So who said these words, and do you disagree?

How do you feel when somebody else puts in a few crisp, simple sentences something you have always wanted to say?

On being asked,

“At what point of time, does liberty for yourself becomes license to abuse others?”

This person (can you guess who?) said,

“It’s a loaded question ofcourse because I am not talking about liberty for myself but about liberty also for others to abuse me, which they have freely utilized. I am not trying to say that I am the only one who gets to speak, only that I also get to speak. The question of the limits of freedom – unfortunately, these days, people have begun to fall into the trap of believing that it is right to limit freedom, at that point which you were mentioning the point of where other people don’t like what you are saying, I am telling you, if you go down that road, nobody will be able to speak at all, because everybody can object for whatever reason to somebody else and you silence all speech…that’s the consequence of that mindset, it is better to be in a world where people say what they want and if you don’t like it, you say so in return. That’s how the debate of an open society proceeds. Of course I am not saying I am the only one who gets to talk, obviously I am not saying that…”[Link] – Don’t click before attempting a guess!!!

Can’t guess?

Here’s some more from the same source!!

“Freedom. It’s a beautiful sounding word. We say, who would be against freedom? It’s a word that you would automatically be for, one would think. You think of a free society as one in which a thousand flowers bloom, in which a thousand and one voices speak… what a simple and grand idea… But in our time, many essential freedoms are in danger of defeat and not only in totalitarian or authoritarian states, here in India also a combination of religious fanaticism, political opportunism and I have to to say public apathy, is damaging that freedom upon which all other freedoms depend which is the freedom of expression…”


Answer and win the Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup!!!

Not publishing the correct answers yet – please do mention if you agree or disagree with the speaker.

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Seven questions from the rapists’ point of view.

Q.1. What kind of message do you think would discourage rapists from committing a rape?

Ans. Please answer in comments, posters, links or posts.

Q. 2. And what kind of message would the rapists find confusing or even encouraging?

Ans 2. Messages like,

“A rapist is not really wrong to rape a woman if she not a ‘good’ woman?”

Or, “So if she drank Vodka, a rapist can’t really be blamed… such women deserve it… “

“Rapists are safe because even if the victim  does dare to report, the cops will silence her with their ignorance, prejudice, blaming, shaming and incompetence.”

Q. 3. What message is the Noida police sending out to other sexual assault victims?

Ans. “Don’t dare report rape and add to our work. We might break laws and reveal your identity.

Or simply, “Reporting a rape is just not worth the trauma we are capable of giving you.”

Q. 4. Do we have more rapes now, or are more rapes being reported?

Ans. I have no doubt that we are seeing more reporting of rapes, the crime was not even seen as a crime in the past. Most victims were silenced or honor killed.

Q. 5.  Would the police be relieved if victims were too ‘ashamed’ to report the crime?

Ans. I suspect the Noida Police would love to see the voices of rape victims silenced. Noida police’s biggest problem seems to be that the victims are not being seen as culprits by everybody else anymore.

Q. 6. Does a rapist see sexual assaults as dangerous crimes? Does an average rapist clearly know that raping a woman who is sleeping with more than one man is still a crime? Or that even if a woman is wearing bikini/salwar-kurta/jeans/shorts//nothing/and is drinking – raping her is still a crime?

Ans. A Delhi cop once admitted that many rapists are not aware that rape is a serious crime, they don’t hear voices clearly stating that it is wrong to molest, harass or sexually assault. Sounds unbelievable? Take a look, ‘The rapists often don’t see their actions as crimes, the police said, and they don’t expect the victims to report them.

Hindustan Times today said the cops seem to behave like Accomplices to the crime (Read the article, it echoes our thoughts) I too feel UP cops seem to ‘understand’, justify and defend the rapists. They also seem to seriously believe that women who drink or interact with men are at risk of being raped.

Q. 7. Who do you think is thanking their stars to have to have such incompetent cops  – the victims or the rapists?

Answer – Rapists of course. But also other potential rapists and other sex offenders.

I plan to create such posters, would love it you do too! Found this one on  facebook.



(shared by Nish)

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And the Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup goes to…

On April 1st I had asked what was so special about this tweet,

AneelaBabar: There is a God up there and s/He is wearing a green and white jersey now.”
And the prize? The Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup!!
Think you know the answer?? Then wait!
Leave a comment, before reading any further, please make my day by leaving an incorrect answer.
Hint: “Sachin Tendulakar wore blue.” is incorrect. 🙄
🙄 🙄 🙄

Here’s the correct answer:

Congratulations Prathima 🙂

Six True Blue Indians.

I asked a question in my last post and was hoping the contest would last a few days hours, but unfortunately there were, almost instantly, not one or two, but six correct answers.

The lack of imagination was disappointing. Too many correct guesses answers.

Can’t be helped. 🙄

The Unsung Heroes of Indian Cricket 🙄 , and the six Winners of The Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup are,







But all is not lost, you can still go back to the last post (click here), and without looking at the comments, read the question and see if you can guess the answer.

It’s always good to find out how true an Indian you are.

Congratulations Winners 😀

Tejaswee Rao Scholarship and Blogging Awards.

We visited Tejaswee’s college and discussed and decided upon various ways in which we could start a Scholarship in her name. The option I like requires depositing a lump sum amount (Capital) and the interest from that amount provides Scholarships, and if we choose,  Hostel fees, PG expenses, Books, Field Trips etc to one or more students.  Also, we can continue to add to this amount if we wish to (like on her birthdays). This makes me wonder if we should continue with the registering of the Trust I have mentioned earlier. A Trust requires some legal knowledge, annual auditing etc, though it also enables other people to contribute. We need to think about this now.

Her favorite teacher said the selection of the recipients for the scholarship, “should not be based purely on academic performance… Tejaswee was brilliant and  creative, she really cared, she was compassionate, confident and she was involved, aware and opinionated, she was so full of life… ” She couldn’t go on. I understand now what they mean when they say ‘tears are a tribute we pay to the memory of those we love‘ …Every time I meet someone Tejaswee looked up to or cared for, I can’t help but notice how well she chose who she liked…

They helped us identify one student, a class mate, who will receive Tejaswee Rao Scholarship this year. I remember Tejaswee speaking fondly  of her. The college suggested we meet the child and I think we would love that. This is a positive beginning.

Her college also held this contest.

I have decided to do something similar on this blog. I had planned to use the Blogscars 2010 as a means to create a collection of links to posts related to the issues this blog deals with (Girl Child, gender bias, intolerance etc) and to recognize those which really can make a difference… I will be announcing the Blogscars soon. I would like to dedicate the Blogscars to my daughter Tejaswee with Cash Prizes and Certificates to be won…  Your suggestions are welcome.

I have created a blog – a Support Group for Coping with Grief and Loss, it can be found here.

Wordless Wednesday: ‘What’s this?’ CONTEST.

Two questions:
1. What’s this you see in the picture?
2. What do you feel about whatever you see? (Not more than 55 words.)

The clue is there somewhere in this blog, I have blogged about this before… but that’s all I am going to say 😉
If there is a tie I might need to ask a tie breaker question, but I am so hoping nobody guesses it correctly!!! 😈

Please click to enlarge the picture and see it better.

The first three correct and the best answers will be part of the winners in BLOGSCARS 2010 coming up soon (drum roll), where I am also announcing the Winners of  ‘Apply This Test to Bollywood Movies: Contest’ (I didn’t forget Desi Girl 😛 !!) and the names of the biggest Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes. 😈

You are not too late, all the contests are still open. 😛

Badges for My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes :)

Suranga emailed me these gorgeous badges – please feel free to add these badges to your side bar if you have picked the tag and saved yourself from twelve years of wrong colours and gifts 😉

A Pink Badge for men 🙂

A Blue Badge for women 🙂

Please link the lists of your Sins Against Gender Stereotypes to this post, so that I can send packets of chocolates in glossy pink wrappers for men, and TV remotes and beer mugs in Navy blue wrappers for women :mrgreen: …in case you have neglected to tag twelve friends 😈

NOTE: How would it be if there were special badges for best three female and best  three male winners?

With thanks to Hitchwriter 🙂

And now thanks to PNA – we have a  Facebook group called : Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes (SAGS)

Join and share the link to your SAGS post with other sinners 🙂

And the Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup goes to…

…to each one of those who could see what was right there in front of your eyes 🙂

And to all those who saw err well, those who saw … for all those imaginative souls, a very special badge!!

And here’s a close up what the tree caught 🙂

Does it really look like an ear bud?

All the comments published!!! Take a look at how imaginative we can get 😉  😈


And the Polka Dotted Cup goes to…

Normally three members in the family race each other to the door when the bell rings.

Mr GS  is Gabbar Singh, our Lab.

Sher Khan is Mr SK, the cat who owns us… [not ShahRukh Khan I am afraid ;)]

Ms Mutt? (Ms M) A dog with a cat’s mind 🙂   SK thinks she is his mother, and she is the only one who can walk away with GS’s bone, although she is half his size.

But this morning they sensed who rang the door bell. The Vet is only the only human they are afraid of… and hence THIS 55 WORD FICTION CONTEST.


But there are some who not need me to tell them all this!  Here’s what our Honorary Judge HRE Hitchwriter has to say in his 364 words judgement 🙂

I was pinching myself when I read a DM from IHM !!! She wanted me to judge a contest!! Off late I was in work and wasn’t really scanning the reader but here I am !!!

The best part about judging a contest is you don’t have to worry about the guessing !!! phew…

When I got the DM I read this post of 55’er from IHM and I gotta seriously admit I had no clue !!!! But since I am the only honest guy going around I guess IHM decided that I am going to be playing judge… and I must confess I have not received a single bribe offer thanks to her not declaring who the judge would be !!! Sigh  😦  : (

The winner.. err… first of all … I must say this…

Smita – she is last !!!!!!! what a guess !!!!!!!!!! seriously even people like me who didn’t guess were better I guess !!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 Vimmmuu you really need to read her guess… !!!

p.s. had to get vimmmuu involved to get Smita’s eyes off me.. !!! phew !!!


Solilo is debarred from all future contests… this lady is seriously bugged with SRK !!! she cant think of anything other than Shahrukh khan so unless we have a contest in which the answer is Shahrukh Khan we wont let her participate !!! sigh !!

The winner well there are too many of them who have their screw loose… I told IHM if anyone guesses it right … they have to be seriously good guessers and the best guessers are ….


Ritu – she was near about there, plus she was willing to give a bribe !!


Quirky Indian – boy your aim is too good and precise !

Pins and Ashes – yes your brains are indeed dead !  😦


Crafty – yes the polka dotted mug is yours !!!!  😀 😀

Deeps, Parul, Comfortablynam were close but they didn’t spell the VET !!!!

Some were really imaginative… milkman, taxman (I thought that too 😥 ), loan shark, insurance agent and what not !!!  😆

Congrats to all the winners and I await some goodies from ya all !!!!

55 Words Fiction:Guess and win.

Guessing is my Cup Of Tea

Guessing is my Cup Of Tea

Guess what’s happening in the 55 words fiction below and and win this badge. Judges’ names not to be revealed until announcement of results to avoid allegations of foul play and bribing.

[If you are not reading this at (, then you are reading stolen content. The owner of the site you are on has stolen this article and is making money by you reading it. If this article interests you, please go to ( to read it on its original site and do not return to this one. Thank you.]

The door bell rang.

Terrified stiffening… followed by chaos.

Mr SK ran past the domestic helpers he trusted, to hide in a wardrobe. Ms M pushed her ageing self under a bed.

Others stood up, a chair fell… breakfast was forgotten.

Startled by the chair, Mr GS was trapped.

The visitor smiled.

Mr GS shivered.