15 lines from ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’.

Let me just share some dialogues (roughly translated/in my own words) from Dil dharakne do and you decide what you think of the movie.

1. ‘Does he beat you? Is he a miser? Does he stop you from shopping? No?! Then what do you mean you want divorce?’ [Rahul Bose is the ‘he’ here, and the entitled look on his face, when this is being said, makes the movie a must-watch]

2. ‘There has never been a divorce in this family and there never will be.’

3. ‘What have we done to you that you are punishing us like this? Do you want me to fall at your feet? Let me cut my wrists with this knife…’ (picks a butter knife)

4. ‘How times have changed he heh… when we were young we women could never speak like this in front of our elders he he he…’ [The effect is the exact opposite of Saas Bahu serials]

5. ‘What you write about is so depressing, why do you exaggerate so much? Can’t you find something positive to write about? Like, look at us, in the previous generations women did not work, but I have allowed my wife to work!’

(The response is amongst the things that make the movie worth watching.)

6. ‘You are offended because I insulted your husband? But he was insulting you… doesn’t that count?’

7. ‘She is married, now she is a **** (husband’s surname). Now his home is her home, his family is her family.’

8. ‘I am on top of the world, god has been kind. There is only one thing I want now – dear daughter please give us a grandchild.’

9. ‘What do you mean you are not sure you want to marry her? The business (that’s floundering and can be salvaged with this marriage) is not just our business, you are our only son, it’s your business too.’

10. ‘Who is that girl with him?’

11. ‘You want a divorce? What will our friends say?’

12. ‘Every marriage has problems. The easier way out is divorce. That’s not the right path. The difficult path is the right path.’

13. ‘There is no place for you in this house if you divorce him.’

14. ‘There is no place for you in this house if you don’t marry her.’

15. ‘I don’t want to hear about this.’ (But don’t you dare do what you were about to suggest you might)

And here are some points the movie made:

1. Financial independence and success does not automatically give women the confidence (or mindset) to expect to be treated as an equal, to object to misogyny, or to walk out of unhappy relationships.

Why PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Can’t Have It All

2. Parents don’t always know, and/or even want the best for their children.

3. No divorce does not mean happy marriages.

4. Many women stay married because they have nowhere else to go. Women also stay married because they are pressurised to stay married.

5. ‘Get Married Stay Married and bear male children’ is viewed as the main goal for every Indian woman.

6. Daughters are viewed as Liabilities, or Paraya Dhan.

7. Sons are viewed as precious – but only because they are Assets, to be controlled for parents’ benefits (dowry, obedient and/or rich daughter in law, family business etc).

8. Creating a good impression on ‘everybody’ is more important for many Indians, than happiness of loved ones.

9. A son spending a night with a young woman is not the same as a daughter spending a night with a young man. One set of parents smiles proudly.

10. I am sure this movie succeeded in making atleast some conservative viewers look at Successful Divorces as a Happy Endings. (Queen managed to do the same thing with broken engagements)

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Catch all the dialogue promos of Dil Dhadakne Do here


28 thoughts on “15 lines from ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’.

    • Pro-common sense and justice and fair play 🙂 I loved the movie Karthika. It’s about (amongst many other things) parents treating their adult children like adults, and about how every heart beats it’s own beat and should be allowed to, hence the name, “Dil dhadakne do’.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s running here in Fremont, California.
    My daughter and son in law went to see the move and are raving about it.
    I am planning to see it this week.
    I loved Piku which I saw last month.
    I hope I will like this equally.


      • Okay, i watched it today with my wife.

        Enjoyed it, but what I enjoyed more was my wife’s sheer glee at some of the punch lines!
        The look of satisfaction on her face as we came out of the theatre clearly announced “Paisa vasool”

        I loved Ranveer! Attention: Salman Khan’s lady fans. Here is another real hunk to drool over, one who doesn’t slit throats of bucks, doesn’t bash up World Beauties and doesn’t drink and drive and doesn’t run over people sleeping on the pavements. And yes, you can see him without his shirt if you fancy those kinds of scenes.

        The best acting? Everyone did their bit. But it was Pluto who said so much without as much as opening his mouth to bark! Will someone give him an extra biscuit today on my behalf?

        The only negative thing I have to say about the movie is the movie’s “filmy” ending. I didn’t realize it was a Bollywood film till Ranveer jumped over board.



        • @vishavanaathjee
          As far as the buck is concerned your bias is so evident that you keep forgetting Karisma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, Neelam, Mohnish, Saif were also involved in that incident but you only chose to malign Salman Khan. Why may I ask? Because obviously you wanted attention to your otherwise boring review!
          Conveniently you brought Salman Khan in the middle of your review & bashed him ! Well the so called Miss World beauties should not cheated in the first place. Please, do not state things when you do not even know an iota about the issue. In-fact no man or woman should cheat on their spouse or their gf/bf and then expect to be forgiven. I must quote Vivek Oberoi here, he rightly said: “She is a walking plastic factory.”
          A woman who conveniently destroyed two men and walked away without a blinker of an eye lid deserves no sympathy. I do not even wish to state the events that took place during their relationship and how Miss World went absconding on a certain world tour in US, leaving her bf Salman Khan in lurch for 3 days. It was a female actor on the same tour who informed Salman in India about the whereabouts of this so called Miss World.
          And the accident well, the truth will soon prevail. You keep on harping whatever you like, we know what happened. Every second day there are atleast 6 to 7 accidents on road yet most of the drivers get away scot-free because obviously they are not Salman Khan.


        • //Because obviously you wanted attention to your otherwise boring review!//
          IHM: Unnecessary, avoidable and personal attack.

          //A woman who conveniently destroyed two men and walked away without a blinker of an eye lid deserves no sympathy.//
          IHM: And this is unbiased?

          //“She is a walking plastic factory.”//
          IHM:That’s her choice.

          //Every second day there are atleast 6 to 7 accidents on road yet most of the drivers get away scot-free because obviously they are not Salman Khan.//
          IHM:That’s justifies anything?


  2. Movie had a great message and a good slap to all misogynists.
    Best was Farhan Akhtar’s response to Rahul Bose ” She doesn’t need your permission to work”
    Rahul Bose’s character represented majority of Indian male’s mentality and that needs to change.
    We honestly need lot of such movies with powerful message if we want to see the change in the patriarchal society.


  3. While I loved the points the movie made, I feel the message was quite heavy handed and the movie itself a bit slow paced….
    Felt the movie got too preachy at times and while I do feel that the misogynists in our country really will not get the message until they are hit over the head with it, I also feel they will not react quite well to being preached to, so the message gets quite lost in the process.
    So in the end, it’s only people like us who can rejoice in the movie.


  4. I will have to watch to make my comments on the movie…But On “# 8. Creating a good impression on ‘everybody’ is more important for many Indians, than happiness of loved ones.” oh boy! that gets my goat when people say “Log kya kahenge.” seriously! when they spit the pan/zarda or pee on the street they dont worry about it, when according to me that should be the point where you think “Log kya Kahenge.” But come a private matter in a relationship between two people and everyone from the grave to the unborn go “Log kya Kahenge.”


  5. Movie was actual depiction of society we live in and how much hypocrisy is there. Loved the response of Farhan Akhtar to Rahul Bose ” She does not need your permission to work”.
    When will people understand that divorce is not bad and it can be taken because couple is not compatible.


  6. I was also impressed by the movie’s commentary on divorce and the pathetic state of thinking about marriage and what makes it tick. You’ve chosen some great lines from the film IHM. Cheers


  7. I love that the attitudes about women, marriage and divorce are changing. I however, wont be watching. It looks like another movie about rich people that maybe 1% of Indians can probably relate to.


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  9. A very entertaining movie. It had many funny moments. I thought the dog was a but heavy-handed with the narration, but the dialogue was all true to life. My favourite comment was :”What do you mean you aren’t compatible? You’re both young, Punjabi, successful, like tennis”…I’ve heard this dialogue so many times in different forms, when it comes to arranged marriages!
    Overall, quite a good movie. But I wish Bollywood would release movies about normal people every once in a while.


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