Liberal waywardness and degeneration!

To a commenter on Thank God for small mercies who says...

… .the pubs now. Only Mangalore seems to rankle in liberal minds, but let’s look at the issues.

* Under-age drinking. I have not seen a single liberal question the fact that children as young as 16 are now allowed to drink… Which liberal questioned the fact that these students were in a pub during the day, instead of in college? I’m against what happened but that’s hardly a case to close one’s eyes to the issues at hand.

Under age drinking is a big problem in the slums in my neighbourhood, semi literate goons are not authorised to deal with either them or with women in Pubs.

The only thing to do here is to inform the authorities. If the individual is more than 21 (legal age for drinking) then you are in no position to ‘take the law in your hand’, not even if the person is a woman. Not even if she is dancing with someone who you suspect is not her husband. No point trying to call her parents, if she is more than 18, she can marry or live with anyone of her choice.

Bothers you?

We may all live in one country, but we have many different lifestyles and cultures [Please read this linked post], and we are not qualified to teach other equal citizens how to spend their free time.

All radicals and fanatics think they know best how citizens, especially female citizens, must live, and if we don’t mind our attitude, there will be no difference between us and the Taliban.

* Watering holes used as a conduit for prostitution.

Prostitution, mainly when the rich are involved, is a big worry for all moral police. (The morals of the sex workers on the streets are neglected making one wonder if the concern is genuine.) Anyway here again the eager to protect macho goons will have to let the equal citizens decide for themselves. Unless they have comitted a crime, they continue to be free to frequent the places of recreation they wish to.

Also, prostitutes have legal rights too.

2. Accusations of prostitution are also used to discourage supporters. Those who kill women for ‘honor’ would rarely  utter a word to support a girl who is accused, even indirectly, of being involved in prostitution.

What I would like to see liberals do is talk about responsibilities rather than rights. Who picks up the tab when the costs become exorbitant?

One responsibility here is to create awareness against such crimes. We can’t allow a talibanisation to take over our Democratic values.

…Men with their liberal waywardness are party to such degeneration.

Read about what happens when nearly every man gets drunk every evening in the slums and in villages in many parts of India, here. The terrified, hungry children, the helpless mothers, the helpless alcoholic, the family trying to hide their bruises and their problem, or families beyond caring who learns of their ugly problems. That’s degeneration.

Women drinking and dancing in clubs is just another way in which our vast nation and its diverse people celebrate life.


Why a ban on jeans may not stop street sexual harassment of women.

This post is in response to this news.

Why a ban on jeans may not stop street sexual harassment* of women.

Because sexual harassment existed in India before women started wearing western clothing. The difference is that now girls dare to speak up.

Why do we have street sexual harassment in the first place?

Because young boys are curious about girls and they want to get to know them. This is perfectly natural, but in our society they dare not express this. When they cannot speak to girls, they find negative, unwelcome and generally offensive ways to seek their attention.

Irresponsible statements and punishing the victim confuses the culprit. The boys notice they are not being blamed for molesting the girls, because the girls ‘asked for it’. This attitude does no good to a society, especially when this society will soon have a large number of unmarried boys.

When boys are focused on their careers they are less likely to find the free time to harass a girl no matter what she is wearing, but an aimless boy with plenty of free time will linger in her daily route to college. Not knowing how else to handle what he feels, especially if his attentions are not welcomed, he might do anything from whistling, singing, trying to touch her or throwing acid on her face.

Again what kind of clothes she wears has nothing to do with his actions.

Adults in positions of authority and influence should not be making baseless statements that reek of inefficiency. Colleges need to seek police assistance to ensure their students’ safety, the way colleges in bigger cities do.  Sexual harassment is a crime and should be treated as one.

Meeta Jamal must understand that there is no end to the ways in which she might find girls’ provocative. Today it is tight jeans, tomorrow it will be the way the girls wear their dupatta or the way they laugh or walk, and banning all of these has still not protected women in conservative societies. How safe are women in Taliban?

I have said this earlier, I repeat again, these are future scientists, doctors, teachers and mothers in those pairs of form fitting jeans. Meeta Jamal’s job is ensure they grow into confident young women, not  helpless victims who blame themselves for any and every crime committed against themselves.

(*Street sexual harassment is inaccurately and euphemistically called Eve Teasing)

I am still on a blog break, this post was written in a moving car -for the first time in my life!  I just had to meet a dhamaal ka provocation on my blog break 😉

What would Taliban say to Juno?

This video can be very disturbing.

\”Please stop it,\” she begs, alternately whimpering or screaming in pain with each blow to the backside. \”Either kill me or stop it now.\”

A video showing a teenage girl being flogged by Taliban fighters has emerged from the Swat Valley in Pakistan… The two-minute video, shot using a mobile phone, shows a burka-clad woman face down on the ground. Two men hold her arms and feet while a third, a black-turbaned fighter with a flowing beard, whips her repeatedly.For being seen with a man.

The girl in the video is 17, same age as a girl studying in class XII. How old is that? Girls at 17 are giggling and gossiping about which boys they think are cute, and if the giggling is reciprocated maybe they go out. Sometimes without the parents’ knowledge. They might bunk school or college, maybe deceive the \’authorities\’ and ruin their future either by neglecting school work, or by getting into ‘serious trouble’, and since we do not live \’abroad\’ they cannot hope to have the baby and find her loving adoptive parents like Juno could.

(If you have not seen the movie yet, please do.)

There are chances of their being put in a situation where they take their own lives, because we believe that for girls there is no life after dishonour. Nothing happens to the boy.

Without getting into how wrong or how unacceptable it is for a girl to behave so immorally or irresponsibly, I wonder if WE have the moral right to have such control over another human life and body, for any reason, even for ‘ her own good’?

And then how is it good for her that she can be beaten in pubs, flogged in public, or offered the option of marrying her rapist.

How is it good for her that we have created a society where another rapist declared the victim ‘too used’ to marry his son.

We have made so much of a girl’s virginity and her reputation, that she will not be able to tell if the rapist is not a stranger, but her own father? Malayalidoc, a doctor in Kerala, wrote a post about incest leading to AIDS here. And we see how we have enough control over her life to decide if she is better dead.