Feminism by Indian Bloggers

All the posts listed below are winners of Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards 2011.

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1. Indian Family Values

Makes me wanna scream – Careless Chronicles

New women in old marriages – Careless Chronicles

2. How Important is it for an Indian woman to Get-Married and Stay-Married?

Why marry? – Careless Chronicles

Yes I am single so? – Nirjharani

The judges also loved,

Logic versus Lagnam – Celestial Rays

Is marriage an overrated institution?? – Shail

3. Traditional Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages: a subversion of feminism – madperiodwoman

Desi Marriage: Eligible or Ineligible Question – Desi Girl

The judges also loved,

Arranged marriages : now and then– Ranu Chakraborty

4. Dowry

“The only way dowry and related crimes will end is when parents value daughters as much as sons.” – Unmana

More Thoughts On Dowry. – Unmana

The Bridegroom Bazaar – Meera Sundararajan

5. Choice Marriages (‘Love Marriages’)

On love marriages and my story..– Pepper

10 tips to plan a successful elopement-cum-marriage – Abhi

6. Joru Ka Gulaam

Amodini – Of ghar-jamai jokes and their side-effects.

R’s Mom asks, What’s the big deal?

The Bald Guy doesn’t think it’s a big deal,

How I/We spent my/our Sunday – The Bald Guy

7. Women and finances

Unmana – On women and financial freedom.

Richa – Lady let the man handle your finances.

8. Divorce is not a dirty word.

Closing that chapter – just as if nothing happened – Careless Chronicles

Why is the divorce rate increasing? – Nita

9. Joint Families and Indian daughters in law

Please try to choose two 🙂

In-Law Advice: What Husbands Should Do – Unmana

In-Law Advice: What Wives Should Do – Unmana

How to be a Sanskari Bahu – Careless Chronicles

Women have feelings, just like men do – Nita

Kahaani ghar ghar ki or insert a “K” serial  – Chandni

Joint Family versus Nuclear Family – R’s Mom

10. Female Feticide and Infanticide

The Pandas are Dying.– Gounder Brownie

The bad effects of too few women – Nita

11. Girl-children/ Daughters

Please do try to choose two  🙂

The feminist’s mother – Celestial Rays

Sons, anyone? – Rs Mom

Lessons From Sania Mirza Fiasco: Tips To Raise A Daughter – Giribala

Growing up female – Alankrita

12. Teenage issues and Sex education

Indian youth get their knowledge of sex mostly from friends, porno films and “self-reading”… Nita

Teenage Sex on the sly. Nita

When parents and teachers become the police – Meera Sundararajan

13. ‘Aww’- inspiring parenting moments.

The unseen scars – Celestial Rays

Little minds, big questions. – Suranga Date

14. Parenting.

Desi Parenting: Raising confused daughters – Desi Girl

Your Son today – My Husband Forever – SuKupedia

Sensitivity is Awareness : Are we ready for change? – Tikuli

15. Senior Citizens

Nuclear families/Elder care and such matters – RS

Pension Sarees and Security Blankets – Suranga

16. Indian Culture and Moral Policing

Please choose two :roll:

The war for women. – Neo Indian

Why does a woman need a man? – Usha

The culture vultures hate pre-marital sex – Nita

What’s your culture? – Suranga Date

17. What’s in a woman’s name?

The story of Alu and Gobhi. – Chandni

What’s in a name? – Khushi

The judges also loved,

An eternal S-walk….. – Suranga Date

Someone get me a gun – Chandni

18. Gender Stereotypes

Boys don’t cry. – Starry Eyed

Where Angels Fear to Tread – Gounder Brownie

The judges also loved,

The feminine side – Liberal Cynic

What Women Want: No, I’m Not Telling You. – Unmana

19. Mythology, traditions, religion and how they interpret women’s place in society

Draupadi – Episode 10 – Manasa

Women of the world rise it is time to invent a new God(s). – Desi Girl

Diwali – Celebrating the return of goddess Sita – Giribala

20. Sexists language, jokes and mindset

Of Virtue and Virility – Meera Sundararajan

Where you insult man by insulting all women – Shail

Outraging modesty – Usha

21. Books, Ads, TV, Movies…

Girlz – Gounder Brownie

All it takes to be a doormat, eat Kellogg’s! – Kiran Manral

Indian television and women – Amodini

22. Feminism is good for the society.

Biology vs. Culture DEATHMATCH!  – Nandini

The dreaded “F-word” – Chandni

23. Honor Killings

My honor is my curse. – Bhavia

Make the Khaps leave India – traitors to the Constitution. – Bhagwad Jal Park

24. Motherhood

Mamta: A perspective on roles of Indian Women. – Careless Chronicles

Woman,un-role yourself! – Usha

The judges also liked,

A little bit of laudanum in my life – Braja

25. Motherhood is worshiped. And mothers? (Category added later)

Motherhood Pain – SuKupedia

In the Name of Culture – Crescentia Kalpana David

26. Sexual Violence.

Convoluted sense of justice: Violence most foul – Shree Venkatram

Rape and dishonour– Usha

Sleeping with the enemy – Gounder Brownie

27. Street Sexual Harassment (Eve teasing)

Blank Noise –  Unmana

Stop calling it “eve teasing”. You are being molested, not teased. – The Restless Quill

Outraging the modesty – Usha

Its Time To Speak Up, To Act!! – Momofrs

Adjust – Shail

28. Do men believe that women ask for it? (Category added later)

Eve Teasing and why everyone is suffering coz of it – Aditya Nayak

The Woman’s Fault for dressing provocatively? – Bhagwad Jal Park

Slut Walk – Bikram

Insensitivity of the Society – Yogesh

29. Do men face sexual harassment?

The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking  – The Quirky Indian

30. Working Women

Sad but true – Chandni

The last bastion – Amodini

The judges also liked,

Why are there so few women leaders at the top of the workforce? – Richajn

Grrrr – Rs Mom on Women’s Web

Surviving in a man’s world – Meera’s reflections

31. Homemakers/ SAHM/ Non-earning working women

The ‘home maker’ stereotype – Sangitha

Conversation Starters– Stars in my eyes

Never! I don’t want his money! – Preethi  (Women’s Web)

How much are you needed? – starsinmeyes

32. Domestic Violence

How Abuse Begins? – Desi Girl

Some thoughts on Domestic Violence – Shail

Girls learn to say No – TBG

Special mention: http://vawawareness.wordpress.com/

33. Marital Rape (Category added later)

The darkness of marital rapes – Madperiodwoman

My experience with domestic violence–  Vidyut

34. Female Sexuality in Patriarchy (Category added later)

The Dirty Picture- Female Sexuality vs Patriarchy – Towards Harmony

35. Relationships Gyaan

I only get jealous because I love you  – Preeti Shenoy

Awww – Grounder Brownie

Your Rights in A Relationship – A Desi Girl’s Guide to Relationship Survival

36. A woman is a woman’s worst enemy?  (Category added later)

Desi Bahus :Gladiators in an arena – Desi Girl

Desi Women’s Friendships: Explore the Dynamics – Desi Girl

All the Old Knives – Gounder Brownie

37. Animal Rights

Animal Torture – I’m a Nazi…and so are you – Bhagwad Jal Park

Aggressive dog? Tips to handle… – Kalpana Mishra

No discrimination. – Sangitha

38. Oppressive Customs

Feminism and ‘Seven steps in the sky’  – Haresh Patel

“This is how we have always done it in this family.” – Usha

Of ritualistic torture and sadistic priests – Jiamata

39. A Happy Period? (Category added later)

Have a Happy Period – Imp’s Mom

Worshiping while Menstruating – Why not? – Deeps

40. Widowhood (Category added later)

“May your husband live a 100 years!” – Hamsini Ravi

The way women are viewed is still vaguely reminiscent of the sati days in some form… – Madperiodwoman

41. Inspiring Stories

Pickled and Preserved………जुनं मुरलेलं लोणचं … – Suranga Date

The Lady of Many Smiles –  Kamini Dandapani

42. LGBT Issues. (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender issues)

Wish – Pawan

Where do I belong? – Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury

Encounters of the Touchable Kind – Suranga

43. The way a woman dresses…

Clothing the women – Shail

Yes means yes, no means no – The Slut walk – Chandni

Dressed to kill – Yuvika Chaube

44. Media and crimes against women.

Delhi girls are easy?  – Careless Chronicles

And some stories media forgets,

The Story of Shilpi Jain… and her ‘suicide’ – Da Eternal Rebel

45. Contraception.

Let’s Talk about Contraception – Sue

No sex education for us. We’re Indian – Amodini

46. Social Crimes Against Women – Posts that cover social issues like widow burning, FGM, sex selection, Dowry, victim blaming, honor killing etc

Legalizing prostitution? – Sangitha

Remembering the half-saree – Usha

All in a days work – Pawan

47. Child Abuse and CSA.

CSAAM April 2011 – Books as aids to empowering a child to stay safe from sexual abuse – Sandhya

Recognize Child Sexual Abuse – Desi Girl

How are we protecting our children?– Starsinmyeyes

Speak up! – Usha

And a special mention to – http://csaawarenessmonth.wordpress.com/

A list of blogs that deal with Gender issues.

This list will be updated.

1. Blogs that deal exclusively with Feminism, Gender Issues etc.

Towards Harmony – Prathama

A Desi Girl’s Guide to Relationship Survival – Desi Girl

Naari (Hindi) –  Rachna –

Divorced Doodling
Careless Chronicles

Chaya Path – Nisha

2. Feminists in the Indian Blogosphere who blog about other things too.

Real Virtuality – Allytude

Kay in India

Small Town Feminist


The charade goes on…

Gounder Brownie

A lot Whimsical,Just like me!

Unmana’s Words – Unmana

Shail’s Nest

39 thoughts on “Feminism by Indian Bloggers

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  6. Wow! A very, very useful post! I recently started reading blogs and didn’t know there was so much to read on Indian feminism (our media rarely speaks of women’s issues beyond reporting crimes!). Thank you very much for this collection!


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  10. Excellent list of blogs (beside your excellent blog) to follow. It’s very refreshing to see a bunch of very reasonable people. Thanks.

    It would have been even better if the list of posts under LGBT category were by real LGBT people rather than non-LGBT folks presenting their privileged point of view.


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      • Ya so times are changing?
        And, we can’t allow the roles assumed by men & women in past to shade their new age roles and aspirations done out of free will.

        And, men who didn’t go out and work and earn for the wives they married were taunted as nikammas or namards by none other than their own wives and their parents (the man’s in-laws)

        Ok so just shut the hell up


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  15. Wow!! I just came across this….such amazing blogs. Have just ventured into field of blogging and it’s so nice to see so many amazing blogs n writers. Do hv a look at my blog.


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