In search of a support group.

Sharing an email.

Dear IHM,
I have been reading your blog for over five years now.The threads discussed on the blog have helped me gain a better perspective of the society we live in and this change in thought has helped me make some important decisions in life. Now I have a friend whose family is finding it difficult to come to terms with a family member’s homosexuality. I writing to you with a request to share this with your readers and help us find a support group in the Delhi NCR area for parents of LGBT individuals. My friend and I both think that talking to parents with similar experiences could help her parents through this situation.

A concerned friend


6 thoughts on “In search of a support group.

    • Also want to add that my parents took a loooong time to come around as well. I think what helped them was to see that I was happy, that I had acceptance from my friends and other family members.
      If at all possible – get support from cousins, uncles, aunts.

      The other thing that probably helped them was that while I did not give in to their melodrama I also was very patient with them. It took them about 5-6 years to really be accepting and genuinely ok with it.

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      • You are a strong woman and I’m glad you are not giving up on being yourself. A friend I went to college with came out a few years ago (in her late 30s) – I’ve seen her torn between being herself and ignoring family versus trying to make them understand. It’s not easy. Glad you have this support group.

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  1. Back in the day when DG was in Des Sangini had just started the helpline and Humrahi too started a group. Here is the list of organizations operating in Dehli and elsewhere in India that provide support services and groups for lgbtq people and families.

    Contact Betu Singh at Sangini her organization has resources and structure
    Desi Girl


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