Monica Lewinsky on Cyber Bullying

Quarkle shared this thought provoking video. 
I remember quite definitely blaming Hillary Clinton for not walking out of her marriage when it became clear that her husband did cheat on her. This was the most strong reaction. It seemed (at the time) that she was using his humiliation to prove how worthy a wife she was.
Many seemed to agree that Bill Clinton deserved to be divorced so that (somehow) that becomes a norm.
More vague was a little concern (pity?) and some bafflement – why did Monica Lewinsky do this? And then she was almost forgotten. What did she go through?
In this thought provoking TED talk, Monica Lewinsky talks about online slut shaming, harassment and cyberbullying, and how it affected her life after the scandal with Bill Clinton.
She was 22 at the time. Twenty two.
Do watch.

11 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky on Cyber Bullying

  1. Twenty two, and made the scapegoat in the affair by the man who held the nuclear “football” in his hands and his wife the seasoned attorney aligned with every powerful democrat since Carter. I wish her all the best.

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  2. At twenty two she was made a scapegoat and called a slut…. I wonder why the man who was involved was not called anything? He went on to start a foundation, delivers lectures all over the world and generally leads a good life while it took 20 odd years for her to come out!!!! Such a disgusting world we live in….
    God bless her and hope she gets to lead a peaceful life from now on……


  3. Women are shamed for their looks, for their clothes, for their relationship choices, and for their sexuality. I remember when Lewinsky became the butt of everyone’s jokes, including non-rated, “harmless”, office type jokes, and including jokes by women.
    How people can revel in someone else’s misery is hard concept to wrap one’s head around. I was hoping she would bring up Tyler Clementi and she did. When that news broke out, the first questions that came into my mind was
    – What did Dharun Ravi learn as a child?
    – That it was okay to humiliate someone but it was not okay to be in a consensual relationship with someone?
    – It’s okay to violate someone’s right to privacy and reveal their most intimate details and enjoy their humiliation?
    – That shaming is okay and maybe even “well-deserved” when we don’t approve of someone’s actions and choices?
    A very similar thought process revolved around the jokes and passing around clips on Lewinsky. Many people felt she “deserved” it.
    Shaming as a culture is so barbaric and hope the world can grow out of it.


  4. Culture of shaming has a long lasting effect on human and society and that’s why I guess its the most favorite tool of control . While Lewinsky still faces the stigma of the affair but Bill Clinton has shrugged it off a long before. However both people were involved mutually still Lewinsky is still held responsible.

    On the top it may look like that nothing has changed but in deep something have changed in West for good. Lewinsky has her parental support which would have been missing if it would have happened in India. She was not pressurized to die out of shame. She was able to have a life afterwards maybe not full but at least she had a life. Now many people agree that her privacy was violated without her consent.

    But in India Rajya Sabha Chairman , P.J Kurien still held his chair will being charge sheeted in case of rape of 16yr old girl known as Suryanelli Rape case. At least Clinton was trialed in Paula Jones case during which this scandal broke.


  5. I’m still wrapping my head around this one. Politicians are there for their own ends in any society and will do absolutely anything to stay on top of their game. To have a sexual affair with the head politico and assume there will be no consequences sounds a little naive.

    I get the feeling that people feel what she did is crazy, not something they would ever do. Still don’t agree with the online shaming, that’s immaturity, but I find it hard to defend her actions in any way


    • I don’t think anyone is defending her actions. Neither is she. We’re objecting to her being shamed for it. When we make mistakes, when we do things we’re not proud of (and we all do because we’re human), other people have no right to judge us, much less humiliate us. There are always personal consequences we must pay for our personal mistakes (job losses for office affairs, divorce for infidelity) – we don’t need punishment from society for person wrongs – that will take us back to the days of hanging people on trees or tying them to a post and setting them on fire. We need to evolve out of The Scarlet Letter days.


  6. Any “sex” scandal involving a public figure leads to them being hounded by the media and butt of jokes in TV shows. It could be Anthony Weiner who sexted pictures of private parts, much decorated Gen. Petraeus’s affair, presidential hopeful John Edward’s affair while his wife had cancer.

    Is Lewinsky saying this should stop? It must be no fun for those involved and their families, but, isn’t it part of being (with) a public figure? I fail to see how the treatment meted out to her is any different from that to public figures in sex scandals.

    Having sex in the backseat of a car with boyfriend has different repercussions than giving the President a blowjob in the White House.

    I do feel sorry for anybody whose mistake or that of their spouse brings them public embarrassment and humiliation, and ideally that shouldn’t happen, but can’t see anything special about Lewinsky’s suffering.


  7. I have a question,

    is it the same thing many are planning to do with the people caught harassing, sexually assaulting in busses/road/ trains/ everywhere

    You share a airline video few days back. Right?

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