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If you do not agree with me or with other commenters, please convey this very politely.

Please do not leave comments that spread racial, ethnic, communal or caste hatred. I will not be able to publish such comments.

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This is a personal blog, and my posts are my opinions, I can only write what I believe in, although your suggestions are welcome, please understand that I cannot write something I am not convinced about, so maybe sometimes we will just have to agree to disagree 🙂

I reserve the right to delete any comments I find offensive. Comment moderation is important, read more about it here in this post about ‘Blogging mistakes, copyright violations and nasty comments’ by Nita.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Feel free to get in touch at indianhomemaker at gmail dot com, but please be polite in your emails.

I try my best to respond to all comments, and definitely if you have asked something. Please do email me if I have missed your query.

Edited to add on July 25 2013:

There is a reason why Comment moderation is enabled here. While everybody is free to create their own blogs and share their opinions (and I defend their right to do that), I don’t publish every comment that is submitted here. If I feel a comment is an attempt to disrupt a discussion, or is offensive or has too many links for me to go through, is a flamer, troll or a Concern troll, or is intentionally misunderstanding the post, or some other reason that I feel makes the comment inappropriate for publishing (in my opinion) then I may not publish it.

33 thoughts on “Rules For Commenting

  1. WoW! I hadn’t noticed this before.
    And I completely agree with your policy.

    I don’t believe anyone has the right to be disrespectful to you or other bloggers.
    And if someone disagree with you or another blogger in your comment section, i believe they can potray their views in a polite manner. 😐


  2. ahem….read the policy and now am scared to ask what I wanted to ask fearing that you might delete me entirely from ur blogger list….but still I am taking a chance

    Will you feed me vada pav when I visit ur place? 😉

    Awww Sakshi!!! Would you like some chutney to go with vada pav? And some karak chai!!!


  3. Hey, interesting blog; I just chanced upon it. I would really like to encourage you and all readers to share thoughts on planning for old age – a thought expressed fleetingly in your comments about ‘Baghban’.
    I love the Indian system of family looking out for family, but it was perhaps more practical when life-spans were shorter. Today, I see friends who are 60, and have cancer, having to take care of parents who are 85, and are essentially unable to take care of themselves. Here, I seriously think the govt. needs to step in with some social planning for more retirement homes with nursing care etc. This is a reality as modern medicine reaches us before social security is planned for.
    But the converse part is the older person who is relatively healthy, but does not know what to do with their life; who are hoping to be taken care of, who think life is over before it is over. How can we prevent becoming that way? What should we plan for? What ways to combat loneliness (esp. after spouse passes), boredom, and depression (which probably goes unrecognized)?


  4. Gud one IHM .. I just got a hopeless troll today and realized the importance of letting people know abt all this 🙂

    Me – Added this page after I encountered some trolls. 😦


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  6. Greetings IHM

    This is a solid set of rules for commenting. I have a question with regard to a kind of moderation, if it’s moderation at all that is. There are comments which appear in bold – parts of them or whole. I’d like to know if the bold is maintained to stress the point being made or is it for any other reason.

    You have a great, provocative (conscious), informative blog. Keep it up.

    Best wishes


  7. Ashish Kumar Pathak , nit calicut 2nd year student.
    it took me while for me to finally reach here. 1st of all aunty all due respect for you and some love for as well.
    today only i came to your blog 1st time then soon i came across tejaswee’s blog and 1stly i was so inspired thrilled to read some of her posts but when i raised my head up i saw something which shocked me and later on as i search a little extra it only increased wetting rate of my eyes. as it feels now she as truly an angel rare to find in today’s world. and some of her thoughts for noble cause breathtaking as i always have been interested those areas and always needed other to gain extra confidence in that fields.
    and as i went through your post later on i could only feel the magic of god. how strongly and yet positively you had handled all and yet going on non-stop to affirm social equalities. lots of appreciation for this ma’m( i am really confused how to name you sorry if i am wrong).
    and i know very well you far stronger and i am sure you will learn infact have learnt to find your daughter in everyone everywhere.. and thats why the true love is feel love in nothingness. hats off to you. keep on with your noble work becAUSE somewhere someone infact now many are inspired by you everyday atleast i am. you can only understand the grief losing a child am sure as you will spread her love you ill find many new people loving you back and you also loving in turn. so thats the magic of you daughter she goes yet the love has multiplied exponentially and i know thats you are proud of your daughter and me also till some extent though 3 hour ago i had the 1st encounter with her. she was too beautiful and he best part her face reflected innocence and eyes had the brightness which only few have and the part is she has it yet and thats ehy everyday she is influencing so many like mine. so aunty i guess u had got 19 gold for 19 years to serve you now let her serve the humanity for infinitely long.
    rip .


  8. i m regularly visiting here so as to see if my comment is approved or not. if not i am ready accept the changes. eagerly waiting to have some gr8 conversation here.

    me – Ashish, I had published your comment the same day, it’s here.


  9. Hi , came across this lovely blog today and loved it ! I am writing a blog about my parents who are no more . They got married in 1935 in North India, this year is my fathers birth centenary . I will be adding your blog amongst my favourites , hope you dont mind.


  10. IHM i was just too glad i found you. Just that and wondering if you would be inclined towards knowing something of me. Before the rules on commenting i have read your blog about husband being a male chauvinist and therefore went ahead with ‘ About You’. Finally landed here and it sure did warm me up to you. 🙂


  11. I feel women empowerment must start from birth of a girl child.(celebrate when she come to earth)Strict implementation of law to equal property right to women in her parents(both mother&father) when she reaches age of 18.After marriage rights in husband properties too.(No need of dowry system after this property right implementation.)Best education facility to girls& boys up to collage level is to be state responsibility. A law must be framed specially for females support/protect a girl child till she reach 18 on health/security/education which is responsibility and liability on state.


  12. So i take it this forum is solely meant for the issues faced by the women in the Indian society. I frankly was looking for a forum where i could express my thoughts regarding general social issues without being judged and hopefully someone could aid from my suggestions. It seems this forum will be a good starting point.


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