I wish I knew what this bird is called…

Edited to add: It’s called Purple Rumped Sunbird, thanks Trupz!

Lunch time.

Where’s the mother?

This look broke my heart ūüė¶

Still closer…

How could you take so long?

This little one even looks angry ūüôā

And still, could anything be softer?

Thursday Challenge, “SOFT” (Pillows, Toys, Snow, Baby, Focus,…)

All photographs in this post have been taken by my husband.

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What keeps me away from my blog…

I couldn’t ignore this squirrel who had her eyes (and teeth) on this bright red piece of cloth..

And then, all day long, the Queen the garden cried shrilly as she collected house building material – bits of paper and twigs.

And then this morning! Guess what did that squirrel want that piece of red cloth so badly for?

A little readjusting…

The nest is all set!

Reminds me of red vented bulbul’s nest seen elsewhere!

Note – Changed the blog name from ‘Determined mothers’ to the present one.