Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface

If you have a WordPress blog and are facing the same difficulty I am, using the new beep beep boop editor, this might help.

This morning I could not find the link to access the Classic Editor, after attempting (once again) to get used to the new beep beep boop editor, I searched and found this post. It shows how we can access the classic pages for creating posts, editing posts and viewing stats.

Best wishes.

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Updated to add: The Editor opens in Beep Beep Boop  and there seems to be no option in the new editor to change these links to normal size 😦 Now I need to navigate to the Classic Editor to fix this. 😦

Update 2 – So finally I had to use the HTML link – took time and effort. I am sure there are easier ways of doing this – suggestions welcome!


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