Seven things about your friendly neighbourhood blogger :)

Apu tagged me to write 7 random things that people don’t know about me, I twisted the tag just a little to make it ‘Seven things people do not know about me as a typical Indian blogger’.

Some of these would apply to many other bloggers I guess.  Do tell if these apply to you too…

1. I find WORD VERIFICATION on Blogger blogs discouraging. Sometimes I read a post but don’t comment when faced with the challenge of Word Verification.

I did not use it when my blog was on Blogger, because I didn’t think it was nice to make it difficult for a reader to comment 🙂 I had enabled comments moderation and and it took one click to delete spam comments, if any.
I once blogged about it here, in “Do you hate comments?

2. I find reading updates in Google Reader convenient. 😆

Also… although plagiarism is a risk, and Shetal Shahs do exist  😐 I still prefer an entire post instead of a snippet in the reader.

I don’t understand why some blogs do not give easy options for subscription. 😯

I have made sure nobody misses this icon on my blog!  😉

If you missed it – click at once and subscribe. 😈

3. I think a lot of us also click on comments to follow commentators to their blogs. If the url or blog address was filled in the column provided (while leaving a comment), then you have left your foot prints behind. This makes it easier for anybody who found the comment interesting, to reach your blog.

4.  I use  READ IT LATER – a one click wonder to save pages one plans to read later. This also means there is no need to keep 10-15 tabs open and slow down the computer.

Readitlater, a Firefox add-on can also be added to Ipod or Iphone. [Click here to install]

5. Shareaholic [Click to install] is another one-click-wonder – I use it to tweet any posts I like, including my own updates.  Shareaholic can also be used for tweeting our search engine terms 🙂 Or with Gmail, Facebook, Google Reader – though I have never tried these.

6. I miss using Windows Live Writer on MacBook. I wish there was something equally convenient that could be used on MacBook 😦  Any ideas?

7. I completed one year on WordPress on April 5.  Spent an entire day adding badges, updating links on old posts, adding a new page called ‘Headers‘.

And exploring Blog Stats 😆 I found that the most fascinating of all 🙂

I was amazed to find what people were searching for when they were directed to this blog 🙂 Some of the terms were funny, but some of the searches reveal a lot about us as a society.

Let me end this list with another list…

Search Terms 🙂
The largest number of search terms on any web site are I suppose always the blog and the blogger’s name, so I will ignore the ihm, ihm on WP, indian homemaker etc.

The next most popular terms were these.
(Will soon link them to relevant posts)

joru ka ghulam meaning   143   [Post: Some Joru ke Gulaam I am proud of 🙂 ]
bougainvillea 71
when did women start working 68  [ Post: When did women start working?]
meaning of joru ka ghulam 17
Joru ka Ghulam  16
when did women start to work 20
when did women begin to work 17

Some made me sad…  😦
what cultures approve of teen marriages?  1
indian girls life so sad 1
joint family system bickering and fight  1
indian mothers donot care for daughters 1
mumbai girls wear jeans  1
daughter-refuse-to-talk-scared-of-father  1

And a shocking number of these. (These terms were spread over a year, but still are a lot) – I have never believed all women are suited for, or should be expected to enjoy motherhood, this makes me doubly sure.

i don’t like being a mother 18 [Post: What I don’t like about being a mother.]
don t like being mother 17
hate being a mother 16

It’s obvious that we need posts like ‘Sex education has nothing to do with Blue Films’

how to handle your daughter pre(marital sex) 1
does smoking ruin a womans sex appeal ? 1

And many more single searches of similar kind.

And…  I wish this blog had answers to these ones!  🙂

how to be witty like shahrukh  1
speech on gulmohar tree  1

I would love to read similar lists from whoever would be kind enough to pick this tag 🙂 Please do!


Headless No More!

Thank You Chirag for coming to the rescue of this headless blog 🙂

I had attempted many headers and was unhappy totally miserable with all. I wanted a header which would not be too different from the header in the last blog and still look like it’s made for this blog … now I love the arty looking white rectangles in this header.. (look like they are made with oil paint?). I am sure the blog doesn’t look eerie anymore  : )

So here’s Chirg being thanked a million times once again, on a Sticky Tape which was also brought to us by him  🙂

As promised here’s the SMARTNESS CUP  for Surbhi and Solilo the WINNERS OF GUESING THE 55ER CONTEST.

The Smartness Cup!

The Smartness Cup!

What? You think you were close in guessing, and deserved the cup? Our Judge HRE Hitchwriter cheated?Watch this space for links to perfect recipes for Mutton biryani and more 55ers …


Moving from Blogger to WordPress?

When I started blogging last January, I had created two blogs, one in Blogger, one in Word Press. Both with the same name.  Somehow the blogger blog was where the first few posts were published, and then it went on to become an online home 🙂

Life changed. The world became blog tinted. The Word Press Blog was abandoned. Blogger had me blogaddicted 🙂

I guess this was because Blogger is easier to use.

Recently when Solilo and Chirag convinced Indyeah, and Indyeah convinced Hitchwriter and Hitchwriter convinced Ordinary Guy and OG convinced Smitha – maybe not in that exact sequence 😉  I did not need any convincing  🙂  Roop, Nimmy, Nita, Charakan, Reflections and many others had complained that they were finding it difficult to comment, specially from their cell phones. And then I read this  helpful post by Destination Infinity where he mentions how he has two blogs one on Blogger and another one on Word Press and he updates both with the same content.

Everybody said Word Press is better than Blogger but I didn’t like the idea of  leaving behind older content, specially all the discussions and comments.  When I read  that the content from the first blog, with all the comments, could be imported with one click of a button, to a new blog, the decision was made.

It turned out to be the easiest thing to do. After consulting Hitchwiter, Ajit, Chirag, Destination Infinity and Solilo (THANK YOU!) a copy of all the Blogspot blog content- all posts and all comments were easily imported to the Word Press Blog.

One difficulty was the header from the first blog could not be used for the new blog (size difference).  Creating a new one sounds like a lot of fun, so no problem there either.

Copying the blogroll is easy if we follow Chirag’s tips in this post. (I am yet to do this.)

I am yet to sort all the categories, and try all the exciting options available in Word Press, this is my first post on WP, (Started writing it on Blogspot, imported to WP – yes 142 drafts were imported too!)

How does Word Press compare with Blogspot?

1. Word Press is great for comments threading , comments editing, moderating, replying to comments.

2. Writing posts is easier too, with an extra interesting option of strike through 🙂  I always wanted this. There are many  other features too.  Still enjoying the surprises 🙂  It’s as good as using Microsoft Word.

3. Then there are BLOG STATS .

Blog stats look like this. (This means we do not need widgets like Feedjit, Live Traffic Feed in WP, but I read somewhere  that these widgets can be added to Word Press too)

Blog Stats Summary Tables

Total views: 49

Busiest day: 24 — Monday, April 6, 2009

Views today: 24


Posts: 216 (imported from Blogger)

Comments: 9,750 (imported from Blogger)

Categories: 255

Tags: 0

4. You can also see Referrers and Search Engine Terms the same way.

5. Categories are another feature that make it easier for blog readers to look for what interest them. Like I found some readers were interested in reading only Family posts or only Gender related posts, Blog Spot does not have Categories – and I missed that.

6. Word press also lets you choose who can see your blog, in case you wish to have a blog for just your family, or a group of like minded people you have that option!

7. I think what might be easier in Blog Spot is it is easier to use and decorate 🙂  You can add a wider range of fun widgets.

8.  The ease of importing, the the excitement of redecorating a new home are tempting, but the biggest charm that Word Press has is the ease of replying to comments. Blogging is interactive, and being able to respond to comments  was important for me.

Do you think this move will be good idea?