A good divorce lawyer in Hyderabad?

Can you ask on your blog if anyone knows a good divorce lawyer in Hyderabad? Counselors also, but mainly a good divorce lawyer.

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An email: “I cannot stay in this marriage for society anymore. But I’m so so scared of what people will say.”

Sharing an email.

Dear IHM,

I’m writing this letter mainly to pour my heart out. I’m broken and I don’t know who to speak to.

I’m on the verge of filing for a divorce. I got married in 2012, when I wasn’t even 23. I’ve given more than three years of my life to this relationship and I have nothing left.

I’m tired of taunts, insults and indirect demands by my in laws. My husband does not support me. He does not earn anything as he is involved in his dad’s business, and we depend upon his father financially. Their business is not doing well at all and at the time of marriage, they lied to my family about their income.

My FIL taunts me all the time and my husband has the audacity to say that taunting suits his dad’s personality. My FIL has asked my dad for money a few times but I never let my dad help.

I’m tired. My husband is a spineless fool and I cannot stay in this marriage for society anymore. But I’m so so scared of what people will say. Please help me.

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