This is not Democracy but Gundagiri – Muthalik

Last year a group of men allegedly attacked, kicked and molested young girls in a pub in Mangalore.  Their leader justified the attack, captured on camera, as an attempt to stop ashleeltaa (immoral behaviour). They have not been heard of protesting against drinking and violence in rural or impoverished areas.

These men also promised to marry any young boys and girls seen together on Valentine’s Day.  (Some young couples thought that was a convenient way to get married without parental approval).  There was even some speculation amongst bloggers that perhaps this group  supported same sex relationships.

The nation was shocked by their attack on innocent citizens and there were massive protests including the amazingly successful Pink Chaddi Campaign. The mountains of pink chaddis he received in protest put an end to his plans to stop Valentine’s Day celebrations, but only for that year.

“The incident happened when Mutalik was getting ready to participate in a debate on Valentine’s Day in an open air theatre when some youths barged in, dragged him from the stage and blackened his face…

An angry Mutalik termed called the attackers as “Goondas”.
Vasant Kumar, the rattled Bangalore chief of Sri Ram Sene, said “It is a shame on our democracy. It is not a shame for Mutalik but for every Indian”. [link]

I thought what happened last year was a shame for every Indian. Who would have dreamt last year that they even understood the meaning of the term ‘Democratic’! 

I am trying to remind myself that blackening of faces is not the right way to punish anybody in a democracy and this could lead to terrible repercussions.

But just take a look at the face in the pink heart… 😉  Click on the image to watch the video on You Tube.

😉 😆 😆 😆

For more rofl  information, watch this video, to find out why somebody will hate not just pink but now also black 😉


Provocatively Dressed

To Moral Brigade(s) and their Supporters,
We should know that frivolous terms like Provocative Dressing might make a sexual assaulter feel that the responsibility of preventing sexual assaults lies with the victim.

Violent men are helpless victims of provocation?
Saying women must not dress provocatively makes us sound like Taliban. (Now we wouldn’t want that?)
We also need to keep in mind that we are talking about adult citizens here, they have the right to vote, they can get a driving license, and they can even own property or start an independent business! And often do and very successfully too. (I understand that can make anybody painfully jealous, it does seem wrong that they should do so well despite the major hurdles their gender faces … but women these days are like that, give them a chance and they fly, reach the sky, and even the moon. Accept it.)

Your over enthusiasm and interest in her clothes might lead some to believe that you are looking at women more than you should be. (Most women consider such unwanted attentions very revolting; they might suspect your morals).
Your insistence on deciding the correct code of dressing here is against the law. (I am assuming most of you offenders and supporters have not been to school, so I am simplifying it for you.) Instead we need to ensure that men are guided very firmly about the acceptable code of their own conduct. They need to get it very clear that tight jeans and noodle straps are poor excuses for criminal acts against other equal (even if they are better qualified, they are only equal) citizens. We need to concentrate on providing a secure academic and emotional foundation to create a nation of women who do not hold themselves responsible for any and every atrocity committed against them. Your own mothers, daughters, sisters and wives also will benefit more from this (much more) than from being taught how to dress.
I know of thousands of women who have not benefited in anyway, when they were compelled to cover themselves from head to toe in traditional attire. Their families, specially their children have suffered because these mothers were often made too weak, by such controls, to stand up for them in all so many ways children need their mothers to….so it seems wearing traditional clothing does not automatically make you a better mother, sister, daughter, citizens, wife, woman etc.
Strong mothers and strong women make a strong nation.You think it is only about drinking in the Pub? The drinking in the Pub is just symbolic
(Just like PCC is). You understand symbols? Like bangles for weakness? Like Duryodhan and Duhshsan for … if only you had some education, it would have been simpler to explain. But let me try …When a nation overlooks an act of violence against it’s citizen only because they are women, they are not creating a very confident generation of women. Let me try and speak your language again, …these women are going to raise the future of this nation… Please let us stop treating them like they have no thinking capacity!

And this is a nation where women are anyway having difficulty even being born. We make it tougher for parents to have daughters, and for those daughters who are born to feel safe, let alone feel free.
Women (and men) need to be able to decide for themselves how they dress, what careers they choose, when and to whom, if at all, they marry or live with without marrying. Because we have hungry families, and unemployed men, and no drinking water, and houses which flood every monsoon.

Tomorrow you might find even a girl’s face, eyes, lips or feet provocative? How are you guys going to survive?

I think we need a stricter code of conduct for men like you here.You will benefit from gentlemanly behaviour and discipline. Women are now everywhere. And we will see them as bosses, better drivers, being able to afford better recreation … (I understand the surge of envy, but you really have to work harder, just being born a male is not really important any longer, at least in their circles…). Many of them come from families where success is more important than marriage and children are. (Yes I am aware that this is all too much to digest, it seems these women come from a different planet, well in a way they do.) Many are happily married with children, oh yes and their husbands are aware that they drink, and talk to men in their office and also outside but no, they don’t drag them by their hair for that … (You ask, ‘Why not?’. Let’s just say, self confidence does that to men. And women too. You won’t understand …)

The world has changed too much while you were worrying about which caste or religion or language or region was being victimised.
But it’s never too late. You just need to understand that they are your equal. No matter how much better they earn, what fancy cars they drive, how much more fun they seem to have, how much better they look … they are only your equals.

As for their clothes, for all you know there is probably a future scientist behind that Rakhi-Sawant-dress-alike.

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Our India and Their India.

Our India.

One in which we discuss if our daughters should be choosing Science or Humanities. One India discusses if a dear daughter looks better in a blue noodle strap top or in a black halter neck dress.
One India is explaining their assets and investments to their children, daughters included.
One India is daughters cheerfully opening champagne bottles to celebrate.
One India is parents dropping their kids and friends (girls and boys) to the club for a dance.
One India has daughters sitting on the kitchen counter, reading out from Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul to parents trying some new recipe.
One India has parents sending a daughter for a holiday abroad(/camps/traveling with friends?) on her 17th birthday – alone.
One India is planning driving classes for a soon to be adult child … a girl, because autos are not safe.
One India sometimes might forget to tell this apple of their eye that their is a world outside, of inferior men who think she is not an equal citizen.

The other India might just accept that molesting can be a debatable topic.

He belongs to the Other India.
He’s still stuck in an era where if a woman is beaten by her husband she has probably burnt the rice.
He comes from a era where a woman cannot even dry her under wear where it can be seen.
Where men walk around scratching and shirtless, with an obscenely wrapped lungi, but women must not, cannot even ask for a painkiller for period cramps without pretending a headache.
Where women must bathe in any weather before sun rise because …
Where it is dangerous to use common toilets at night. Men lurk to wait for some characterless, immoral woman who might need to use these shared loos.

So please do not say these attacks are not against the poor women.
When the privileged ones are attacked the underprivileged become even more vulnerable.

This man comes from Hubli?
So he comes from a place so seeped in Indian culture that women in villages around there still stuff red chili in their children’s eyes if they are being troublesome.

When they go for working in the fields they tie (yes like puppies) their two year olds in an open area outside their house so the neighbours and people passing by can watch over them. Generally they are gone for many hours, so they leave water and ‘pao’ (bun).

When these children are a little older they are sent to cities to work as domestic helpers. So at least they get decent meals.

Where if they really don’t like one of their many children the parents just let this child die of neglect.

Where a man only gets rebuked when he tries to burn his sleeping family of five daughters and one son, while they slept. (His wife was threatening to tell his soon to be second wife’s parents, that her 37 year husband was not an eligible bachelor.)

If he has grown up near Hubli, it’s easy to understand why he doesn’t think molesting the girls was wrong.
He cannot be expected to understand that the women who send him those Pink Chaddis do not consider him worthy of a more intellectual debate.

He is not.

REMEMBER TO WEAR PINK (real men can wear pink, only fifth-fail-molesters-can’t) TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS PROTEST.