No women and troubles allowed in this wedding.

In Saudi Arabia,

TABUK: Wedding cards usually include a note asking invitees not to bring children. However, one Saudi groom decided to take things a step further by putting a note on his wedding card asking guests not to bring women.

The man’s decision has left many people surprised, but the youth is adamant saying women cause all sorts of trouble and problems, and that it costs a lot to cater for women. [Link]

Yes, he is marrying a woman (It’s mentioned).  I am not sure if same sex marriages are allowed in Saudi Arabia.

No there’s nothing about her backing out yet.

Yes, she probably won’t be attending many weddings in the coming years.

Of Guns and Weddings…

The only thing that makes staying away from the Blogosphere bearable are the messages from blogging friends that you were missed. Thank You for each one of those messages and comments :)

The past few days were loaded with blog worthy moments! Right from the time I got out of the Airport, …or even before that, right from the moment an Uncle called to invite us for a cousin’s wedding.

The first thought was to explain how impossible it was to attend. Then he mentioned how they feared my dad would not have approved of their son getting married to a non Hindu, non-Indian girl. How they had no choice because the boy will not marry any other girl…

If I wasn’t blogging I would have just thought, “What a crazy family we are!” But now I notice how many Indias we have in our family.

Uncle seemed to think that his adult son owed an explanation to a cousin he’s only met at various weddings and other such functions.

Although he is Dad’s sister’s son, to me cousin V was just another over-enthusiastic young cousin dancing for the video-walla at my wedding. I assure his dad I will not miss this wedding for anything and I was sure cousin V was old enough to take this decision. (Resisted the urge to add that all this was none of my business anyway…)

Uncle: That’s what he says, his bank leaves decisions worth millions to him, but he feels we don’t trust him to take any decisions…

IHM: I guess the times are changing and we must stand by our kids.

Uncle : Your aunt thinks this would have never happened if your dad was alive.

IHM: Dad would have only wanted to see all the kids in the family happy.

Lots more along the same lines, and I am proud of this Uncle for being wiser than many other parents in the family. I know of another cousin who wasn’t happy with the marriage that was arranged for him… and who told me? His wife, a gynecologist :(

I am also mildly horrified by the image- totally untrue – dad has. His sister claims this calamity would never have befallen them if my Dad was alive!

She said something about dad taking out his gun.

…and me aware that a nephew had tattooed his non Hindu girl friend’s very Christian name on his chest :)

And Dad had laughed indulgently when he heard of it.