About Me

Moved  to WordPress from Blogspot in April 2009.

I blog about the everyday life of an urban Indian homemaker and her reactions to what’s happening in the world around her. So I blog against violence and intolerance, and against our use of tradition, culture and religion to justify anything that common sense might refuse to accept; I write against gender bias, (a lot of this), and our biases against girl children even in educated families; against all stifling stereotypes, about my kids (son, daughter Tejaswee Rao, and the youngest, Brat Three), pets and family, my domestic helpers, my neighbors and friends, and animal rights and politics etc. And about my blogging experience : )

Blogging is cathartic for me. Injustice and cruelty  bothers me. I feel there’s always something we can do. When we can do nothing else, we can create awareness.

(Updated this page to quote straight out of my blogadda interview, I found that more apt than the earlier About page 😉 )

More about me here 😉


103 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Where are all your awards ?

    Kislay the post is almost done, I take the longest to write these posts 🙂 Today I learnt from Solilo how to display that and finished the easier job of “I BLOG ABOUT” and ABOUT ME page. Now working on the AWARDS page…. And there is a very special purple badge amongst them 🙂


  2. IHM, Did you delete the previous about me page? You could have just edited it. Now comments are lost, right?

    No it’s still there, I hope to add a post there…., is it possible to publish both, linked or something?? Now ou are going to get fed up with my questions!!


    • You can edit that and add ‘About me’ there and then use this page for something else like your awards or banners or anything of your interest.

      You can ‘number’ pages and make them appear in the order you want. Like I told you in the mail last night. Otherwise it will appear only in alphabetic order.

      THANK YOU 🙂 I will copy the awards page that is half ready here 🙂


  3. I like your new blog, but I keep your old blog link for the blogroll!

    Gosh Allytude, I have been doing the same,very haphazardly…. I have to add a blog roll here, actually I tried but it didn’t work.. it wasn’t updating (…we have ‘private pages’ option in WP, so it isn’t visible yet)… I better work on it, and get it working!!)


  4. I like the new blog. 🙂 I have been away from blogging for awhile, but I am back as well… at my new blog here at WordPress.

    Welcome to the neighbourhood Sindhu .. dropping in right away!!!:)


  5. did you get all your traffic and feed readers back after moving to wordpress ? 🙂

    I am not even able to install the widgets for counting the readers Dinu. I could only find the codes for Blogger and live…something, but not for WordPress!
    Blogger had 297 subscribers but sometimes it showed 285, the number changed all the time- not sure how many on WP….


  6. Just wanted to let you know I have added you to my blogroll. Hope that’s okay! 🙂

    Hey Sindhu, that’s fabulous … honored!! Neki aur pooch pooch? 😆


  7. Wow IH, your blog is going great guns! Keep up the good work! I am finally back to the unreal world of the internet and back to blogging after months now. Good job!

    Thank You and Welcome back Siddharth 🙂 I look forward to your reading your bigoted views 😆


  8. hello…
    bumped into this blog of your’s and just hooked to it…………so many things i would like to comment on….i’ll come back and interact . you are doing a good job dear, i am comparatively a new blogger and a confused one….:D:D……have too many of them….do visit if you find time.

    Sure… and welcome here Sangeeta Khanna


  9. I love you….i mean i feel totally connected to you though I am niether in India nor IHM….I have started reading your blogs and just love them…..My perspective is totally different then what you have mentioned for IHM…i think IHM are the greatest people in world….I could not have done what they do!


  10. just reads some bits of your blog durign my coffeee break. went to india 3 years ago ( very short visit, only new delhi and agra) and fell in love in india…o at least with what i’ve seen of it.

    you have a very good, witty, and fresh writing and i’ll continue reading you.
    cheers from Romania,

    Welcome to my blog Maria! And thank you for your kind and encouraging words !


  11. A big HI to you from another home maker !!!

    I am nodding my head, agreeing with whatever you say about the idea ppl have about home makers, in India.

    Come on, lets make a difference !!!!

    YAY!!! …and WELCOME Uma! 😆


  12. I am in LOVE with your header, IHM. You know I collect Ganpati and I have one made of sandalwood very similar to the one on your header. Now everyone who knows me, picks different styles of Ganpati just for me.

    The Yellow font actually is subtle and blends with the bg. Love the color.

    Thank You !! Solilo this is so amazing, I have a collection of Ganpati too 🙂 Stone, marble, rope, glass, silver, plaster of paris, clay etc… ! So here we have one more thing in common !!!


    • WOW! you too. That is amazing. Rope too? I don’t have one in that. My mom, MIL, cousins always keep an eye out for a special form of Ganpati just for me. It is wonderful.

      Rope from Goa 🙂 Nothing great but very creative 🙂 And how sweet of your family to keep your interest in mind, I too will tell you if I see something new or different…. you must blog about your Ganpati collection!! 🙂


      • I collect snow globes and have a Ganapati inside a snow globe…..now a question to two of my fave bloggers…. Can I be a part of your cool gang? 😥 *sakshi holding the snowy Ganapati in front of her hoping that IHM and Sols might notice it before answering NO*


  13. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. And yea!! nice blog…seems I am a bit late to get to know about this celebrity blogger… 7 visitors online, interview with blogadda, page rank 3 and all so important awesome posts….nice nice…good going..!! keep it up 🙂


  14. Hi,
    I mail you from a News Radio Network in The United States.We are interested in profiling successful blogs that tackle core issues in India and are interested in you’re successful blog . If you’re fine with the idea , please contact me. Thanks,

    Me – Emailed you, thank you! Honored!


  15. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well! This is Anamika Tiwari Chief Editor at Webneetech.com. At present we are interviewing entrepreneurs and now we are starting another section to feature (interview) bloggers and their blog on webneetech.com

    Would like to feature your interview on our website.

    I was not able to find any contact details of yours so using this comment box. Please let me know your email id or else contact us on i.webneetech@gmail.com, so that we can send you the questionnaire and feature you on webneetech.com Please visit http://www.webneetech.com to know more about us.



    • Jingalalai Jingalalai Jingalalai…

      O meri pyaari IHM… meri pyaari pyaari IHM
      De de de mera SRK wapas de de O cruel IHM!

      Me – SRK has chosen a book name and made his choice. I wish I could help here, but perhaps you could try changing your blog name to ‘Dilwale Solilo Le Jayenge’ or Dil to Solilo Hai’ or Solilo Se, or Sillu Blogger or Billu’s Soliloquies, or… well, you get the idea 😉

      He he heh


  16. hopped by to congratulate you on the Indibloggies’ nomination.

    Congratulations! So happy for you IHM 🙂

    Have been stuck with some domestic obligations. will be back to read your posts soon 🙂


  17. Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
    anyhow thanks for the good read!


  18. its a wonderful blog! 😛
    have been on wordpress for quite a long time now (i guess nearly one and half year) and i have been coming across your name in the comments sections on various blogs but didnt bother to drop in that time. but i guess today i finally did it and made it to your blog. a colorful header indeed 😛
    adding you to my blogroll to make next visit. and certainly a thumbs up to this blog 🙂


  19. *crafty clears throat while IHM has no clue about the impending doom*

    Tujhe dekha toh yes jaana IHM….
    Blogging se Pyaar hota hai deewana IHM….
    Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum?
    Tere blog pe dance kar jaaye hummmmmmmmm…….



    hope u had a fabulous celebration!! been on a break, break continues… but had to wish u for new year!!! and did SRK songs wonly for u and Soli!!!!!

    tee heeeeee!

    *sooper tight hugs*


  20. It always feels great to come across like-minded people. I am more than glad that I stumbled upon ur blog 🙂

    Me – Welcome Anuya 🙂 I agree, that’s the best thing about blogging 🙂


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  22. Good post !!! Even I have a couple of Marathi friends, who blindly support MNS activities. I wrote an article in my blog & sent the link to them; just to try if my writings change their mind. It didn’t. They were not even prepared to agree that such lawless goondaism is incorrect.

    Even though only three or four people read my blog [including me & my wife 🙂 ], the fear psychosis created by these brazen lawlessness, made me to “delete” the article on my blog.

    What to do….I am not a SRK to get police protection, naaa? 🙂

    Me- I understand Anand. I know the feeling and the fear. I would love to read your post if you could email it to me at indianhomemaker@gmail.com


  23. i am a big time blog surfer, so how did i miss this?! nice place, gonna come back.

    Me- The feeling is mutual UmmOn. Loved your blog and that’s exactly what I thought this morning! 🙂


  24. Wow ! This place is a landmine of information, and your perspectives are so thought-provoking, especially on gender inequality. It’s something I feel strongly about and makes my blood boil. Am new to blogging, so will keep dropping in. Hope that’s ok.

    Me- Welcome and thanks su 🙂 Hope to hear your opinion where ever you agree, disagree or have something to add 🙂


  25. @IHM
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    It was like magic!! Writing that and saving it to get the archives list. Woohoo! I love it! 🙂
    Thanks a ton!!!!!!!

    But why can’t i see that as a page link next to “Here I am…this is me” on the main blog page?? Sorry to sound so dumb…but well, am not as tech savvy as tht 😀

    Me – We are all the same 🙂 Left whatever little gyan I have in a comment on your blog … I am sure it will show …once we have fixed the snags.


  26. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just started writing and came across your blog post of Sindoor & Mangalsutra. It was very nice to leave a comment on my blog. Will try to read all your articles and be your fan…


  27. Blog A Tonics are planning a meet. If you feel interested please visit Blog A Ton Page and contact your city Marshal.

    A blogAtonic


  28. I had just visited your blogs, I could reflect with your feelings in ‘About me’; and liked your blog about ‘Mommy guilt’ keep writing.Jai ho Indian homemaker.


  29. Been a long time lurker and catching up on your posts after a break. Wanted to stop by and say Hi! I wish I had the courage to actually express what I think about the stuff you so bravely write about. Keep up the awesome work.


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  31. HI!

    Was just checking out some blogs, came across yours and I found it really interesting.

    I love your header image! Very Indian Home Maker!

    Also, I loved the Voltaire quote you’ve put!



  32. Hi there,
    The first time I was forwarded one of your posts, it was about a woman who was fed up of her spineless husband and was seeking replies / advice. I read it, almost replied but decided not to for some strange reason, although I agreed and was facing something similar at home.
    Now I’m not ashamed of coming forward and saying that I’ve experienced domestic (sexual) abuse and suffered the spineless j*** of husband that I had. However, separating from him is the best thing that is happening to me.
    Today I actually made time to go through a few of your posts. It all felt close to me. I’d like to religiously read every post 🙂
    Thank you for this wonderful initiative you’ve taken.


  33. Hi..Am glad i stumbled upon ur blog !! Browsing thru I realised I could relate and feel so same about most of the concerns u have stated.I’m subscribing straight away !! Have a great day !!


  34. Hey, gr8 work. A friend from Dubai referred your page, and I am glad she did. I have not read all of it, but I love the look of it. Its very connecting and engaging. I do a blog page myself, do visit when u r free. Nice work keep it up 🙂 🙂 🙂



  35. I came here through perspectivesandprejudices. Came to know about Tejaswee and am quite taken by your bravery, and simplicity. All the very best for everything.

    me – Thank You Priya.


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  37. Dear IHM,

    Thanks for following my blog. I realise you did this quite some time back but when I posted a thank you earlier it vanished and I hadn’t got around to it again… until now that is! I am an avid follower of yours even though I don’t comment as much as I would like. The not commenting is frequently because with many of the posts it’s difficult to know where to start with channelling my outrage. I also write on some similar issues for work and the it all starts to seem too much!



  38. Love this, to be honest, this blog really opened my mind, and my wife is really surprised with many of my views over the last few weeks. I may not agree with what you may say, but then for me, no one is wrong or right, to each his own….


  39. First time visitor to your blog. Kudos on the issues you are blogging about and allowing a voice to the guest bloggers as well as creating dialogue via the comments.
    I have linked you on my blog and will definitely drop by often.
    Keep writing.


  40. I am so glad that I discovered your and your daughter’s blog today! I am so glad and it’s been 3 hours and I’m just reading and reading and I don’t know what to say and I don’t know how to stop this lump in my throat especially after reading your daughter’s “On growing old and Dying Early”. I’m so sorry if my saying so hurts you 😦 but I just had to say..

    Really proud of the issues you have taken up! May you be strength to many.


  41. I was hunting for a review of “the palace of illusions” before i finally get the book, when i stumbled upon your blogspot page. And then, here.
    I am glad to have found you, lady. Something in me wants me to tell you that. 🙂


  42. Dear IHM,
    I liked your Blogadda interview and your blog too. I have just created a page called ‘Blog about blog’ on my blog, ‘In a nutshell’, where I have added a link to your interview as well as to your blog for my readers. I hope it is okay. If it is not, do let me know.


  43. Your blog is fascinating. I like that your values and political views are so wise, mature, just and humane. No nonsense about your subjects. It is manna for my soul. I am also pleased that you think intelligently about what you support. Here’s to great success to the Aam Aadmi Party. I look forward to all your posts. Peace.


  44. I just spent the last two hours reading about Tejaswee, and her incredible letter to a daughter. Words utterly fail at any attempt to express my sadness for the world’s loss of such a young woman, much less yours as her mother.

    Your blog is like finding a gem in a stone pile. I hope you never stop writing.


  45. Dear IHM,

    I was looking for information on signing nikkah in Tamil Muslim weddings, somehow found a link to your blog. I saw the links to your children, clicked on Tejaswee’s, started reading her blog, understood and soon was sobbing and sobbing. In part it helps to know that I have a fifteen-year-old son. Then I began reading about Brat Three. And about rangolis, which I know as kolam. I feel blessed to have read your work.

    With great warmth and appreciation,


  46. Hi IHM,

    I am glad I discovered your blog. First of all, I am very sorry about the loss of your wonderful daughter. I checked out her blog as well, and I can tell that she was such a powerful, young woman.

    I have been reading your posts on random and as a young Nepalese woman, I can relate to the issues about Indian women that you have written about. I agree with most of what you’ve talked about. Your blog is very inspirational! Kudos!


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