Home most unsafe place for women : A unique court-ordered study by Delhi Police has revealed.

Remaining unseen or unheard doesn’t make women safer. Having a Voice does.

But then, Being Silenced and Being Locked up would make anybody unsafe.

The study affirms what feminists have been saying all along – that asking potential victims to be invisible or to be sexually unattractive to the rapists does not control sexual crimes. (And has not for centuries)

This, and the society’s tolerance towards, and lack of seriousness towards sexual crimes makes criminals fearless. The more likely a criminal is to be excused, the more likely they are to assault. The more voiceless the victim, the more vulnerable they are.

Also – women’s absence from public spaces does not make public spaces safer for women.

We should also acknowledge that the Stranger Rape Myth is a misleading myth that makes it difficult for women to walk out and away from places of crime.

Do read.

Home most unsafe place for women

NEW DELHI: Over 60% offences of rape, molestation and ‘eve teasing’ (sexual harassment) recorded across Delhi till mid-September occurred inside the house and the accused were known to the survivors. A unique court-ordered study by Delhi Police of 44 police stations throughout the capital has revealed that women are most unsafe at home with their relatives or acquaintances.

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For NCP leader Asha Mirje.

Why don’t we see urgent steps being taken to help those who desperately need help understanding What Makes Men Rape?

When Asha Mirje asked ‘Is it necessary to go out after 6pm?’ [link shared by Sarika], she probably believed she was empowering women by sharing her wisdom. It’s quite possible that she is genuinely convinced that rapes would stop if women changed the way they live. She has probably never heard that India leads in sexual violence, worst on gender equality. It’s possible that she (like many, many others) thinks there is nothing to understand – and she is absolutely convinced that rapes are caused by women who are found  attractive by rapists who are not able to prevent themselves from raping, mutilating, setting on fire and killing the women and children they find sexually attractive.

But then why is she a member of Maharashtra Women’s Commission (MWC)?

Do you think this might help her?

Shared by Pallavi on facebook

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Yet another rape that was not about lust but about aggression, revenge and putting the victim in her place.

Like 98% rapes in this study : Study finds 98% of India rape victims knew their attacker.

1. This gang rape too was not about lust.

2. This rapist too was known to the victims.

3. And this rape too was preplanned.

So we are not blaming the victims then?

Read on. TOI: Gurgaon gang rape: Accused held, says he settled score

Two women raped in a moving car : Gurgaon

Gurgaon police on Friday nabbed the key accused … The accused has been identified as Dharambir, and it was he who planned the rape to get value for the Rs 10,000 he had paid to the two victims and also raped one of them.

Dharmabir had been trying to get to girls over the past week but when he couldn’t he got a friend to lure them to get into his car and then carried out the rape of the victims.

It also seems the rape survivors did not take lift, no idea why the earlier news reports claimed they took lift. I blogged about it here: Of course it was unsafe to ask for lift, but what exactly were their options?

Since their taxi driver had not reached in time to pick them up, they hired a Toyota Altis car for Rs 300 in front of Vipul Agora Mall building.

So if lust did not provoke the rapists then how do we blame the victims?

Please note, there is no hesitation in believing whatever an alleged rapist says prompted him plan the crime.

Take a look at just some of the TOI comments:

Cynic (India)

29 Jun, 2013 06:33 PM

It very much looks that the girls (?) wanted to cheat the person of the money they had borrowed. These ‘escort girl’ profession cannot be called an honourable one. It is something bordering that of call girls. And who knows for a right some the escorts might accompany to the rooms as well. There will be sob stories of such girls doing such things for want of a better job. But many go for such jobs just for the fun and better remuneration and lavish living…

2. After the reporting of this study I thought the media would focus on the findings, instead, here’s what some comments think can be learnt from such crimes.

  … Now here is lesson for all respectful girls who value their virtue more than the money. Surely girls were wrong in borrowing money which they could not afford to pay, then working in a profession which is highly vulnerable for girls and very likely to be taken advantage of. At the same time the act of r*pe by the accused does not justify their defence nor does it reduce the punishment they deserve. The accused do have right to seek refund of the money they lent in rightful way but have absolutely no right to violate the dignity of women as financial pay back.

3. And here’s what Indian society is ready to accept and not accept.

seems monetary dispute given r@p e twist!! Society’s moral degradation is to blame, no doubt rap e is heinous crime, but has our society and culture matured enough to accept what the gals were doing??

Study finds 98% of India rape victims knew their attacker.

Indian women are asked to stay at home to prevent stranger rapes that happen in public spaces to women who do not follow Indian culture? This puts women at risk from not being able to fight back 98% of sexual crimes against them – committed by some one they know, frequently inside or close to where they live or work.

Link shared by RenKiss : Study finds majority (98%) of India rape victims knew their attacker. Thanks RenKiss.

What is Stranger Rape Myth?

That most rapes happen outside victims’ homes in lonely or dark places, where women’s clothing or behavior (etc) ‘gets them raped’.

And what does this study indicate prove?

That most sexual assaults are not crimes of impulse, and that 98% rapists know who they are going to rape, and why they are likely to get away with the crime.

Sexual criminals in India know they are generally safe. Until recently they knew almost everybody would come in their support and the victim would be silenced with shaming and blaming.

Stranger rape myth puts women at greater risks because it controls women’s freedom and movement (victims are not free or empowered to leave an unsafe place) and Voices (who do they approach without fear of being blamed).

Because of the Stranger Rape Myth there is no effort to ensure that women and men understand that the law acknowledges that everybody’s bodies and lives and sexuality belong to themselves; and most people have never heard that no matter who else they have consensual sex with and no matter how attractive the rapist finds them, nobody has the right to sexually harass, molest or assault them.

Here’s a quick look at some recent sexual crimes. None of these are ‘stranger rapes’. Each rapists knew they were unlikely to be reported or punished.

If these victims took traditional advice to prevent sexual assaults,

How far could wearing sarees or staying at home after dark have protected any of these rape victims and survivors?

Which of these rapes could have been prevented if the rapists knew they would certainly be reported and punished?

1. Mentally ill woman raped by 3 over a period of time – The matter came to light when the victim’s brother came to know during health check up of his mentally ill sister that she is six-months pregnant… the victim revealed the incident only… after her brother convinced her to name the accused.[link]

Would you say this is a natural reaction of innocent men who get provoked when they find a woman attractive?

2. Minor girl set afire for resisting rape – “The girl alleged that Soni [the rapist] caught her while she was in the fields and tried to rape her. After she raised an alarm, Soni torched her and fled from the spot,” [link]

Rapists know that sexual crimes are not taken seriously.

3. Around 11 minor girls in a residential school were allegedly being raped since the last two years by the watchman and a contractual teacher… The local Panchayat had complained about the incident to the local administration six months ago, but they did not take action… [link]

Knowing the victim has no voice encourages crimes,

The girl told her classmates about the incident but nothing could be done as the students were not allowed to go out and the main gate of the Sevashram was locked. [link]

The only thing that could control these crimes was fear of consequences. 

4. Doctor booked for raping woman in hospital

Mumbai doctor on run after allegedly raping 27 year old girl in clinic

If victims felt safe outside their homes, if they knew their rights and if they had voices, would these rapists be so fearless?

5. Father arrested for rape-cum-murder of minor daughter

13-year-old girl allegedly raped by father, brother, uncle in Kerala

Click here to watch the video.

Woman hangs self after being raped by own brother in Madhya Pradesh

Teenage girl who committed suicide was raped

Like this godman, all rapists are criminals who know social norms  (basically Rape Culture) favor and support them. He is another one of the 98% rapists who knew the victim.

6. Godman held for raping woman