Option 1.

A list of all the posts published on this blog.

List of Posts 2008 – Jan to Dec.

List of posts 2009 – Jan to Dec.

List of posts 2010 – Jan to Dec.

List of posts 2011– Jan to Dec.

List of posts 2012 – till Nov 17th.

Option 2.

I Blog About – Category-wise lists.

Option 3.

Click on the arrow on the right for complete list. 🙂

To create a similar list on your blog click here for instructions or simply type the code below without the dots on a New Post or New Page on your WordPress blog 🙂

[.archives. limit.=450.]

Replace 450 with the number of posts you’d like to be displayed.

Option 4.

And here are the last 300 posts on this blog 🙂

15 thoughts on “Archives

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  2. IHM – the posts I write in 2010 will be automatically added to my 2009 archives…Is there a way out of it? What if I want to make a separate archive for 2010?

    Me – I noticed even the post names in the example I put up with just 4-5 posts, have been updating!! 🙂 Take a look at all their examples Sraboney, if you come up with a solution, I would like to try it too!! 😦


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