How I …err we made India win in Mohali.

Watching the CWC2011 semi final with friends on twitter was an experience.
@prateekshah: All said and done, the fun on twitter was comparable to the action on field 🙂 ad Crazzzyy fun!
@Miilee: My maid just came running in, asking if Sachin is still playing… She ran all the way from her home!! We Indians sure do lo …
What makes it so interesting? It’s just cricket after all? Yes it is hyped, but it’s also fun. Maybe what makes it more interesting is the fact that…
@TIME: A sixth of humanity is watching #indvspak right now. What are you doing? |
You celebrate,

@jhunjhunwala: NEHRA!!! NEHRA!!! NEHRA!!!

@Ruchira_Shukla: bless you bhajji bleess you

@monikamanchanda: Munaf Jiyo mere lal

@mysticmargarita: PAK de India!!!

@Netra: RT @prateekshah: Hahahahahahahahahaha, SACHIN TENDULKAR! THE ENTIRE PAKISTAN TEAM IS WITH YOU!

@chin80: Best part was, no sledging or heated arguements spotted between the two teams today. Just great cricket!

@prateekshah: Sachin Tendulkar is Rajnikanth in disguise

@iyamalhotra: koi shaque???

@mannbik: SODA Lemon Ginger POP.. India WILL BE ON TOP

You make ‘Expert comments’

phoenixritu: Gul plays for India

AneelaBabar: Mujhey thoda thoda Munaf Patel par piyaar aaney laga hai #DheereyDheereyPiyarKoBadhanaHai

Sourav_Pandey: Pakistan will now officially be called DROPistan! 😀

@prateekgupta: I was writing a tweet about Yuvraj and before I could complete he was bowled out 😦

phoenixritu: /fuckkkkkkkkkkk

@NehaThakkar14: today Bhajji is fielding for Pakistan!

AneelaBabar: Bhaji paagal hogaya

@fakingnews: I think Pakistanis have taken the critics’ “India loses when Sachin scores a century” logic too seriously.

@madversity: Sachin should be Man of the Catch not Match

We missed nothing!

@sandhyas: My ma says ‘kinna nahaya dhoya minister hai’ maybe the only one@monikamanchanda: #spotted Shashi Tharoor din ban gaya 🙂

@greatbong: Shiney Ahuja goes to jail for 7 years. Good thing he wont have to see Pakistan win easy.

(But why do we want good things to happen to Shiney Ahuja?)

You share your disappointment too,

@Supreeka: Why the hell are we giving away 4s? Bakre ko mota kar rahe hai kya?@AneelaBabar
@AneelaBabar: @meIHM KAun Kambakht Bardasht karney ko peeta hai, kuch log misfielding bhoolney ko
@dineshjk: Ab Hafeez Ko Khuda Haafiz Karo
row_hini: I bother to wake up at 5 AM for this match and this is what happens! #fail
meIHM: Match abhi baaki hai. 🙂
And sometimes, when it just gets too much!
@bchattdutt: TV off. Going to wash this 1st innings off me like a bad memory 😦

We make great coaches and instructors.

@NehaThakkar14: cmmon bhajji..time for some ungali mein tingli!

@iyamalhotra: Sardar ji tussi sadi hope ho.. please aaram se maaro

@booboosmamma: gana bajana band karo, game pe concentrate karo (to the audience in Mohali I think)

@NehaThakkar14: be consistent Afride! that’s the way to go!

@skodithala: Chal Afridi…. aur ek chance mil gaya. Prove yourself to be a good man, get OUT!

There’s wishful thinking.
@phoenixritu: Lets hope they collapse and dont finish their overs
What made this tweet so special? Please guess!! The Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup goes to the three winners.
AneelaBabar: There is a God up there and s/He is wearing a green and white jersey now
@amruthaupendran: One more wicket please!!! Pretty please!
We predict.
@SnowLeapord: The story will be told to the future generations of the Nehra Family
@thecomicproject: That Harbhajan roar is going to be all over National Geographic and Discovery
We ask questions.
jhunjhunwala: Why is that Kamran Akmal screaming from behind the stumps as if he is selling vegetables? dus ka …
@TheMasakkali: Will Munaf get his hat-trick? To be or not to be k chakkar me naa pado bhaiya. Go, get it.
@amruthaupendran: What’s the score ppl?
And we sacrificed our comfort. #Anti Jinx…
You don’t get up, you throw away water bottles until the end of the match, you have lucky chairs and sometimes…

@fakingnews My roommate just went to take a pee and we got a wicket. I’ve locked him in the bath …
@booboosmamma: lock the bathroom
@Ayeshazh: Throw away the keys 😛 RT
@chrony: Can someone unlock the door. i am inside
@froZENwell: My next tweet will be when one wicket falls, and you know I am a twitter addict! Make it soon.
meIHM: I can tweet now, fingers stiff from keeping crossed for so long!!
@phoenixritu: Blimey! I think I should go back to the kitchen. They score runs #antijinx
AneelaBabar: Yes Yes Yes the water break worked Thankyou @meIHM
Here’s how I did my bit.
@m_sahai: nahin IHM, please kuch na kaho! last time it worked! remember!#antijinx
@mannbik: @meIHM Dont say anything for the next 4 overs nowwwww 🙂
meIHM: _____________________________________
@amruthaupendran: What’s the score ppl?
meIHM: ___________

And were duly thanked 🙂

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Thanks to all you guys for allowing me to follow the match so easily with your updates 🙂

And finally,

@Shakti_Shetty: Thank goodness, we won. Or else almost one-sixth of human population would have slipped into depression.

@prateekshah: It doesn’t matter what happens with Lanka, for a lot of Indians we have won the World Cup 🙂

@kiranmanral: Ah. But I cannot raise such competitiveness in myself against Sri Lanka.

meIHM: I agree. For me, this was the Final.