A Dove who wasn’t a rust coloured butterfly ;)

In this post I had posted a shot of a cat stalking a DOVE.

I have to humbly and with great pleasure request all those who saw squirrels, rats, frogs, ‘keys to a brand new Mercedes‘, a clay or an earthen pigeon, a ‘rust coloured butterfly‘, a baby peacock ( 🙄 ) and a pigeon to please accept this surprise badge!! You deserve it! 😉

Heh heh Congratulations 😆 😈

Well, the cat was stalking a dove.

Here’s what happened next…

The dove had no plans to fly!

And then …

But the dove remained unaffected.

The dove did not seem to react to yelling and things being thrown his way. It started walking away.

The cat just sat and watched! And the dove walked away!

This is a much closer shot, it walked towards me, refused to fly… my kids reached the park by this time, hoping to chase the cat away, and seeing them, the dove flew away.

Smart dove! …knew who is the most dangerous of all.

I can only guess this cat is like mine, who loves to look at, not just birds, but also bird shadows, sometimes his entire days are spent bird-watching 😉 Take a look here.

The same drama was seen on the 10th morning also, this time the Dove made the effort to fly and land just a little away from the cat. And the cat didn’t do anything even when the dove came really close.


What keeps me away from my blog…

I couldn’t ignore this squirrel who had her eyes (and teeth) on this bright red piece of cloth..

And then, all day long, the Queen the garden cried shrilly as she collected house building material – bits of paper and twigs.

And then this morning! Guess what did that squirrel want that piece of red cloth so badly for?

A little readjusting…

The nest is all set!

Reminds me of red vented bulbul’s nest seen elsewhere!

Note – Changed the blog name from ‘Determined mothers’ to the present one.

I wish I knew the names of my gorgeous neighbours!

You expected something else didntcha? 😉 😆

All I wanted to shoot was a Kite on the Peepal tree, and this black and white character looked like a dry, rotting leaf from a distance – until it flew! Thanks to Anjali Philip’s tweet, now I know this one is called INDIAN MAGPIE ROBIN 🙂

There seem to be just two of them – larger than doves, with rather unusual coloring. I thought they were baby Kites or a pair of Eagles. Any idea what they’re called? I caught them sitting on the Peepal tree one morning.

Are these two the same as the two above?  No these are GREEN PIGEONS!!  (Thanks Aaarti!!)

Once again, what I took to be an Eagle, turned out to be something else… I didn’t even know we had this one visiting our neighbourhood park!

This handsome guy also visits the Peepal tree 🙂  BRAHMINY STARLING (Thanks Anjali!)

This is, I think, a Hummingbird – tiny, noisy and hangs upside down on a pomegranate flower! 😀 This one is PURPLE SUNBIRD. (Thanks Aaarti 🙂 )

As small as the one above, this yellow fellow has an unusually flat face and a thin, sharp beak. It feeds like the hummingbird does too – hanging upside down. The Yellow fellow’s real name is ORIENTAL WHITE EYE 🙂 (Thanks Anjali!)

Not sure if this one is an Eagle or a Kite… but when it ate, sitting in it’s nest, a crow sat on another branch nearby, eying his food!

Edited to add : Okay this one is Pariah Kite – Thank you Sunita, thank you Tikuli.

These two, along with squirrels, sparrows and Mynas were eating something from the grass… Not ladybugs, I hope! And these are PIED MYNAS or ASIAN PIED STARLINGS 🙂 (Thanks Aaarti & Anjali Philip)

Apart from the Peepal tree, this Bottle Brush tree seems to be popular with mynas, sparrows, parrots, hummingbirds, the ‘yellow fellow’ and seven sisters (or JUNGLE BABBLERS). (Thanks Anjali Philip!)

All in all, some very interesting new neighbours! ;D

A party on my window sill.

First this sparrow family noisily accepted a feast of water and bajra seeds.

(Is this the baby we once nearly separated from her parents?)


This one stopped hopping long enough for one decent shot.


Soon they were having a party.


Then there was a sudden flutter…


Was it a mistake to let this uninvited guest join the party?


Because the next gatecrasher was rather quarrelsome 😉

Cruelty to animals is a proof of our love for humans?

Cruelty to animals is not a proof of our love for humanity. On the contrary people who are cruel to animals are likely to be cruel to humans also. Our assumption of superiority over all nature and all other creatures is the reason why we have to buy drinking water today. Might is right begins with animals and ends with holocausts.

I always remember this friend who called late one evening, many years ago, she was complaining about the disturbance caused by the noise made by pigeons. Maybe we will soon have no reasons to complain. Sparrows are said to be disappearing from cities. Other birds will follow?

Since we don’t believe in keeping birds (or animals) in cages we wanted this round eyed cheeper to practice flying and fly away. So we let her out of the cage, shut all windows and switched off all fans.

[Click on the image below to read how we found her]

She was cheeping aloud, eating a little then dozing off.

Then we noticed a sparrow crashing into the window panes, and this baby bird also flew to the pane, it was obvious that this very worried male sparrow on the other side was our baby sparrow’s dad. We slowly slid open the window, and the way they met was worth seeing.

This was like a miracle. And then mother bird also came, she did not feed her, she just hung around. I was too overwhelmed and relieved and amazed to pick the camera. I wish I had taken some more pictures. The baby bird inside the cage, feeding off our hands, and the way they first greeted each other were precious!

These pictures were taken much later. We thought it would be easier for the parents if they did not need to go looking for food leaving us worrying about the baby outside the window. So we placed food and water for them. They feasted and fed the baby. And many pictures are blurred because there was too much sunlight outside and I was afraid of frightening them away. (all excuses for bad photography)

It is amazing how they did not reject the baby. It’s possible that sparrows don’t reject their babies touched by human hands. Or maybe the baby is too old to be rejected.

I have assumed they were the parents, because of the way they greeted each other, and the ease with which they showed him how to fly away to a tree outside. (But I have seen, twice, male cats adopting and taking care of kittens in Kerala, so maybe birds do the same thing?)

The parents visited us for breakfast today morning also, and carried beakfuls of boiled rice for our little Tweeter 🙂

Like Solilo said this amazing experience did remind me of Mahadevi Verma’s amazing stories.

My Sentiments Are Hurt

I have always admired Maneka Gandhi. She is one of the most honest leaders we have and she is not as popular as she deserves to be. I have read she can be rude, but I can understand. Many animals lovers find it very difficult to understand how those who don’t care for animals are not able to understand how they feel.

It’s like my cat has dozed off while cleaning my hand, with a bit of his tongue still hanging out.

(Nikon D60 is not very polite, it woke him up)

My mom calls, I pick the cell phone and try to pull my hand from under his face, and he immediately presses a soft claw to hold the hand tighter, and snuggles, still more softly into my palm. Eyes squeezing, shutting even tighter. My mom thinks having animals at home ties you down, but I irritate her by telling her what the cat just did.
She is horrified, “Babies do that… your brother was like that as a baby! Why have you got this cat so used to you, what will he do if he is ever separated from you?

He will die of fear, anxiety, hunger and predators. It’s like leaving a city child in a jungle.

Now if a neighbour was to tell me they think cats are cunning, cruel, selfish or bring bad luck, I will try and show them why I disagree, because there was a time I thought the same.

We were coming home after a party one wet, cold (eerie) night, a long drive on an empty road, huge moaning trees, wild rains and then we notice something small moving in the middle of the road. A frog? A snail? There was no way to make sure it doesn’t get crushed, so we had to stop to push it aside. In the headlights, I saw a little kitten, soaked and shivering … looked around for a mother, there was none, so we picked it up and brought it home ‘for the night‘.

I soon learnt why those who loved cats (Usha Pisharody, Reema, Aneela and Alankrita who claims hers is the handsomest cat in the world :D) just loved them. Maybe it’s the way they wake up, looking sleepy, like babies? And then where do you leave them, knowing they can’t really take care of themselves?

But I have no idea how to feed or care for a baby sparrow.

Found this one also in the middle of a dark road yesterday, but now she is here, cheeping aloud for food.

Is it true that now that we have ‘touched‘ it, it’s parents will reject her? What does one do? We are hoping she will learn to fly better, and fly away. We have a cat at home and this extra responsibility is just not welcome. But this bird looks as much like a baby as a kitten does. Anybody seen a puppy learning to walk? This chick who can fly a little, was slipping on the kitchen counter, feet splaying like a puppy’s.

If we leave it, it will not be able to take care of itself. I know crows will eat it alive within hours.

In a similar situation in the past I had emailed to Maneka Gandhi. I was a total stranger, but she was very helpful. I have heard of others who have spoken to her and she has helped them. Now which other political leader can we think of who would have done this? Replied to email or picked her phone to respond to an aam janta?

So just think, here’s a fan, who likes her even though she belongs to a party openly supporting a candidate who has allegedly made a shocking, unconstitutional hate speech. And that candidate is her son. It troubles me, I feel betrayed.
My sentiments are hurt.

NOTE Something unbelievable happened to the bird next day, guess what? A special award for the correct guess!!! I had never dreamt that possible, now she is best possible hands… guess whose???

Edited to add:
Find the answer here 🙂