Kapil Sibal assures he won’t be sending legal notices to those who say they hate him.

I was glad to hear Kapil Sibal say, on NDTV 24X7, that he had no intentions of censoring or sending legal notices to those who were saying they hated him or other public figures. ( Couldn’t find a link to this 😦  )

Also read what he says to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advicate. (Click for video and transcript).

“I think that the media has the right to criticise, the media has the right to be satirical and that’s part of the freedom of expression that we ourselves in government cherish.”

Now I suppose Giribala of The Grist Mill need not add the reassurance below, while sharing her photographs with ‘public figures’ on facebook?

Kapil Uncle I only share good pictures of Sonia G and Rahul G‘ – Giribala

And we can continue to enjoy expressing our angst with our politicians in the  ways we are inclined to. This one is a delightful parody (found it being shared on facebook) of Sada haq aithe rakh.

Please watch Advani Jee singing Sada rath aithe rakh 😉 😆

And Sandhya can continue to safely quote Mark Twain 🙂

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.


So we can safely continue to turn to the Social Media for information like this one shared on facebook. Read the 22nd name.

Is this true or legal?


But the BJP (as opposition they were a disappointment as usual) would be glad to know [Link] that Kapil Sibal still insists that he wants to choose what ‘our people‘ find offensive. I agree with Bhagwad that we are not anybody’s ‘our people – most people I know are their own people, and can decide and avoid what hurts their own sensibilities.

A question: Do you think political leaders are the right people to decide what we find offensive? What are the chances of their selfish interests interfering with their otherwise honest intentions?

Another question.

If we were all permitted to say nice things to each other (i.e. if what we say is not objectionable or offensive)  we will not only not be stopped from saying it, we’d probably be paid to say that, then why do we need the Right to Expression? The very idea of Right to freedom of expression is to allow us to say what others may not want us to say. Read Bhagwad’s post if you disagree.