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This blog is dedicated to the memory of my daughter Tejaswee Rao.

– Posts about motherhood, child loss, death and grief.

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– Gender bias caused by Patriarchy, and what it leads to in Indian society.

– Sex selection, Skewed Gender Ratio, Female feticide.

Skewed gender ratio



The Patriarchal Joint Family System,

Joint Families,

Parental approval

Rape Culture (A culture that excuses and supports sexual crimes specially against women and children)

Rape apologists

Misogynists, Misogyny.

Get Married, Stay Married

– Parenting.

Tattoo Tales

No education for the Fashion Conscious?

The first born tag

Can an Indian daughter say, “Mere paas maa hai“?

What I don’t like about being a mother…

Sex Eduction has nothing to do with blue films.

Don’t fall in love now!



Siblings on a Saturday morning

Girls these days..

Happy Daughter’s Day

Daughters! (By Usha Pisharody)

What are little girls made up of?

What are little boys made up of?

Yet another four letter word.

Sibling Revelry

Why baby record books are good.

Perfect parenting in 55 words

– Domestic Violence

– Dowry etc.

– Humour

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– Good old days? 

I am thankful for all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.  ~Nancie J. Carmody

– Religion.

– Animals.

14 thoughts on “I Blog About

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  2. Love your blog, Indian Homemaker! As a (male) feminist, I think this place is a fantastic repository of feminist/pro-gender equality writing; my own perspectives seem to match well with yours. Can’t wait to read all of the stuff I’ve missed thanks to being a web 2.0 hobo and discovering the blogosphere eons too late…

    But yeah, Kudos to you! 🙂


  3. Great blog. I think people are just talking about one issue – crime against women. In reality, it should be about any crime. Remember there are no against male-only crimes. Crimes are committed due to plethora of reasons: perceptions, stereotypes, deviations, frustration, anger, revenge, greed, pomposity, arrogance, upbringing, line of thought, culture, etc. What could start as a minor remark can have major impact on the life of someone else. The rape has claimed another victim – the constable.

    if we were to discuss these issues, there wont be enough space. Some examples of thoughts/themes/words that take demonic manifestations I can think of are:

    1. men having a “complex” because they can’t converse in English
    2. men getting frustrated at not being “fair-looking”:
    3. mothers selecting another man who the child refuses to accept as father
    4. stupid chatter by mother and father about people some other caste or another state or religion
    5. men thinking that a girl has rejected him because he can’t perform (satisfy her)
    6. movies constantly drilling into audience that women are inferior through silly dialogs and roles for actresses
    7. linking morality, virginity, etc to way of dressing
    8. mother in laws enforcing their views on their Daughter In Laws. DILs one day become MILs. (The habit of living with the guys’ family contributing to a large extent). The other extreme is when MILs are ill treated
    9. society always thinking of love and marriage (most movies are about this subject)
    10. Indians do not listen. They want to talk and dominate
    11. spoiling the male child by pampering (many women in slums for instance work while the men just drink and while away lives)

    Therefore, we need solutions to solve these issues first. Education, sustained campaigns, punishment, laws, infrastructure, safety measures, laws – a relook at a combination of all these alone will help.

    Your blog is one such move. Hope you can get some women’s org involved. Maybe the UN too. I really want all women to be safe and happy and men to look at them with affection and care.


  4. Hey IHM! I stumbled upon this wonderful blog recently. I’ve gone through just a few posts and all of them have touched me. It might be due to the common cultural connect, i can actually relate to your posts. Would love to come back for some more browsing. Keep sharing!


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