Even if Poonam does not run naked, she should be punished?

Model Poonam Pandey’s plan to strip if India beat Sri Lanka Saturday has angered the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) women’s wing which has sought police action against her.

“Indian women are revered and respected since time immemorial…”

How exactly do we show this reverence to women? Please do compare this to how we show respect to everybody else.

Can threats be called ‘respect’?

I have so much respect for you; don’t ask to eat with the rest of the family. Your happiness lies in seeing us enjoy the food you cook.”  Is that respect?

So basically,

If you disagree we can’t respect you.

Don’t try to give your point of view, we won’t be able to respect you…

Little girls earn this respect by respecting the fact that they are always second to their brothers. “What’s wrong with that, don’t they love their brothers?

It’s more like a Terror of Respect.

Do as you are told or else we will not ‘respect’ you.

Dress only the way we permit or else…

Don’t choose your life partner or else…

Let your husband and his family abuse you, or else…

Give us a male heir or else…

Don’t enter the temple, you are impure…

And worst,

Don’t complain if you were sexually harassed, molested or abused or else no respect.

So, when it comes to women, it seems respect is more a means to control than a privilege.

I would say the only kind of respect that matters is the respect we have for ourselves. Or Respect that is given in return of respectequal and mutual. All other forms of reverence and respect are not too far from ‘honor’ and ‘honor killing’ or honor related abetted suicides.

Kelkar objected to Poonam ‘sullying the image of Indian women before the whole world.’ (Read Bhagwad’s objections to granting Poonam such powers)

Another man thinks her actions can sully the name of his caste. So obviously this lawyer believes there are no Brahmin rapists, child abusers  and murderers? Or these crimes don’t insult Indian culture?

“Even if Poonam does not run naked, she should be punished as she not only gave a wrong impression of the (Brahmin) community but insulted Indian culture,” The case will be heard April 5. (Today)

We live in an India where some people can legally express their arrogant, sexist and casteist opinions and offend my democratic and tolerant sentiments. I find it difficult to understand or ‘respect’ such frivolous objections. Are they doing this for free publicity? In a country where rape victims have to wait for years for justice, aren’t such cases a waste of time and resources?

Thankfully we are a civilized, democratic society. Poonam Pandey, Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat are generally free to ignore these opinions or react (if required) through a civilized, legal process.  No stoning. No anti-blasphemy laws.

And that is something I respect about my country. 🙂

Women who value the respect they have for themselves more than the respect of every wannbe politician, publicity seeker, neighour’s third cousin etc are able to fight back.

Sraboney shared this video where this Pakistani actor Veena Mallik is fighting back against similar allegations. Makes me wonder if hypocrites are the same everywhere.


How I …err we made India win in Mohali.

Watching the CWC2011 semi final with friends on twitter was an experience.
@prateekshah: All said and done, the fun on twitter was comparable to the action on field 🙂 ad Crazzzyy fun!
@Miilee: My maid just came running in, asking if Sachin is still playing… She ran all the way from her home!! We Indians sure do lo …
What makes it so interesting? It’s just cricket after all? Yes it is hyped, but it’s also fun. Maybe what makes it more interesting is the fact that…
@TIME: A sixth of humanity is watching #indvspak right now. What are you doing? | http://ti.me/gdvvoY
You celebrate,

@jhunjhunwala: NEHRA!!! NEHRA!!! NEHRA!!!

@Ruchira_Shukla: bless you bhajji bleess you

@monikamanchanda: Munaf Jiyo mere lal

@mysticmargarita: PAK de India!!!

@Netra: RT @prateekshah: Hahahahahahahahahaha, SACHIN TENDULKAR! THE ENTIRE PAKISTAN TEAM IS WITH YOU!

@chin80: Best part was, no sledging or heated arguements spotted between the two teams today. Just great cricket!

@prateekshah: Sachin Tendulkar is Rajnikanth in disguise

@iyamalhotra: koi shaque???

@mannbik: SODA Lemon Ginger POP.. India WILL BE ON TOP

You make ‘Expert comments’

phoenixritu: Gul plays for India

AneelaBabar: Mujhey thoda thoda Munaf Patel par piyaar aaney laga hai #DheereyDheereyPiyarKoBadhanaHai

Sourav_Pandey: Pakistan will now officially be called DROPistan! 😀

@prateekgupta: I was writing a tweet about Yuvraj and before I could complete he was bowled out 😦

phoenixritu: /fuckkkkkkkkkkk

@NehaThakkar14: today Bhajji is fielding for Pakistan!

AneelaBabar: Bhaji paagal hogaya

@fakingnews: I think Pakistanis have taken the critics’ “India loses when Sachin scores a century” logic too seriously.

@madversity: Sachin should be Man of the Catch not Match

We missed nothing!

@sandhyas: My ma says ‘kinna nahaya dhoya minister hai’ maybe the only one@monikamanchanda: #spotted Shashi Tharoor din ban gaya 🙂

@greatbong: Shiney Ahuja goes to jail for 7 years. Good thing he wont have to see Pakistan win easy.

(But why do we want good things to happen to Shiney Ahuja?)

You share your disappointment too,

@Supreeka: Why the hell are we giving away 4s? Bakre ko mota kar rahe hai kya?@AneelaBabar
@AneelaBabar: @meIHM KAun Kambakht Bardasht karney ko peeta hai, kuch log misfielding bhoolney ko
@dineshjk: Ab Hafeez Ko Khuda Haafiz Karo
row_hini: I bother to wake up at 5 AM for this match and this is what happens! #fail
meIHM: Match abhi baaki hai. 🙂
And sometimes, when it just gets too much!
@bchattdutt: TV off. Going to wash this 1st innings off me like a bad memory 😦

We make great coaches and instructors.

@NehaThakkar14: cmmon bhajji..time for some ungali mein tingli!

@iyamalhotra: Sardar ji tussi sadi hope ho.. please aaram se maaro

@booboosmamma: gana bajana band karo, game pe concentrate karo (to the audience in Mohali I think)

@NehaThakkar14: be consistent Afride! that’s the way to go!

@skodithala: Chal Afridi…. aur ek chance mil gaya. Prove yourself to be a good man, get OUT!

There’s wishful thinking.
@phoenixritu: Lets hope they collapse and dont finish their overs
What made this tweet so special? Please guess!! The Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup goes to the three winners.
AneelaBabar: There is a God up there and s/He is wearing a green and white jersey now
@amruthaupendran: One more wicket please!!! Pretty please!
We predict.
@SnowLeapord: The story will be told to the future generations of the Nehra Family
@thecomicproject: That Harbhajan roar is going to be all over National Geographic and Discovery
We ask questions.
jhunjhunwala: Why is that Kamran Akmal screaming from behind the stumps as if he is selling vegetables? dus ka …
@TheMasakkali: Will Munaf get his hat-trick? To be or not to be k chakkar me naa pado bhaiya. Go, get it.
@amruthaupendran: What’s the score ppl?
And we sacrificed our comfort. #Anti Jinx…
You don’t get up, you throw away water bottles until the end of the match, you have lucky chairs and sometimes…

@fakingnews My roommate just went to take a pee and we got a wicket. I’ve locked him in the bath …
@booboosmamma: lock the bathroom
@Ayeshazh: Throw away the keys 😛 RT
@chrony: Can someone unlock the door. i am inside
@froZENwell: My next tweet will be when one wicket falls, and you know I am a twitter addict! Make it soon.
meIHM: I can tweet now, fingers stiff from keeping crossed for so long!!
@phoenixritu: Blimey! I think I should go back to the kitchen. They score runs #antijinx
AneelaBabar: Yes Yes Yes the water break worked Thankyou @meIHM
Here’s how I did my bit.
@m_sahai: nahin IHM, please kuch na kaho! last time it worked! remember!#antijinx
@mannbik: @meIHM Dont say anything for the next 4 overs nowwwww 🙂
meIHM: _____________________________________
@amruthaupendran: What’s the score ppl?
meIHM: ___________

And were duly thanked 🙂

Bhagwad Park – Buzz – Public
Thanks to all you guys for allowing me to follow the match so easily with your updates 🙂

And finally,

@Shakti_Shetty: Thank goodness, we won. Or else almost one-sixth of human population would have slipped into depression.

@prateekshah: It doesn’t matter what happens with Lanka, for a lot of Indians we have won the World Cup 🙂

@kiranmanral: Ah. But I cannot raise such competitiveness in myself against Sri Lanka.

meIHM: I agree. For me, this was the Final.