I know what Shetal Shah will publish tomorrow!

This morning Dreamer tweeted to inform that my blog was being duplicated here. Horrified, I sent tweets to all friends and to the Blogadda team…

And was overwhelmed by the support… (No words will be enough here – let me just say thanks!)

Saritha has faced this very recently…  😦  ( Just days before Shah Rukh Khan’s Bday too  😦 )

Chandni who faced this and has successfully got a culprit to take the site down, suggested a post.

Although it’s Shah Rukh Khan’s  birthday, Solilo tweeted a link to Copyscape. One click took me to the pages of Shet AlShah…

Since every single post was being duplicated, I wanted to make a prediction about their next post. Crafty Shines thought that was err… wicked! (Read her post below to see who is wicked!)

Solilo Don suggested flowers, Harish K called it Gandhi Giri, Smitha P thought it would be a seriously fun post.

So Gandhi Giri it is!   😉

Shet AlShah

This is to advise you that the entire content by Indian Homemaking at http://www.shetalshah.com/menu/indian-homemaking/ is originally from my blog called ‘The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker’ at https://indianhomemaker.wordpress.com/. This is original content and I am the author and copyright holder.

Please remove the plagiarized material immediately.

If you don’t believe in Gandhi Giri…

Mandira’s post – ‘Plagiarism at it’s very best’  :mrgreen:

Crafty Shines post-  Plagiarists Beware. 😈

Minal’s post – ‘Down with plagiarism‘  :mrgreen: