will add an infantile look and make a girl cute and adorable…

Seventh commandment: Skin and hair. I am not a racist when I say this, but go for a fair girl–a fair smooth skin to be exact. Even among

black tribes who have never seen a white man or woman, the preference for lighter skin exists…

Eighth commandment: The girl should be shorter than you…

Ninth commandment: She should be more intelligent than you…

Tenth commandment: If you want the girl to be pretty, look at her lips from the side…

Aren’t these the kind of men who disapprove of love marriages, coeducational institutions, Valentine’s day celebrations, Pub and Mall Culture, choice-mariages, working women, divorce, inter caste marriages etc – because if young women started choosing their own partners, who would marry them?

Why bother to react to such articles? Because, atleast some people seem impressed:

Fantastic Article! Our predecessors has drafted few rules like the bride to be younger than bridegroom, height etc, now you know it is not myth? no use in firing the author. Though No body will have all the 10, since everybody will not have everything, i still feel that this is true.

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