So who loves a rainy day?

Finally, the much awaited monsoon is here 🙂

So all the windows are open and the birds are making a racket – some of which had disappeared these past few months!

Purple Sunbird, Delhi rains

And the regular visitors looked washed 🙂

The green pigeons look greener 🙄

Yellow footed Green Pigeons, Bird Photographs

And this bird caught a rain insect…

And nobody’s peeping into my window…

Sparrows won’t need to dip their tail in the water bowl….

Red vented Bulbuls won’t look so thirsty now.

And these Brahminy Starlings will no longer visit!

This is unlikely to happen now 🙂

What’s this one called?

Updated on April 17, 2013: Brown Rock Chat or Indian Chat (Cercomela fusca)
Brown Rock Chat or Indian Chat (Cercomela fusca) drinking water, Delhi

I never got to learn this bird’s name either! 😦

Updated: Rufous Treepie

Was this just three months ago?

Now neighbours will drop by for a bowl of sugar errr… bajra 🙂

And then decide to sit in the bowl instead 🙂

It does look like this is the end of the summer!!

Pledge Water for Birds and Animals this Summer

I bought clay bowls around 3-4 inches deep for Rs. 25/- each. Clay bowls are better than plastic or metal bowls because the water stays very cool even when temperature is touching 42 degrees Celsius.

Also clay pots are unlikely to be stolen if used in public places for stray animals.

When water puddles dry up during the summer –  birds are known to collapse from dehydration.

Some potted plants and a bird bath would have been cool and inviting. Birds are also attracted to the sound of water.

This sparrow chose to drink from the floor…

Sparrows should have a shallow bowl… I plan to get a 2 inches deep tray.

This Dove would have preferred a flat tray too  🙂

… found this more comfortable?  🙂

Pigeons try to bully sparrows. They also literally dive into the bowl when they drink water 🙂

Loved the droplets of water in this picture…

Doves seemed to visit more for bajra less for water 🙂

Or maybe it is testing the waters first…

Brahminy Starlings visited twice, both the times in pairs, I was too afraid of disturbing them, so didn’t take many pictures.

I just want them feel at home and visit more often.

The common Mynas chased away the Brahminy Starlings today. That was disappointing, because those two had looked like they meant to spend some time snacking and drinking 🙂

And finally…

This was an absolute surprise!

…a blurry shot from behind a curtain, I hope the Pariah Kite visits again too. I have heard of them dying of dehydration…

Do place bowls of water wherever possible. Even if you don’t like birds, this is the cheapest and most convenient way to do your bit for the environment.

If you find a bird fainted gently pick it up and keep it in shade, feed drops of water regularly. [Click for more information]

I wish I knew the names of my gorgeous neighbours!

You expected something else didntcha? 😉 😆

All I wanted to shoot was a Kite on the Peepal tree, and this black and white character looked like a dry, rotting leaf from a distance – until it flew! Thanks to Anjali Philip’s tweet, now I know this one is called INDIAN MAGPIE ROBIN 🙂

There seem to be just two of them – larger than doves, with rather unusual coloring. I thought they were baby Kites or a pair of Eagles. Any idea what they’re called? I caught them sitting on the Peepal tree one morning.

Are these two the same as the two above?  No these are GREEN PIGEONS!!  (Thanks Aaarti!!)

Once again, what I took to be an Eagle, turned out to be something else… I didn’t even know we had this one visiting our neighbourhood park!

This handsome guy also visits the Peepal tree 🙂  BRAHMINY STARLING (Thanks Anjali!)

This is, I think, a Hummingbird – tiny, noisy and hangs upside down on a pomegranate flower! 😀 This one is PURPLE SUNBIRD. (Thanks Aaarti 🙂 )

As small as the one above, this yellow fellow has an unusually flat face and a thin, sharp beak. It feeds like the hummingbird does too – hanging upside down. The Yellow fellow’s real name is ORIENTAL WHITE EYE 🙂 (Thanks Anjali!)

Not sure if this one is an Eagle or a Kite… but when it ate, sitting in it’s nest, a crow sat on another branch nearby, eying his food!

Edited to add : Okay this one is Pariah Kite – Thank you Sunita, thank you Tikuli.

These two, along with squirrels, sparrows and Mynas were eating something from the grass… Not ladybugs, I hope! And these are PIED MYNAS or ASIAN PIED STARLINGS 🙂 (Thanks Aaarti & Anjali Philip)

Apart from the Peepal tree, this Bottle Brush tree seems to be popular with mynas, sparrows, parrots, hummingbirds, the ‘yellow fellow’ and seven sisters (or JUNGLE BABBLERS). (Thanks Anjali Philip!)

All in all, some very interesting new neighbours! ;D