29th July 2007

29th July 2007

The cat who thinks he is a Puppy

Puppy playing with his mother, 2007

Puppy and Ms Mutt with Tejaswee


If we don’t get what he is trying to convey, who would?

This morning I picked this cup to take a sip,

cuppa chaiAnd couldn’t put it back because,

cat on tray.jpg.45

What did he want?
How does he tell without words?Occupied.jpg.11…that he hates to eat alone and loves it when he sees a family member settling down with a hot cup of tea.

Where do I keep my cup!

…and then they forget to get his breakfast 😦

Big ears on tray.jpg.42

Of course I knew just what to do 🙂

how we resolved the conflict.jpf


The cup’s back in the tray. And the cat?

Morning chai…is back to watching birds outside the window 🙂

DSC_2655Isn’t he just adorable?

Somebody’s back on the cushion.

Meaning the temperatures have come down 🙂

Is he planning to sleep?

The handsomest cat in the world Looks like it?The handsomest cat in the world almost asleep Did you doubt it 🙂The handsomest cat in the world - asleep

This cat.

For all those who thought the cat was being unreasonable, there was a reason why he wanted his favorite place back 🙂

Tejaswee had picked him from near a garbage bin (near her school bus stop) in August 2003. I insisted we leave him with the SPCA, Lower Parel, but she convinced her dad that he should be with us and they brought him back the same afternoon. She saved his life more than once.

Same old story and misunderstood cats.

Same old story.

Sher Khan wants to sleep where he sleeps every morning.

Gabbar Singh doesn’t want to move.

Sher Khan insists.

Gabbar tries to ignore.

Sher Khan attempts to make Gabbar change his mind.

All he can do is wait and hope.

He waits patiently.

Waits very patiently and non violently, at various heights and locations.

Decides to compromise…

Decides that sharing is an option. (Cats are like that)


Sher Khan’s presence here makes Gabbar uncomfortable.

It makes somebody else uncomfortable too.

That’s why I say cats are misunderstood.

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From the foyer of a residential building…

I have been wondering if I should get him an appointment?

Who do you think has more style, this guy in the picture above or this guy 😉

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1.b. Couldn’t resist adding later…








Some badly taken pictures of an ordinary evening in Nov 2007…

Tejaswee back from school on 19th Nov 2007…

First a hug for Sher Khan Puppy,

Then turn to the camera.

The cat (and the household paparazzi) still won’t leave her side. Glad I didn’t delete this one.

Not sure this was a glass of milk or tang.

The household paparazzi followed, not just the models, but their shadows too.

Thursday Challenge – Golden, sunlight.

Off to Pune for ‘Lavasa Women’s Drive’.

I won’t be able to moderate, read or respond to comments till Monday evening now.

Till then take a look at the most gorgeous cat in this world… more special, now, than ever before. My daughter brought him home, stinking, dirty and dehydrated, from a garbage dump in Aug 2004.

We had convinced her to let us leave him in SPCA, Lower Parel, but the cat was brought back home that same evening. She saved his life more than once (and many other animals’ too).

His name is Puppy (because he thinks he is our Mutt’s baby, he has never purred and always rushes to see who is at the door when the bell rings.) He is also called Sher Khan.

He finds birds fascinating…

He may not know he is a cat, but the birds do.

He is chattered out of the balcony when these birds spot him.

Strangely he is more fascinated with bird shadows than with the real birds. Here is staring at the wall because he saw some movement of a bird shadow…

Wordless Wednesday!? Why do we love them?

Well not so wordless…

We love them because they are like babies.

Helpless. Trusting. Each with their own personality and imperfections… and ways of communicating that only we can understand.

And when they  sleep like this and shut their eyes tighter when they sense us near them…

Why do you think humans love cats and dogs?