Another earthquake this afternoon.

A big, heavy shake at 1: 10 pm. As usual twitter was the first to react, by the time I tweeted ‘tremor’ many others were tweeting. Someone tweeted, “There are 28 tremor tweets in my time line.”

Once again I thought it was one of the dogs 🙂 The cook said glasses were rattling, I felt giddy like many people had done in Delhi, after the Bhuj earthquake on 26 Jan 2000.

This is a screen shot from Galaxy S II.
Epicentre – Bahadurgarh, no wonder NCR shook.

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Here it says it was a 5.2, but the TV channels said it was 4.9 on Richter scale. It felt much more than 4.9, didn’t last long (10 seconds I think) – but it was big jolt.