Reblogged: Fuck Sensitivity.

The illogical, sexist and patriarchal belief that women (and specially their bodies) exist to serve some purpose in men’s lives is brought into focus when we claim discomfort at the sight of something as nonsexual, natural and normal as breast feeding.

We seem to forget that the primary purpose of a woman’s breasts is to feed a baby. Sexualising women’s breasts is like being embarrassed by eyes ‘seeing’; or feeling uncomfortable by the sight of a woman moving – using her legs!

Any body part can be sexualised, and once sexualised it ceases to belong to the person it … err belongs to.

We seem convinced that the sexualised body parts were created for men and society – to view, approve, own, disown, love, hate, honor, decide whether they are obscene or graceful, whether they look more attractive (to men) covered or uncovered, and how much covered or revealed.

How can this sexualisation be rejected or disallowed?


Recently, I fed my baby in full public view in a Starbucks outlet, and Mister clicked a picture of us. I loved how we looked in the photo, so I posted it on my real-life (for want of a better word) Facebook account. In fact, it is now my profile picture.

My newly-addicted-to-Facebook-but-not-that-savvy mom was quick to comment that I shouldn’t have posted the picture, which was expected because in her fifty something years, she hasn’t ever seen anyone do this. I politely (I hope) explained that there was a need to normalize breastfeeding so people get used to women nursing in public.  I think my exact words were – Breasts are meant to feed babies, not to sell cement and chips and cold drinks.

So far, life was good.

And then, I got “advice” from several people, which was basically smooth talk asking me to take the photo down because…

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10 thoughts on “Reblogged: Fuck Sensitivity.

  1. We are made to feel ashamed of our bodies and ashamed of the most natural, human things we do with them
    – walking (don’t walk fast like a man, don’t sway your hips it’s too sexy, don’t walk in the sun it makes you dark, don’t walk for exercise, you need to focus on your family/kids, not yourself)
    – running (makes people very suspicious somehow)
    – stretching/yawning (not graceful)
    – laughing (sexy, attracting attention, disrespectful)
    – all can be picked on, commented upon, frowned upon, and forbidden.
    To this list, we can add breast feeding.
    This photo needs to be celebrated. Thank you anawnimiss for posting it despite the censure and the hypocrisy and thank you IHM for re-blogging it.

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    • True Priya.
      I would like to add
      • sitting. Do not sit like that, bring your legs together, you are not a boy.
      • wearing heels that make her seem taller than her husband.
      Both are frowned upon.

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  2. To become uncomfortable by the sight of a woman breastfeeding is a very western concept we didn’t need to borrow. And it’s new in the West itself (as i could deduce from comments and generally on the internet).
    Ramy Krishna as ‘Sivagami’ in the blockbuster movie Baahubali was shown feeding two babies at the same time – shown to nationwide audience and pictured as a court full of courtiers and soldiers. Background song praised her motherhood’s beneficial shade on lead character.

    To hell with these ’embarrassed’ ‘uncomfortable’ people!

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  3. On the topic of breastfeeding in public, I believe it is preferable to do it discreetly as far as possible. If it is the need of the hour, your way is fine but should be avoided on regular basis

    I don’t think it has anything to do with breast sexualization. even in a room full of only females I am sure you will find people who might raise an issue.

    For me its a private activity done in public which is the main cause of embarrassment


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