Some random smiles from HP Connected Music IndiBlogger Meet in Gurgaon :)


Happy whispers? 🙂

indianhomemaker,  #HPConnectedMusic, Bloggers' Meet, Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon Baani Square,

Trying not to smile 🙂


2. Before…

indianhomemaker,  #HPConnectedMusic, Bloggers' Meet, Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon Baani Square,

After  😉


#HPConnectedMusic, Indiblogger Meet, Gurgaon, 20th April 2013


…And laughter…

#HPConnectedMusic, Indiblogger Meet, Gurgaon, 20th April 2013



5. Sunny Deol steps…
Dancing like Sunny Deol :D

6. Moon walking…
Moon walking :)


9.  And some more dancing









And then the Photo session….











What would you have done?

I wanted to write a post against the forwards and messages we see being shared on  International Women’s Day, about what makes women proud of (or love or like) about being women. I Googled and found a few articles and one particular post that I strongly disagreed with, and decided to discuss the points the blogger had listed but without making it like a personal attack on the blogger. This was the post,

Since the idea was to discuss the points, not to offend or confront, I explained that I was not linking and no offense was intended, and then I went ahead and blogged about why I disagreed with each point, here, Twenty five reasons women are given to like being women.

The blogger came to know about the post and objected to not being linked, so I linked it and again repeated that although I disagreed with her, no offense was intended.

With this comment,

Dear pallavispoojary, Linked your post. I had clearly mentioned – ‘Not linking and no offense is intended to anybody.’ because I did not want to offend, but it seems ended up doing that anyway. I understand that sometimes we have points of views that are not the same and I still hope you see the post as only a discussion, the idea was not to hurt or offend you. IHM

This is what this blogger has to say.

Seriously?? If that was not your intention you would have first given the link to the original content and then gone on to give your view. You wouldn’t have done it as an afterthought once the original author complained about it. Its a free country and I don’t have any issue with somebody criticising my view but you have clearly breached the plagiarism clause. And some of the points taken from my blog you say?? Really?? You plagiarised my post and even went as far as putting in a disclaimer on the lifted content while posting!!! Lifting the entire content from someone else’s blog and rehashing it is called Plagiarism if you dont know it. Do you even realise how it feels??!!!

Would you say the previous post was ‘lifting the entire post and rehashing’?

List of Male Bloggers in Danger…

…of being labeled JKGs  😉

A JKG is a man who does not think gender bias benefits him or the society. (A JKG is not necessarily a married man.)

In India it’s difficult for a man to speak against biases that oppress women. The danger increases if he speaks in support of his wife (Joru). Such acts of common sense require courage, and are rewarded with taunts and labels like JKG (Joru Ka Gulam).
Literal meaning: ‘Slave of Wife/Woman’

[14 more definitions of a JKG here. You have a definition that fits, please leave in the comment box or send an email]

Listed in random order, I think they are all equally endangered 😆

Neo Indian

The war for women
Why creepy men are good for you
25 ridiculously clichéd Hindi film dialogues that tell you the even more clichéd story of an Indian girl
Good schools prefer housewives

TBG (The Bald Guy)

So you want to marry your daughter eh?
Girls learn to say no.
Girls and their cars.


The Tale of Gregory, part I (About a Veetodu Maapilai or a Ghar Jamai…)

Hitchwriter dares anybody to label him, by wearing this JKG badge on his sidebar 🙂

(One of the 8 award winning badges.)


Portrayal of women in Indian media
An eve-teasing incident in front of me
Feminism and seven steps in the sky

Josh Marowitz

Why anti-feminist Satoshi Kanazawa is illogical, unnecessary, and evil, and – oh yeah – a giant f-ing douchebag

The Quirky Indian

If A Woman is Out with Male Friends Late at Night, She Must Want Sex.
On The State of Women, Backless Cholis and Shag Fests
We the Deserving….
Indian Culture is Alive and Kicking. Literally.


My dear women
A story about gender discrimination
Bhartiya Nari


Name change after marriage.


India – Women Reservation Bill 2010 –– The Need for India – Complete Case Study

Please feel free to leave links of any other male bloggers you think face similar risks. Before adding any links here, their vulnerability will be assessed by a team of judges.

If you are a male blogger and you feel you are in danger of being labeled a JKG, please do leave the link to the post that puts you at peril.

Badge by Freya, see more badges here. Would you like to create a JKG BADGE? Get in touch!

Note: Updated.

I know what Shetal Shah will publish tomorrow!

This morning Dreamer tweeted to inform that my blog was being duplicated here. Horrified, I sent tweets to all friends and to the Blogadda team…

And was overwhelmed by the support… (No words will be enough here – let me just say thanks!)

Saritha has faced this very recently…  😦  ( Just days before Shah Rukh Khan’s Bday too  😦 )

Chandni who faced this and has successfully got a culprit to take the site down, suggested a post.

Although it’s Shah Rukh Khan’s  birthday, Solilo tweeted a link to Copyscape. One click took me to the pages of Shet AlShah…

Since every single post was being duplicated, I wanted to make a prediction about their next post. Crafty Shines thought that was err… wicked! (Read her post below to see who is wicked!)

Solilo Don suggested flowers, Harish K called it Gandhi Giri, Smitha P thought it would be a seriously fun post.

So Gandhi Giri it is!   😉

Shet AlShah

This is to advise you that the entire content by Indian Homemaking at is originally from my blog called ‘The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker’ at This is original content and I am the author and copyright holder.

Please remove the plagiarized material immediately.

If you don’t believe in Gandhi Giri…

Mandira’s post – ‘Plagiarism at it’s very best’  :mrgreen:

Crafty Shines post-  Plagiarists Beware. 😈

Minal’s post – ‘Down with plagiarism‘  :mrgreen: